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The Diabolical Diagram of Movie Monsters

THE NIABOLICAL DIAGRAM OF MOIE MONSTERS Audrey L Shop of Homon) The Cepng Ter CThe Creeong Tw Space CThe Empire T hamphohynchun When Dnour T The Beat hom Auled the Ea Shar-Ocput Phedonu Sel ed Creps Night of the Creature The Day of he Tid Saimon Teof 20.00e Farton Huanoid hom the Deep Shark-Octopus Hyorid CSharkopua Creature (Deplita COeep Reng Devia Man-Eatng Part Coumeyhe Preh Panen Palecs un Mechagd Troopers") Meorte Pam COmphe (The Gant Behemo Din Parte Bpe iget Shaks Deep Be Se) Sug rOnacoc) Gc rOakyow Gap Pevy Unknown Science Grant Wocnaptor Cic Pan Madted rher Green Sime The Green Fa Sepent Sime (PR Ba Dreu nd D Ceature Spean The Deady Spa (Fee Sepert Po Peple CThe mason te Body re Xamaph CAle Gang Ga der ey of Gng inectd eacies Alen Gorgo rorgo Gart Soud r.000 Leagu Under the Sea Giant Singray The Back Pea Allen Creatune Rodan The Back Scorpon (Forbdden Worr Roda Alen Mega Sha Giant Oc Mega Shaw Gant Ocpu Sadwom -Oune Conper rBuper Tyannosun The La ragna) The Thing The Thing PaychicalyContuled Sha Make The Jas of Dea Extra- terrestrials routande- Gamea Jawe Human Bpedal coamea) Bed he Brd As Ho Klown CKierKlone trom Oute Space) Wyve Weve Gw Se Tue The Bemud Dep Coverfeld Monate roeveta Ancet The Monster That Chalenge heEr Ceatue Al CTe Bran o Pat A CHokpe Creatur Cotaminatior" Gant Mants The Deady Mart Fu Bed The Creature Grea whe Shar Vorou W he an Aquatic Creatures Patton Marybeh The Facuty e Lgon Lin CAlen Creat he Unnon') Beds Praa (Pranha) The Padr Lake S ent ah (Predator Neanmated Mammoth CMone amo Gant Bd (The Giant CHYO senino Lackdown Barud rarde Pana Oca Humans Gigan Ktes Cla Wampe The Enpre Sken COrepshow LocK) Gigan Prahstoric Bog Mont ood Be Bood beat on Ouer Space Scates CHantof Ten Aci eceting Plants The Wuten he ote ehen Grieny Munches Mnchies Sand Create Rood Bea Grdy Space Dragons Gant Amoeta The Nay CAngry Red Pane Graboid Griaty Nght onster Breeders (Breedes Cemon Aohous Guilal Theom fpecs Plants and Beon ees Outer Space Mega Pranha The Whe The Bob (The Bob The H (Mega Prarha Martane Gant Shakahea Chankanfa Tantacied Zarkon War of the Plart C The ng ha See Dah Ceature Tomatoes CAckofhe r Tomates Worde canoer rohdorah e Cup Hedorah Warm Paraste Trained Rats Animals Katandin Three Headed CThe Par Wiand Salacc Mone Hedona (Proohec Peestes w Crytn um of Cave Par Kler Bat The Part (The the Jed A HO (The Care Rasortoo) Nightwing e Cing Eye The Trulenberg Tenor Count ucand (Son of Draul Zatan rZutan Hound ofDra Cou Dr rCos Dra Kier Sheep rBack Sheep King Kong ing Kong Nochume CNocheme Gat A CAlgto Gant Crooodle Lake Pacid Froga (Foga) Mriam (The Hunge Rana feomated The Ora Famly Cama ood and Roses Camia The Vampe H Liver ct Gant G Monaler The Giant Ga Monter Agg e at (Rats Night of Uatty Lege Manmale Giat Cocode Judas lacariot rDracula 2000) Max Man Best Fend epes and Count Draul rDrau Reptiles Coues Man Le Inhote Electe e rSqui Chineran rOoulas Daghter) The Mummy Bos Cou Drac Pammer Fims Dracula s Ga Rab Matated Creatures Imhotep The Mummy Countes Nadne nighe ONCOM The Wachers Oskuda rampyros Lesbo Queen Ter lood tromhN am Mummys oe BonPyon Cnotide Gant rorunon Lemora Ker Shrew (The Ke Shrea Dr Samu Vampes (Samu Vamere Dantom He Gant Pyhon Camivorou Suge Orig Ka To-bey The Mummy's Shroud Anconde CAndan Chpacaba Kanga (Xangan) Gants C Mumm Dracula (an Ser Dracula Martal onggary Se Sepent The Munmy Monao (Dawnof the Mumny Pyhon Godla ంట Dade Set ade Loch ess Monter Foch Ness Srn rot (King Anasta Nightshade rohic Vanpir om H and Cle Zachary ve Be Khans Che Munmy's Hand Destorova Get Deid Anguir rGota Raid Aga The Lot Ga Tck Marguerte Chopin Vampy Foot Woa CAMckof the S Foot Wo Beys Btoor Se Ticka Gant Taa Gants Cra Naa Leptrica Colossal Man CAkfthe Cab Monsters Laptnca Gat Sders CThe Anaing Coa Ma Whte Maan PA Vampe Bookly Sper Roach CThey Cr reght Lagged Freaks Scanners