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The DNA of a Secret Service Agent

The DNA of a Secret OLYMPUS Service Agent HAS FALLEN In Theaters March 22 <1% #OlympusHasFallen How far would New threats every day require Secret Service Special Agents to live each moment ready for the worst case scenario. Perhaps that's why <1% of the population will ever become part of the elite law enforcement group. you go to protect your country? Eligibility Training 220/60 Must have 2 20/60 uncorrected vision Rigorous physical training with intense real-world 21-37 drills including suicide bombers, explosions and automatic weapon attacks Must be 21-37 29 years old weeks of special agent training Must have a degree or 3 yrs law enforcement experience Achieve superior firearms proficiency Testing Employment Height and weight must be in proportion with each other Long hours in undesirable conditions with extensive travel on short notice 3200 Must pass a polygraph number of and written examination special agents Transfers throughout the U.S. or to one of 23 overseas offices Must pass a series of in-depth interviews Undercover assignments Secret Serviceby the Numbers Agent Files Agents are tested twice in one month as two different women armed with handguns attempt to assassinate President Ford at two different events in California. (1975) An agent grabs 10-year-old Amy Carter (daughter of President Jimmy Carter) and throws her over the fence to another agent in order to avoid a charging elephant. (1978) number of agents who have been shot and killed John Hinckley fires six shots aimed at President Ronald Reagan. The first hits Press Secretary James Brady, the second Police Officer Tom Delahanty. Both are seriously injured. The 3rd round missed and hits the building across the street; the 4th hits Agent Tim McCarthy in the abdomen; the 5th hits the bullet resistant glass of the limo; and the 6th hits the President. (1981) protecting the President 3 number of presidents who were assassinated before the Secret Service began its protective mission Presidential Candidate George Wallace is exiting a campaign event when Arthur Bremer fires four shots into his abdomen at point blank range. Bremer continues to fire five more shots as Wallace falls to the floor, hitting Alabama State Trooper E. C. Dothard in the stomach, Special Agent Nicholas Zarvos in the throat, and a female spectator in the leg. All four survived, though Wallace was left paralyzed in both legs. number of President 1 Obama's agents who have run for Senate as a Republican and failed 10% of agents who are 24 112 women hours canine and handlers spent together a day years agents have been protecting presidents 10 average number of years canines spend detecting explosives before they are retired to their handler 43 $43,000 years women have been serving in the starting salary of an agent Secret Service Actors who haveportrayed SSSpecial Agents Clint Eastwood Ving Rhames Diane Gerard Butler Eva Lane Longoria Dennis Quaid Michael Kevin Ronald Douglas Costner Reagan Portrayed secret service agent Brass Bancroft in 4 films, beginning in THE HUFFINGTON POST 1939. Became President of the USA in 1981.

The DNA of a Secret Service Agent

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New threats every day require Secret Service Special Agents to live each moment ready for the worst case scenario. Perhaps that is why < 1% of the population will ever become part of the elite law enf...


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