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Disney's Empire of Companies

DISNEY'S LABORATORIES PRODUCTIONS DENA VIS HOMES EMPIRE OF ECIAL PROPERTI HOMESTEAL RANCH PROSPECTMUSIC" COMPANIES CO LEISUP OPERTIES s KEY NOT SUCH A SMALL WORLD AFTER ALL ARVIDA PASSENGER RAZORGATOR FANZTER VOODOOVOX CORPORATION HUNGAMA EAV REAL ESTATE CAPITAL THEME PARK PRODUCTIONS CA PRODUCTIONS PROPERTIES COM GO.COM ACRDINHAND MONTROSE K DEVELOPMENT CO PINE DUTCHMAN ENERGY BABBLE.COM SPOONFUL.C INN CORP THE QUIZ SHOW VOICE OF THE CARI BBEAN SERVICES 2139 EMPIRE AVEN MARVEL ANZTER FASTCLICK SUPERCOMM INTERNATIONAL PRO UCTIONS MUPPETS ETWORK ON LINE PIXIE HOLLOW ONLINE РнOтор тон ае GAMESTAR ESPN WIDE WORLD OF SPORTS Disney's ample acquisitions ensure the Mickey Mouse Club comes with a lifetime membership. MEDIABANK ZETTICS KABOOSE.COM BABYZONE.COM AMAZI Disney has many ways of creating loyal followers. Everyone remembers growing up watching Disney films, but Disney has broadened its empire beyond just the Magic Castle of childhood dreams. Disney has mastered brand domination across every age. Take a look at the impact Disney has on our lives in every stage from birth to mature adulthood because of their smart brand acquisitions. MARVEL ESPN ABC THE MUPPETS LUCASFILM PIXAR BABIES Disney Channel #1 for kids in Pixar includes the Disney acquires the Muppets intellectual Star Wars Star Wars Clothes & Toys: names of any crew Movies: You know you still member's babies in 2012, toppling Let's face it - if you're have your Empire property rights- alive on planet earth the credits who were Nickelodeon's 17-year Strikes Back born during the record. but does not own the at any age, you're bedsheets. production of the rights to Fraggle Rock going to see one of movie, called or Sesame Street these films. DISNEY "Poduction Babies." CHANNEL CHILDREN Who says athletes Star Wars: Pixar Child While Disney has Marvel TV: aren't smart? ESPN The Clone Wars Development cornered the princess Ultimate Spiderman on broadcasts the Center (for Pixar market, their Disney XD National Spelling Bee employees children acquisition of Marvel Star Wars Legos only) Comics ensures that they've got a pretty Disney really scored by good position on the Star Wars Toys taking The Avengers Toy Story 3 is the superhero market as under its wing. The first animated film to well. Avengers film was the make over $1 billion highest grossing Marvel worldwide. Comics film to date. 1,000,000,000 TEENS Indiana Jones: Marvel's Heroes The Winter X-Games Pretty Little Liars: 2011 Google used The George Lucas said, released June 4th. viewership is on the #1 scripted show for Muppets to promote "like it was shot 3 Who will stop Doctor rise with a 32% the ladies. the launch of Google+ years after the Last Doom?! increase in 2012 0+ Crusade, you'd never In WALL-E, A113 gives know there was 20 #1 Comedy: The Secret Life the command to never years between Modern Family and of the American return to Earth, in shooting The Kingdom #1 Drama: Teenager, reality, Al13 is an of the Crystal Skull." Grey's Anatomy for basic cable's #2 Easter egg that is a audiences 18-49. scripted series for reference to executive John Lasseter and women. director Brad Bird's college alma mater, CalArts. It's been referenced in 11 Pixar films. 