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Doctor Who Network-1963-2012

THE DOCTOR Nu Who 1963 - 2012 and counting Classic Who 11 Hitler Dimensions in Time (2 Nimon Goth IdrisO Shada 4 Prof. Chronotis 11 Einstein Zygons Silurians Trial of a Time Lord SJ N Churchill (6. (UNIT OHG Wells Tu) Te OWeeping Angels (K) CM 7) Blink Jo Omega (Brig Survival Time Crash The Five Doctors Rassilon-2 Rassilon-1 Eternals 3 CM Shada [2003] (V TV Movie Jenny 10 4) Mi • School Reunion -The Story Teller ONapoleon S Jusan R ose Autons Rose An Unearthly Child Queen Victoria Macra B Jarbara Marco Polo Shakespeare Nero an Achilles 9S Curse of Fatal Death Scream of the Shalka 900213 Celestial Toymaker- OWyatt Earp Cushing Movies rDoctor Who r Time Lord [V] [Friendly [Friendly Alien rGood/Bad Race rDalek [Robots sNon-Canon Who rOther Who sCybermen rSontaran [Family of Companion rU.N.I.T. [Alternate Universe [SJA Companion rTorchwood гК-9 [2nd.. version %23 #3 %23 %23 (см Lstory-Special/ LRiver Song LCompanion-Other LCompanion LThe Master LTime Lord [F] LTime Lord LIce Warriors -Villain Extra Face of Boe -Good/Bad Individual -Sontaran-Friendly LFamous People -Silurian LGallifrey Story Read more at

Doctor Who Network-1963-2012

shared by greenpear on Jun 23
Network of the Doctors and the most important people since 1963. Original network created in network analysis program and ported over to Illustrator to "make it pretty".


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