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The Definitive Guide to Banned Books Vol 2.

The Definitive Guide to Banned Books Vol. 2 The Grapes of Wrath Reason: Steinbeck's description of the poor caused outraged among the general public. Author: John Steinbeck First Published: 1939 Genre: Realist novel Where: USA Synopsis: The eviction of the Joad family from their farm, and their ensuing plight to find work in the face of exploitation. Date: 1939 Trivia: According to scholar, John Timmerman, The Grapes of Wrath may be the most discussed novel of 20th century American literature. Tropic of Cancer Author: Henry Miller Reason: Sexual profanity. Supreme Court Justice Michael Musmanno said, 'it is a cesspool, an open sewer, a pit of putrefaction...' Where: USA First Published: 1934 Genre: Autobiography Synopsis: Set in France (primarily Paris) during the late 1920s and early 1930s. It is centered on Miller's life as a struggling writer. Date: 1934-1961. Trivia: The declaration of its legal status in 1961 was not without controversy. A number of legal cases were taken up against booksellers. Slaughterhouse-Five SLAUGHTER HOUSE Author: Kurt Vonnegut Reason: Irreverent tone and obscene content. First Published: 1969 Where: USA Genre: Science Fiction/Satire Date: 1972 (Michigan) 2011 (Missouri) Synopsis: 'A satirical novel about World War Il experiences and journeys through time of a solider named Billy Pilgrim. Trivia: The decision to ban the book in 2011 came down to the efforts of Wesley Scroggins, a professor at Missouri State University. The Satanic Verses Reason: Blasphemy Where: Bangladesh, Kenya, Thailand, Tanzania, Indonesia, Singapore, Venezuela, Sudan, South Africa, India, Sri Lanka. Author: Salman Rushdie First Published: 1988 Genre: Magic realism Synopsis: Having survived a plane crash, two Indian expatriates piece their life back together in England. Date: Various Trivia: Ayatollah Khomeini, former leader of Iran, issued a fatwa against Rushdie for insulting Islam. Things Fall Apart Things Fall Apart Author: Chinua Achebe Reason: Critical of colonialism. Where: Malaysia Date: 2006 First Published: 1958 Genre: Historical Fiction Synopsis: 'Okonkwo..recalls the influences of British colonialism and Christian missionaries on his traditional Igbo community' (http://www. The Metamorphosis Author: Franz Kafka Reason: Several totalitarian regimes banned the book because they considered it too despairing. Where: Nazi Germany, Soviet Russia, and First Published: 1915 Genre: Absurdist fiction Synopsis: A salesman wakes up to find himself changed into a 'monstrous insect'. He attempts to adjust to this new form. Czechoslovakia. Date: n/a Trivia: WH Auden once said: 'Kafka is important to us because his predicament is the predicament of modern man.' Lolita LOLITA Reason: Pornographic. Where: Britain, France and South Africa Author: Vladimir Nabokov First Published: 1955 Genre: Tragicomedy Synopsis: A professor of literature, Humbert Humbert, becomes sexually involved with twelve- year-old Dolores Hayes. Date: 1955 Trivia: In 1962, Lolita was adapted into film by Stanley Kubrick, and Nabokov was nominated for an Academy Award for his work on the screenplay. Naked Lunch Author: William S Burroughs Reason: Obscenity. First Published: 1959 Where: Boston, America Genre: Novel Date: 1962-1966 Synopsis: A collection of vignettes following William Lee, a junkie who has experiences in Trivia: The Chicago Review published part of the manuscript in 1958. It was not well received. All but one of the editors was forced to resign. Mexico, USA and Morocco. Fahrenheit 451 451 FAHRENHEIT Author: Ray Bradbury Where: censored and banned by school boards in California, Florida and Texas Date: 1987 (Florida) 1992 (California) 2006 (Texas) Trivia: The book was published during the McCarthy era, a time in America where people were fearful about potential state censorship. First Published: 1953 Genre: Dystopian novel Synopsis: 'A fireman whose job is to burn books...the title refers to the temperature at which the paper combusts' (Independent, 2014). Reason: Obscene language Madame Bovary Author: Gustave Flaubert Reason: Morally offensive. Where: France First Published: 1857 Genre: Realist Date: 1857 Synopsis: Emma Bovary, a doctor's wife, 'has adulterous affairs and lives beyond her means in order to escape the banalities and emptiness of everyday life'. Trivia: Flaubert was prosecuted and then acquitted for 'offences against public morals'. The Prince THE PRINCE Author: Niccolo Machiavelli Where: Not so much where, but by who. The Pope banned the book, and where it was subsequently banned, undoubtedly depended on the Pope's relationship with the respective rulers in Europe. Trivia: Machiavelli wrote the book in 1513, but it was published posthumously. First Published: 1550 Genre: Non-fiction Synopsis: A 16th c. how-to book for budding rulers. Reason: Promoting non-Christian beliefs A Farewell To Arms ++++ Author: Ernest Hemingway Where: America and Italy Date: On publication Trivia: It's based on Hemingway's own experience. He volunteered for ambulance service in Italy, and he recounts the courage of Frederic Henry, a young American volunteer. First Published: 1929 Genre: Fiction Synopsis: Frederic Henry serves as a Lieutenant ("Tenente") in the ambulance corps of the Italian Army. Reason: Sexually explicit The 120 Days of Sodom Reason: Pornographic Where: Malaysia, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Iran, United Arab Emirates, Vietnam Author: Marquis de Sade First Published: 1905 Genre: Erotic fiction Synopsis: It tells the story of four wealthy male Date: various libertines and their search for the ultimate sexual Trivia: Some critics dismiss 120 Days of Sodom gratification via orgies. as a crude work of extremes in violence and porn. Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone HOGWARTS EXPRESS Author: J K Rowling Where: Various states in America, and Christian schools in the UK. Date: On release Trivia: In America, it was changed to Harry First Published: 1997 Genre: Fantasy Synopsis: A young boy discovers his magical heritage, and attends the 'Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry' for the first time. Reason: For promoting witchcraft. Potter and The Sorcerer's Stone under the assumption that children wouldn't read a book with philosopher in the title. Black Beauty Author: Anna Sewell Reason: 'Banned by the South African government during the Apartheid era because of the word 'Black' in the title.' First Published: 1877 Genre: Children's Literature Synopsis: 'An autobiographical memoir told by a horse named Black Beauty-beginning with his carefree days as a colt on an English farm...' Where: South Africa Date: n/a Trivia: The book was the impetus for a wave of animal rights activists who sought to improve the well-being of horses. Tintin in the Congo Author: Hergé First Published: 1931 Reason: Deemed racist for depicting the Congolese as good hearted but lazy. Genre: cartoon fiction Where: U.K Synopsis: Belgian reporter Tintin and his fox- terrier, Snowy, have adventures in the Belgian Congo. Date: 2007 Trivia: In 2007, English human rights lawyer, David Enright, got the comic removed from British bookstores. Captain Underpants EviL PURPLE PoTty CO. Author: Dav Pikley Reason: For being insensitive and encouraging First Published: 1997 children to be disobedient. Genre: Children's Fiction Where: Some schools in America Synopsis: A series about two fourth graders, George Beard and Harold Hutchins, and their adventures with Captain Underpants. Date: continuous Trivia: Jessica Roake defended the book. She said: 'For the first time in their reading lives (children) are understood, entertained, and catered to all at once.' 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The Definitive Guide to Banned Books Vol 2.

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