The Digital Evolution of Table Games

THE DIGITAL EVOLUTION OF TABLE GAMES Confiem ai W $1,100 $100 All In $25 $5 Check Fold Ed Bums $1,100 00 My Stack: $1,100.00 Peter Copper $10.00 Brian $98 BLACKJACK BACK IN THE DAY Players interacted with an actual dealer and were only allowed to place a singular hand on their cards. TODAY BlackJack Digital screens with virtual dealers have replaced human dealers, and players interact with their own personal screen to play. CRAPS TRADITIONALLY Craps was played on a walled table surrounded by players taking turns rolling the dice until they rolled a 7 and "crap" out. THE DIGITAL VERSION CRAPO Players now sit in a circle, and personal screens allow for placing wagers. Digital dice are thrown with the touch of a button and appear in a bubble in the center of the game. POKER THE WAY IT WAS Dealers dealt actual cards to players "buying in" and competing against each other on a series of hands. 700 MODERNIZED Dedicated digital screen have replaced dealers, actual cards, and chips, as well as the likelihood of heated arguments over gameplay. ROULETTE THEN Chips were physically placed as wagers on individual numbers, number combos, or colors before the wheel was spun. Where the silver ball landed dictated winners. Now Players place bets on personal screens while a digital mechanism spins the wheel. Winners are paid out on a digital game board. BACCARAT 1480's The earliest version of Baccarat was created in Italy using Tarot Cards. BACUAIRIT MODERN DAY The Baccarat experience has been digitalized, giving players personal digital gaming screens. BROUGHT TO YOU BY AN

The Digital Evolution of Table Games

shared by StaceySD on Sep 09
From blackjack to baccarat, poker to pai gow, the casino games that we all love and enjoy are evolving. At Plaza Hotel & Casino, we are proud to be one of the only properties in Las Vegas to offer an ...




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