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Disneyland: Maintaining Walt Disney World

DISNEPLAND MañurainiNG WacTDiENEp DORLD Irs Nor A Smau @ORLD AFTER Au. Walt Disney World 40 Covers square miles That's about the size of San Francisco, CA! A CASY OF THOUSANDS. $100 Million is Spent Each Year to maintain the Magic Kingdom. 5,500 Are Dedicated to the maintenance and engineering 62,000 800 are horticulturists (Number of Employees at WDW) 650 are Painters Ler's Cempare WarDiENepWerLa - 30,00O ACRES Te. THE Size OF DisNep LaNDs Areuno THe WerLa (ACRES) 500 400 300 200 100 California Adventure Hong Kong Disneyland Tokyo Disneyland Paris Epcot Disneyland Disney's Animal Kingdom Park (CA) Disneyland In order to not disturb the park 100% of the Suuny. • goers maintenance goes on at night when the park is closed Bioomin BEAurp. Nearly 12 % of Walt Disney World property is devoted to gardens and maintained landscapes. 3000 10 20 30 :10 50 4030 20 10 FOOTBALL FIELDS WATER, WATER EVERpeNERE. If you put the water from The Seas with Nemo & Friends pavilion in Epcot into one-gallon milk jugs and laid them side by side they would stretch France 540 Miles 590 Miles 26,000 feet of lights outline the Epcot World Showcase Enough to span the Golden Gate bridge 6 times LumiNarions. ATIONS... Presented By: emaint SOURCES Designed by

Disneyland: Maintaining Walt Disney World

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Everyone knows the Disney Parks across the world are known as the magical kingdom, but no one ever takes the time to think about what it takes to maintain the magic. Hundreds of thousands of people ca...




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