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Do women make the best detectives?

DO WOMEN MAKE THE МAKE BEST DETECTIVES? THROUGHOUT U.S. LAW ENFORCEMENT, WOMEN ARE MAKING THEIR MARK WHICH CAME FIRST, THE FEMALE FICTIONAL COP OR THE REAL ONE? In 1921, the world's top female investigator was MAUD WEST Woman D elective Maud West. She proved that sleuths in skirts have more tact, quicker perception and better intuition. D Ma. wi C P als Al th Tun dv Psychology Today DAILY NEWS presented expert testimony in 2012 that gals' abilities to added credenoe to the theory in a 2011 story that argued a female's stronger, nonverbal problem solve, multitask and listen make them better bosses communication skills make her than their male counterparts. more intuitive. LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENCIES WITH SWORN WOMEN OFFICERS TOP 5: Terrebonne Parish Sheriff – LA, Madison Police – WI, Lafayette Parish Sheriff – LA, Cook County Sheriff – IL, Detroit Police – MI 32.0% Madison Police, WI 25.9% Detroit Police, MI 24.0% Philadelphia Police, PA 27.0% 25.6% Cook County Sheriff, IL Boulder Police, co 22.3% 28.3% 41.7% Lafayette Parish Sheriff, LA Terrebonne Parish Sheriff, LA Spartanburg Police, SC 22.0% 21.6% Miami-Dade Douglas County Sheriff, GA Police, FL 8 MEET JESSICA DANIEL A hard-edged investigator with KEREY WILKINSIN a soft side and the latest BOOK 1 addition to a series of iconic women detectives in books, TV LOCKED IN and film. Jessica is gaining popularity throughout Europe with a series of SIX No. 1 KERRY WILKINSON "I don't know why BOOK 2 bestselling detective novels by criminals can't just VIGILANTE author Kerry Wilkinson. stick to office hours." -Jessica Daniel 7 QUALITIES OF THE BEST FEMALE CRIME SOLVERS 1 ANALYSIS: Agatha Christie's Miss Marple and Edward Stratemeyer's iconic teen crime solver Nancy Drew were about the devilish details. 2 INTUITION: Like most women, Jessica Fletcher and Dr. Joan Watson know when you're lying. FACT! Women have 10X more white brain matter than men. White brain х10 matter is the stuff of intuition. Elementary's Lucy Liu is not the first female to play Sherlock Holmes' stalwart companion. Margaret Colin portrayed Dr. Jane Watson in the 1987 TV movie The Return of Sherlock Holmes. 3 TOUGH: Don't let the names fool you, Pepper Anderson and Honey West can kick your... "I've got some guy who seems to know an awful lot about my case but doesn't seem willing to speak about it. Meanwhile, he's writing stories blasting me and my fellow officers. Maybe I should bring you in for questioning?" On an episode of Mythbusters in 2010, an experiment showed that women outperformed their male counterparts when it came to keeping their hand in an ice cold bowl of water. This is also confirmed by a report in Time Magazine, which explained how estrogen dulls pain receptors. -Jessica Daniel 4 TENACITY: FACT! Brenda Leigh Johnson is called Female interest in 15.7% boxing has increased substantially in all age demographics from 2002 to 2012, The Closer for a reason. FACT! 8.5% Women are more flexiblé than men, and are harder to doubling from 8.5% to 15.7% in the 55+ group. submit in arm bars andleg locks. Men do have harder bones than women. But a woman's flexibility at times enables her to kick higher and faster. 5 LEADERSHIP: It's not easy being at the top, unless you're Captain Monica Rawling. 6 PRAGMATISM: Jane Rizzoli spends her days hunting monsters and helping victims. Plain and simple. 7 SHARP: Detective work is more "Find the link, we fun when taking the piss, which is probably why Nora Charles was so find the killer" - Jessica Daniel good at it. KERRY WILAINSON KERRY WILKINSON Learn more about Locked In and Vigilante by Kerry Wilkinson at BOOK 1 BOOK 2 M LOCKED IN VIGILANTE Sources: Images: Agatha Christie (CC BY-SA) Nancy Drew by Carla216 (CC BY-SA) Angela Lansbury (Dr. Fletcher) by Eva Rinaldi (CC BY-SA) Lucy Liu by Georges Biard (CC BY-SA) Angie Dickinson (Pepper Anderson) by NBC Television (Public Domain) Anne Francis (Honey West) by MGM Studios (Public Domain) Kira Sedgwick by Angela George (CC BY-SA) Glenn Close by Georges Biard (CC BY-SA) Angie Harmon (Rizzoli) by alacoolb (CC BY-SA) Myma Loy (Nora Charles) by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (Public Domain)

Do women make the best detectives?

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Throughout U.S law enforcement, women are making their mark. But which came first, the fictional female cop, or the real one? The jury may be out, but in the meantime, check out some of the TV cops th...


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