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The Definitive Guide to Banned Books Vol. 1

The Definitive Guide to Banned Books Vol. 1 The written word is the most powerful tool on earth. Books can spread ideas, influence people and cause great offence. Whether it's a matter of religion, politics or good taste, this infographic from looks at the most famous cases of banned books around the world. Are there any books you'd like to see banned? Alice in Wonderland Author: Lewis Carroll Reason it was banned: Censor General Ho First published: 1865 Genre: Children's literature In a wiki word: A girl named Alice falls down a rabbit hole into a fantasy world populated by peculiar, anthropomorphic creatures Chien felt that attributing human intelligence to animals was an 'insult' to humanity, and children should be protected from this negative influence. Where: China Date: 1931 All Quiet on the Western Front as IM WESTEN NICHTS NEUES Author: Erich Maria Remarque First published: 1928 Genre: War Novel Reason: The NAZI Party considered it to be a 'degenerate book' that insulted Germany, and went against the party-line of national supremacy. Where: Nazi Germany In a wiki word: It describes the extreme physical and mental stress experienced by soldiers during WW1, and the alienation they felt when returning home. Date: 1933 Trivia: 1930 – the novel was made into an American film. It won an academy award, and was the first all-talking non-musical film to win Best-Picture Oscar. American Psycho Author: Bret Easton Ellis Reason: Portraying severe violence against First Published: 1991 women. Genre: Thriller Where: Queensland, Australia Synopsis: Set in Manhattan during the Wall Street boom of the late 1980s, American Psycho follows the life of Patrick Bateman, a young, Date: 1991 Trivia: The book was heavily criticised by the stepmother of Christian Bale, an ironic fact given that Bale plays the main character in the film adaptation. wealthy investment banker. An Area of Darkness OF DARKNESS Author: V.S Naipaul Reason: It portrayed India in a negative light. First Published: 1964 Where: India Genre: Travelogue Synopsis: A travelogue detailing Naipaul's trip through India in the early sixties. Date: 1964 ANAR OOKBOO The Anarchist Cookbook L/ Introduction by Peter Bergman Author: William Powell Where: Australia Date: 1970 Trivia: The anarchist collective, Crimethlnc, First Published: 1971 Genre: Instructional Synopsis: A how-to book for budding terrorists. It contains instructions for the manufacture of explosives among other things. Reason: It encouraged illicit and immoral dissociated themselves from the work, claiming 'It is not composed or released by anarchists... not intended to promote freedom and autonomy...' behaviour. Animal Farm Author: George Orwell Reason: Mixed reasons, ranging from anti- communist to social and religious heresy. Why North Korea banned the book is anyone's guess. Where: USSR (1945) Kenya (1991) United Arab First Published: 1945 Genre: Political novella Synopsis: An allegorical story that shines a torch on Stalinist corruption. Emirates (2002) Cuba, North Korea, and China Date: various Trivia: Animal Farm almost never saw the light of day because it threatened to upset Western relations with Russia. The Bible HOLY BIBLE Author: Lots of people. Where: The Bible, in its many editions, as with other religious texts, such as the Koran and the Torah, has been banned in numerous places. Date: n/a First Published: n/a Genre: Religious text. Synopsis: A canonical collection of scriptures sacred to Judaism and Christianity. Reason: In 1234 King James I of Aragon ordered Trivia: A number of countries have legal and customary restrictions on the Bible. But North the burning of bibles that were written in the Korea is the only known state to enforce a total vernacular. ban. Big River, Big Sea 立 耳 Author: Lung Ying Tai Reason: China has banned the book (and all Internet articles and discussions on the book) because it challenges the State narrative. First Published: 2009 Genre: Political non-fiction Synopsis: A collection of stories that challenges Where: China the conventional view of the Chinese Civil War Date: 2009 Trivia: In 2010, Lung Ying Tai said, 'I just want to show you that when you dismantle the apparatus of state, what's inside are these individuals.' (1927-1950). Brave New World Author: Aldous Huxley First Published: 1932 Reason: Sexually graphic. Where: Ireland and Australia Date: Ireland (1932), Australia (1932-1937) Trivia: In 2011, Brave New World ranked third in Genre: Novel Synopsis: A visionary novel that explores a futuristic dystopian society where people are mass-produced and conditioned to love their a list of 10 books that Americans tried hardest to ban in 2010. servitude. Burger's Daughter and "making several unbridled attacks against the authority entrusted with the maintenance of law and order and the safety of the state". Where: South Africa (for three months). Date: July 1979 Trivia: In 1991, Gordimer was awarded the Author: Nadine Gordimer First Published: 1979 Genre: Historical Political Novel In a wiki word: A group of white anti-apartheid activists in South Africa seeking to overthrow the South African government in the mid 1970s. Reason: The reasons given by the South African Publications Control Board included Nobel Prize in Literature for her works of "intense immediacy" and "extremely complicated personal and social relationships in her "propagating Communist opinions" "creating creating a psychosis of revolution and rebellion", environment". Candide Reason: Obscenity. Where: USA Author: Voltaire First Published: 1759 Genre: Satire Date: 1930 Synopsis: Candide, a young man, lives a sheltered life and is indoctrinated with optimism by his mentor, Pangloss. Trivia: 30,000 copies were sold in its first year, despite The Great Council of Geneva and the administrators of Paris banning it shortly after its publication. Catch 22 Author: Joseph Heller Reason: The use of the word 'whore'. First Published: 1961 Where: Strongsville, Ohio Genre: Satire Date: 1972- 1976 Synopsis: The novel follows Captain John Yossarian, a U.S. Army Air Forces B-25 bombardier. Essentially, it's about servicemen attempting to keep their sanity. Trivia: Since its publication, ten million copies of Catch 22 have been sold. The Perks of Being a Wall Flower he perks E theima a iIRLFRIEND, MYSIEN RIEN ISAID' WO KFI HEKT RETUED,WAT FOR HWANTS TO BORROW THE ARMY MOTHERASKED TAAT'S AI SE PMYA ER SAID WI GET NEED T THEN HE Author: Stephen Chbosky Date: n/a First Published: 1999 Genre: Young adult/Epistolary novel Synopsis: The story of an introverted teenager who discloses his life experiences through a series of letters to a stranger. Reason: Depicting adolescent sexuality and drug use. Trivia: It has appeared on the American Library Association's list of the 10 most frequently challenged books 6 times in the past decade. Where: Massachusetts and Long Island (School Boards) Death Note DEATH NOTE Author: Tsugumi Ohba Reason: To protect the 'physical and mental health' of students, and protect them from material that 'distorts their mind and spirit. First Published: 2003 Genre: Detective Fantasy fiction Synopsis: A Japanese manga series. A high- school student discovers a supernatural notebook that gives him dangerous magical Where: several Chinese cities Date: on publication Trivia: The book sparked a public debate in Japan about the suitability of manga for children. abilities. And Tango Makes Three by Justin Richardson and Peter Parnell illustrated by Henry Cole Author: Justin Richardson Where: Throughout schools and libraries in North Carolina, Shiloh, Illinois, Loudoun, Virginia and California Date: 2009 First Published: 2005 Genre: Children's literature Synopsis: True story. Two gay penguins hatch an egg in New York's Central Park Zoo. Reason: Challenging conservative views of adoption and same-sex marriage, and spreading the idea of homosexuality in animals. Trivia: The American Library Association reported that it was the most challenged book between the years of 2006 and 2010. The Adventures of Tom Sawyer VENIRES OF FOM SAWTER Author: Mark Twain Reason: For its use of racist language and its pejorative portrayal of Native Americans Genre: Bildungsroman Synopsis: A young boy grows up along the Mississippi river. First Published: 1876 Where: Some libraries in America Date: n/a The Chocolate War Author: Robert Cormier Reason: Inappropriate language, sexual profanity and blasphemy. Where: USA. First Published: 1974 Genre: Young Adult In a New York word: 'A boy's refusal to participate in a fun-raising event at a New England Catholic preparatory school.the resulting furor that shook the small community' (W. Honan New York Times, November 5 2000) Date: Since 1974, across the USA, various institutions have attempted and succeeded in banning the book. Trivia: Cormier drew on his school experience in Massachusetts and the experience of his son, Peter, who refused to sell candy at his high school. References NO2/6847472784/?rb=1 A1xCUvusaaL._SL1500_.jpg AllQuietOn TheWesternFront.jpg S8NKEBktCDI/AAAAAAAACW9/HOZHÍW9AG59/ s1600/sbcandide008.jpg thumb/4/47/AmericanPsychoBook.jpg/220px- AmericanPsychoBook.jpg 4ba69e201a73da12445970d-pi uploads/2013/09/the_perks_of_being_a_ wallflower_book_cover_drawing_by_pigwigeon- d5j78el-e1379731360251.jpg uploads/2013/02/4-The-Anarchist-Cookbook.jpg f109c0c5f1.jpg misa_deathnote_cover_by_dinocacktus-d3i8ima. jpg uploads/holy-bible-cover-743x1024.jpg| content/uploads/2009/01/Tango-makes-3.jpg BookRev/20101/BR1%20Cover2%20Lung%20 Yingtai_Dajiang%20dahai(1).jpg image/product/1066091.jpg d733095421.jpg 45169e469e201901c46a695970b-pi lvereading. 1

The Definitive Guide to Banned Books Vol. 1

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Whether it's pious, political or for the public good, books have been banned ever since people could find a problem with the words on the page. have delved into the most prominent ba...


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