Don Draper's Women

DON DRAPER'S WOMEN FAMILY LOVE/SEX ANNA BETHANY DRAPER VAN NUYS Seasons 2-4 Season 4 BETTY FRANCIS JOY (formerly Betty Draper) Seasons 1-5 Season 2 SUZANNE FARRELL Season 3 SALLY DRAPER Seasons 1-5 MIDGE DANIELS Seasons 1 and 4 MEGAN STEPHANIE Season 4 CALVET Season 4-5 SHELLY Season 3 ALLISON Season 4 CARLA Seasons 1-4 CANDACE Season 4 BOBBIE BARRETT CELIA Season 2 Season 4 FAYE RACHEL KATZ | PHOEBE Season 4 (NÉE MENKEN) Seasons 1-2 MILLER Season 4 JOAN HARRIS (NÉE HOLLOWAY) Seasons 1-5 IDA BLANKENSHIP Season 4 PEGGY OLSON Seasons 1-5 BUSINESS The List of Women (Alphabetical) ALLISON Season 4 JOAN HARRIS (NÉE HOLLOWAY) Seasons 1-5 Don's secretary.until she becomes angry that he won't acknowlege their one-night stand. Currently the office manager at Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce. ANNA DRAPER Seasons 2-4 JOY Season 2 The real Don Draper's wife and Don's closest confidante. The free-spirited California girl Don meets while traveling on business. BETHANY VAN NUYS Season 4 MEGAN CALVET Season 4-5 Don's secretary and future Mrs. Don Draper. Husband hunter who dates Don after his divorce. BETTY FRANCIS (formerly Betty Draper) Seasons 1-5 PHOEBE Season 4 Don's new neighbor who babysits the night Sally cuts her hair. Don's ex-wife and mother of his three children. BOBBIE BARRETT Season 2 MIDGE DANIELS Seasons 1 and 4 Wife and business manager of comedian Jimmy Barrett who has an affair with Don. The bohemian artist who eventually becomes a heroin addict. CANDACE Season 4 A prostitute Don frequents for rough sex. PEGGY OLSON Seasons 1-5 Don's protegé and top copy writer. RACHEL KATZ (NÉE MENKEN) Seasons 1-2 CARLA Seasons 1-4 The Draper family maid and nanny until Don and Betty divorce. The department store heiress Don asks to run away with him. CELIA Season 4 Housekeeper to Don's new bachelor pad. SHELLY Season 3 A stewardess who has a one-night stand with Don while he's on a business trip. STEPHANIE Season 4 Anna Draper's niece and idealistic Berkeley student. FAYE MILLER Season 4 Consultant to Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce who vies for Don's love in the wake of his divorce. IDA BLANKENSHIP Season 4 Died at her desk while she was Don's secretary. SUZANNE FARRELL Season 3 Sally's teacher who has an affair with Don.

Don Draper's Women

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