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Dr. Who Timeline

THE ULTIMATE GUIDE TO DOCTOR (|| WHO ШНО EPISODE TIME LINE TOP 5 MOST FEATURED COMPANIONS POLICE PUuc BOX Doctor Companions SEASON 1 3 The rt S The Keys of Man 6 The Artecs SEASON 2 COMPANION SPECIES 13 The M Panet 15 The Space Mus 16 The Chase 4% ROBOT 17 The Tme Me 2% UNKNOWN SEASON 3 18 Galay4 19 M tthe 20 The Myth Makar 21 The D M 88% 23 The HUMAN 24 The Clest t 26 The Sevages 27 The wr Machnes SEASON 4 COMPANION GENDER 30 the the Das 33 The Moonbane 34 The Macra Terrer 35 The Fates One 36 The tfhe Dleks SEASON 5 37 he u 39 The ke Wlas 40 he Ey the 41 The Web of fear 42 fury om the Denp 43 The Wheel n Spae SEASON 6 44 The Dominators 46 De levaion 48 The Seedh of Death 40% 60% 49 The Space Paten 50 The War Gamen FEMALE COMPANIONS SEASON 7 MALE COMPANIONS 51 Speatad t See SEASON 8 COMPANION TRIVIA 55 Tet the Auta 56 The Mnd f Ev 58 Conyineace 59 The Dam SEASON 9 Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart is the longest running recurring Sarah Jane Smith is the longest, continuous run of any companion. Her original run on the show lasted nearly 3 years. K-9 was the Doctor's only non-humaneid companion. K-9 also appeared in beth the classic and 60 Day of the Daleks character in Docter Whe, spanning ever 63 The Mutants modern series. 64 The Time Mute SEASON 1o 65 The Three Doctors 66 Carval Mansts Rose Tyler, the first companion of the modern series, trav- eled with the Docter for 23 adventures. The most of any Adric was the Donna Noble is one 68 Mant of the Dalks youngest companion in Doctor Whe and was the only major character to die on of 3 companions to have their memories of the Dector erased when they left the show. The others are 69 The Gen Death SEASON 11 70 The Time Waior the show, companion Jamie and Zon 72 Deth ta the Da 73 The Monste of Pladon 74 Panet of the Spiders BATTLES WITH FOES SEASON 12 78 tenef the Ds SEASON 13 80 e of the s 81 Panet v 82 Pyram f Mars 83 Te Andd n DOCTOR # OF DALEKS BATTLES 4 The an Ma 5 The Seeds of Doom SEASON 14 87 The Hand fear 88 The Deady Assin 89 The Face of Ev 90 The Robets of Deth SEASON 15 94 iage of the fend 95 The Sun Mahers 97 The ivanion of Tme SEASON 16 98 The Operation 100 The Ses of d 101 A Ta 102 The wert Kre 103 g tat SEASON 17 104 Desty of the Daleks 106 The Ceat 107 Na of Eden 108 The Hors of Nn SEASON 18 109 The Lee He 110 Meglos 111 F e 112 Stte Decay DOCTOR # OF CYBERMEN BATTLES 114 The Keper of ten 115 Lagp SEASON 19 116 Cntrovalva 0. 118 Kinda 120 ack Oc 121 tarthuhock 122 Te t SEASON 2o 123 Aofty 124 Snakadance 126 Termins 127 Etoteenment 128 The n Dema 129 The five Dctre SEASON 21 130 Warers f he Derp 131 The Aeng 132 frontios 133 134 Pat of fe 136 The Twin Dm SEASON 22 141 Tmela 142 the Da SEASON 23 143 Tear of the Verv DOCTOR # OF MASTER BATTLES SEASON 24 144 Tad the Rani 145 Pade Tewers 145 n 147 Dragunte SEASON 25 148 149 The Happiness Patral SEASON 26 152 Bartieted 153 154 The Curse at Fen 155 Survi TV MOVIE 156 Dotr whe TV Movie SEASON 1 158 The End of the Wld 159 Te t Dead 161 Dalek •TV MOVIE 162 The ang ame 163 Father's Dey Seven years after the series was cancelled on the BBC, the American TV network 165 Bom ton FOX aired a made-for-TV Doctor Who movie that was 166 n 167 The Crtma ve planned as a pilot for a new series set in America. SEASON 2 However, poor ratings and 168 New tarth reviews stopped the series from going inte production 170 Sholuon CHRISTMAS SPECIALS Since 2005, Doctor Who has had five Christmas Specials. 173 The rs Later 175 Lave Mansters ADDITIONAL FOES 176 Fear e 177 Ay 178 The Ruy SEASON 3 179 S nd s 180 The Shuepere 182 s Maha Zygons Autons Autematons made of Iiving plastic, Autons are controlled by a ife 183 he la peient Aquatic aliens who possess super strength and live for centuries They can also take boy D N sime the 186 187 188 Voyage of the Damned SEASON 4 189 Partners iin Crime Sea Devils 190 The Fes f Pumpe An intelligent reptilan race 191 Paet l the Ood 193 he ar's Dgten Sontarans A race of ruthless, short cloned soldies thas waging war against the Rutan Empire for centuries 194 The nandhe 195 senceinthe Library 196 Midnight 197 nan 199 The t Omega The first of the Time Lords SPECIALS 200 Paet of the Dead His invention of the 201 The Waters f Mars Stellar Manipulator 202 The End f Te means to travel through time. SEASON 5 203 The Eeeh 204 The et low 205 Victary of the Duls Robot K-1 206 A living metal robot traitorously rammed by Professor Kettlewell to run amok and 208 Amy's Chouce 209 le 210 211 The Ld Ice Warriors A race of reptian beings from mars They prefer a frigid envirenment and are extremely 212 e 213 A Ctan Ca SEASON 6 216 The Decters w 218 Ad Ma t Yeti Although it looks real, the Yet is actually a robot controlled 219 Lets e 220 Night Terrors 221 The t w Wated 222 The od Comple 223 Cong Te SEASON 7 225 - 226 Apumf the Das 227 D 228 A Ced May 229 The Pwrof Thee Davros Davros is an evl Kaled scientist from 250 warfare betwren the Kaleds and Tha Davros realired that his race was mutating into a new form. He designed moble life support units for them, thereby creating the first Daleks. MID SEASON BREAK A NOWWINɔɔW CHESTERTON

Dr. Who Timeline

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