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Doctor Who & Companions

THE DOCTOR'S COMPANIONS Since the show's genesis, the Doctor has been traveling around space and time with his companions. Although rarely called a "companion" on screen, these friends, who usually (but not always) travel with him in the TARDIS, share adventures with the Doctor and keep him in check. Here's a look at some of the most notable companions through the years: Classic Doctor Years Seasons Timeline 1963 1964 Susan Foreman lan Chesterton Tine Lady- Doctora Granddaughter Clansic Seasons: 1,2,1980 Special Human-Science Teacher Classic Seasons: 1,2 Barbara Wright Steven Taylor Human Hstory Teacher Classic Sensona: 1,2 Human- Space Piiot Classic Seasons: 2.3 1st Doctor 1964 1965 Vicki Katarina Human - Crash Survivor who becomes a surrogata granddaughter to he Doctor Human - Greek Handmaden Classic Seasons: 3 Classic Seasons: 2,3 1965 Sara Kingdom Dodo Chaplet 1966 Human - Space Sucurity Agurt for Mavic Chan botore detaulting aftor her blind obedence led hor to kil her broth 3 Hurman - Young Frunch Orphan Claasic Seasons: 3 Clannie Seasons: Polly Ben Jackson Human - Secretary to Profensor Brott Clansic Seasons: 3,4 Human - Royai Navy Seaman Classic Seasons: 34 1966 1967 1967 Victoria Waterfield Jamie McCrimmon 1968 Human - Scieniets Daughter taken prisoner by the Daleks to asa her tather's collaboration Classic Seasone: 4,5 Human - Soottish Piper Classic Seasone: 4,5,6,22, 1983 Spocial 2nd Doctor 1968 1969 Bdg. Lethbridge-Stewart Zoe Herriot Human - Foundor of UNIT (Unitied intulligence Taskforce) Classic Seasons: 5,6,7,89, 10, 11, 12, 13, 20. 1983 Special, 26 Human - Aatrophyuicist onboard a space wheel, joining the Doctor to escape her restrictive and sterte anvironment Classic Soanone: 5,6 1983 Spocial 1970 Liz Shaw Jo Grant Human - Scientific Advisor to LNIT and export in metaoritos Clasaic Seasons: 7, 1983 Special 3rd Doctor Human - Civillan Oparativo for UNIT Classic Seasons: 8,9, 10 1971 1972 Sergeant Benton Sarah Jane Smith Human - Senior NCO of UNIT Classic Seasons: 6,7,8 10, 11, 12, 13 Human- Journalist Classic Sensone: 11, 12. 13, 14, 18, 1983 Special New Seriea: 2. 4. 2009 Special 1972 10 1973 Mike Yates 1973 11 Human - Captain with UNIT Classic Seasone: 8, 9. 10, 11, 1983 Special 1974 1974 12 1975 Fobot Dog Classic Seasons: 15, 18, 17, 18 New Series K9 1975 13 1976 Leela Harry Sullivan Human - Sovateem Tribe Wamor Classic Seasons: 14, 15, 1983 Special Human - Surgeon with Royal Navy Classic Seasons: 12, 13 1976 1977 1977 15 Romana 1978 Timo Lady - From Rausilon Era Galitray, goes through 2 on-ecroen incamations. 4th Doctor Classic Seasons: 16, 17, 18, 1980 Special 1978 16 1979 Nyssa Tegan Jovanka 1979 17 1980 Trakenite Ariatocratu Daughter Classic Seasons: 10, 18, 20 Human - Airline Stawardess Classic Seasons: 18, 19, 20, 21. 1983 Special 1980 18 Adric 1981 Aizarian - Young Mathematician who is killed tying to stop a controllod traightar arauhing into Earth. Classic Series: 18, 19 19 1982 20 1983 Vislor Turlough Kamelion Trion - Contract Kiler of the Black Guardian unti he switches sides to join the Doctor Is in polilical axile trom his home planat Claseic Seasona: 20, 21,100 Special Android - Shapeshitler from Xerphas and fomer tool of the Master. Classic Seasons: 20, 21 5th Doctor 1983 21 1984 22 1985 Peri Brown Melanie Bush Human - Amorioan Colloge Student Classic Seasons: 21, 22. 23 Human Computer Programmer from the 20th Century Classic Seasons: 23, 24 6th Doctor 23 1986 24 1987 1988 25 Ace Human - Waitress on the planot Svartos. Classic Seasons: 24, 25, 20 7th Doctor 26 1989 1996 Grace Holloway Human A medical practitioner who helps the Doctor prevent the Master from destroying Earth 1906 TV Movie 8th Doctor New Series Adam Mitchell Human - Expallad trom the TARDIS for bad behavior within 2 episodes New Series: 1 Rose Tyler Jack Harkness Human - Time Traveller and Human - Working Clans Shop Assistant New Serien: 1,2006 Spocial, 2,4 2000 Special 9th Doctor former con man who becomes an immortal after his death and resurrection by Rose. A mamber of Torchwood New Series: 1,3,4. 2000 Special 2005 2006 Mickey Smith Donna Noble 2006 Human Hose's boyfriend and mochanic New Series: 1, 2005 Special 2. 4, 2009 Special Human - London Secrotary New Series: 2006 Special. 4 2009 Special 2007 10th Doctor 2007 Martha Jones Wilfred Mott 2008 Human - Medical Student who later is recruitect into UNIT and Torchwood Human Matemal grandtuthar of Donna Noble. New Series: 2000 Special New Series: 3.4, 2000 Special 2008 2010 2010 Amy Pond River Song 2010 Human Firut meets the Doctor us a child and then again Human - Time Traveller and daughter of Amy and Flory who was 2011 kidnapped at birth. Conoelved onboard the TARDIS leading to a DNA mutation that makes her similar to a Time Lord. 11th Doctor New Series: 5,6 New Series: 4,5,6 2011 Rory Williams TBA Human - Nurse and childhood triond of Amy Pond, laler to marry her just belore his dealh New Series: 5,6 S= Special M= Movie Female Companions: 25 (60%) Male Companions: 15 (35%) Other Companions: 2 (5%) Interesting Companions While each companion is special in his or her own way, a few companions stand out: Most Episodes Most Deaths Romance TARDIS Travel Rory Williams deaths have become a curiosity and joke for fans because he has "died" and come back to life times in Serie and 6 Audiunce tavorite Rose Tyler was one of few companions to develop a romantic Jamie McCrmmon As with a faw of his was portrayed by Frazer Hines for 116 companions, Liz Shaw never travels in the TARDIS during har time with the Doctor, as he io than any other ou- sapouda companion of the Doctor relationship with the Doctor, eventually ving out her ife with the aging part-human version of the tenth Doctor at that time exled Spin-Ofts Time Lady Granddaughter Time DNA Several Doctor Who characters have starred in their own Liko the Doctor Romana, a Timo Lady, is able to regenerate and does so whle she Susan, the Doctons spin-off series including Sarah Jane Smith and K9 in The Sarah Jane Actventures and Captain Jack Harkness in Torchwood granddaughter, was his onginal companion Although it's nover clearly stated it she's a Time Lord. ts clear she's trom Galitrey River Song was 1 to be Melody Pond, daughter of Rory and Amy. She was conceived on the TARDIS, which altered ter DNA 10 fravels with the fourth Doctor give her Time Lord characteristicn Information provided by: ONLINEDATNG UNIVERSITY Sources: I Tardis I

Doctor Who & Companions

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Doctor Who probably is one of the most popular science fiction television programmes and has even been listed as longest-running science fiction television show in Guinness World Records.


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