20's The View, One Life to College Sports: Star Wars is so Star Wars Games ABC News and Live, and General ESPN syndicates 1700 successful at licensing Univision News' joint Hospital Top Daytime college sports events toys that there is a star venture to launch a shows for women and 3800 hours of wars museum. Rancho multiplatform news, 18-49 live/original Obi Wan's 37 year information, and programming. collection fills up a entertainment service, 9,000 square foot to deliver culturally building in Petaluma, relevant programming CA in English to U.s. Hispanics, the youngest and fastest Rancho OBI-WAN growing demographic in the U.S. 30's Monday Night Football: The Muppets starred in an online web series The first Monday Night with Cat Cora called Football game in 2013 "The Muppets Kitchen will be the Washington With Cat Cora", where Redskins vs. they show people how Philadelphia Eagles. to cook severalitems. This will be the 159th meeting between these two teams. 40's Star Wars themed Nascar events use Fantasy Sports: There The Muppets did a cover more that 2x the are 35 million fantasy of Queen's iconic cameras than a sports players in the furniture. It's not "Bohemian Rhapsody." Monday Night Football country. The average surprising that part of It won 2 Webby awards game. age of fantasy sports your midlife crisis and has garnered over players is 41.1. included the purchase 31 million views. NASCAR of a Frozen Hans Solo Desk. 50s PGA Tour Golf : SOAPnet features For the past six years, same-day episodes of ESPN has provided daytime dramas such as Days of Our Lives, coverage of the first two days of the General Hospital, and Masters golf The Young and the tournament. The Restless. average viewer age of the 2011 Masters tournament was 56.4. 60's Horse Racing: In 2020, Bowling: The Muppets are the average age of a ESPN tried to bump up lefties! Most Thoroughbred race fan the sex appeal of puppeteers are will be 60. bowling with a sensual right-handed and commercial, pairing operate the mouth suggestive gestures with their dominant with the Busta Rhymes hand, leaving the & Mariah Carey song, Muppet left-handed. "I Know What You Apparently, studies Want." show lefties have shorter life spans. *Gasp! 70's Gonzo's original name AT-AT walker Yep, that's right you'll probably still be was Snarl the Cigar Star Wars helped dreaming about Star Box Frackle. entertain you as a kid, Wars movies long after why not let it give you you've forgotten your a hand while crossing own kids' names. the street? Or the living room. Walt Disney said, "If you can dream it, you can do it." Perhaps more appropriately: If it exists, you can buy it. cable tv .com RvelHas7 OUTH PEATRICAL VENTURES JB PRO. THE POW ENTERTAINMENT REEDYCTN ODUCTIONS RCE APARTMEN MENT THE E LAKE TRES EET BRIDGE BRADERTIESC E BRYAN BUENA BRIDGE EDGEC YWOOD PICTUREES INOLOGIS OUCHSTONE PICTURESSVENWHEENO CECAST GRIDSUM 1 A CHINA NETCAST DINGS DINOM ELEMENTAL COCOA CI MUSIC MAX WDW SERVICES WDT SERVICES ARVIDA REAL ESTATE PALM HOSPITALITY ES. PRO. OPS PR USIC BUENA VISTA MUSIC YY FALFERIOUS MUSIC HOLPIC MUSIC HOLLYI TUDIOS KABC7 STUDIO B STUDIO POST PRODUCTION HYPERION BOOKS SEVEN PEAKS MUSIC UUSEE STAREARTH SYNERGY GROUP SHANGPIN YOYI MEDIA MUSICSEVEN SUMMITS MUSIC GOLDEN OAK ARVIDA REA AXMAN AOPERED HO, S TWARE TROODON SOFTWAL TOONTOWN ONLINARE SWING KIDS ER P BEFOR ABC G PRODA HOLMES GKIEALTY CORP B DS PRODUCTIONONS B LU LIVE WHE MUP 5 ANDERL ESPN PARK PENGUIN PIXA MOBILE LUCASE CKETC LU COM 2ES WOɔ ZEEKS.COM CTIONS PRODUCT VISTA CATAL ALMEWMAZINGMOMS.COM FUNSCHO PALA AGEM BRYWADADE FIL INDIAN CORP BUEN LAND C UNICATIONS COMMU CTURES AGARITA ODUC PROPER PERIY TTV TW NT BILLY B MERCHANT CORP O HARDWA 5. 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Disney's Empire of Companies

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With the thousands of acquisitions Disney has made over the years, it has your attention and your dollars from the day you’re born until the day you die.



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