Satch rinowbear) he Capture Bigtot (Scanne Archns Ra CRoca Bigbof Gant Lot (Empire of the Thegnnine at Baron Meinte TBrides of Dracua' of he Count Kalde Lad E Vampi The Laannower Man The Lnnoer Ma Alloater Peoole The Aliga Peple Giant Ants The Fy The R Giant Wp Monter hom M Green He The Foren (Te She-Creature The She-Creat Santance Vampires The Forsaker Ae Man CA Ma GAMa Pandemonium Crom Dusk T Daan) leny Dandide Fight The inisbe Man The inisble Ehance Ma rOetre om the Back Lagoon Beast Man Aquatic Monsters nonr of Party Deach Lesta rDenonaf Parde don Selene underwond Fresarter restarter A Hyde The Living Nead he Vemp Mar 30 Daya of N Ma Manquto Dren MHyde (Spic Sanp Ceat Inme Count ge Swang Thing rnp Thing Boode ood va W Count Orick Bordelo of Boof The Tox Humans and Heminids Vampre et the J Freet The Toe F Right One otea AutoZambies The Brood HEPeople Chistophe he Sepent aand he Ranbe Valek Helena Markoe (Avbo-Zanbies" Waked wth Canpre Zantie rThe Eye The Brood Octman rOctaman Edard Daton Dan Seen Cuen Jan in the Pa Phe Bran Tha Wod D Zombies rDaybreake Whes and NA Lgend Zombes Zanbies Zane Sarah Baley Muated Human The Day the Wore Ended CHUO Mague of the Zombie nigthe Come Vood baterenan Homta Zanbies nE Your Reainate whes of Eastck CThe Wches of Et Cere Dwelers The Dece Levhan Creature Lovehan') Chupacabra Come Zoms Tnstarmen Werewo Madne Pae Ce Werc rCat People White Zombe sae Humana ican Andy he beat of CM American tin Werw Par Beast The Cabinetf Dr Calg Sama Mole P Freddu he RNG CANghaen En See D Gendn Werot London") Texas) Yucca Flat Frankenters Weca Backenstein nackenster) Olve Hammond The Undng Yun Monster hankantn Jack Wher The Weot Monster WA Randa enotd Wereof Candyman Candyma Mone Dog e Monater Dog Zanbies The dyange Creatures Whe Skopped Living and Became Medup Zombie) Zomies (DeadHea Waingto Zntes Michael Myes Exo Zanbies rShaun of the THaloweer Reverend Loe The Colony CThe Howling Were- walves The Cras Zomte encama Dead Zombes he Craes) Foectic The Fame CThe Werewot of odtock Ded Kassler raindead Hu Zomb Jason Voortees Zabies r2ombiland Zambies (Resident Evir) The Wo Man (The Wol Man Joseph Langdon Ceast of he Yelow Night Feday the 13 Romer Zome nigtofhe Lvng Dea Helen CWereche on Wheeis CM American Werewot in London eWoll Na Zombien (Dead Snow Deadts E Dear Zanbies COeen of the Dear d00 The She-Wa noing of London) The Mad Monte) Human The Company of We Zambies The ected C Daye Later (Panet Tero) Jakob a seres eum of the Sow Zombe Deriella Neser Taight New Moon Chratine Tony ers Chraine She-Waves Zombies House of the Dead Lng Dead Zombies (Pan om Out Spce Jeresot Women of the Scom Howard een Wur Deah Zombie Sppern Zombie Sippen neling in Poherget The Car (The Car Woman) er Destration (Poterge Ginger Fgeald ronge Snape Zombes man Gage Creed Chovery at one La Nemens and Princess Cory of the Werewo Tony Wke che Moon High Hell Mgn emy Damajn Super natural Fortes Patut the Bu Closet Monater Ruben e T rDema Rubber wwhdes O Che Woodhhead r how Mone in the Closer rONules') Cpe The Eorce) Horaon) Statues Supernatural Ferces serng Demona The Gat Pulganar Helhound Ceper Tucs Chosemanys Bat Amodeus (tomer') rDe Deg Mamum carows') Oved Gargoyle Tas hom the Des Chucky Frequency Demos Pue Daade rEves Posed Dol Dine W te The Toys rDemonic Toye) Demons Medusa The Pale Man Cenbite Gremin (Pans Labyrin Demons erser renin Rahead CRahead e he Tane" The Pope Ge he Gooen CONtten Ceature Cunepeden) Fooe Crealure Myh Shlon Ay Camon and the Argonauta The Ercim Enly R Nightreed Laprch (Popel Mae Lana Santa Clan Sartas Say rOag Me (Deetuce Punpinhead (pempndun)

The Diabolical Diagram of Movie Monsters

shared by popchartlab on Jan 24
There are many types of movie monsters and villains; animals, extra terrestrials, vampires and more. This beautiful infographic divides movie monsters by category and names the monsters from each cate...


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