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The Death Star By The Numbers

THE DEATH STAR BY THE NUMBERS POWER DISTRIBUTION SHAFT COMMAND SECTOR (NORTH) LIFE SUPPORT SECTOR SUPERLASER CANNON WELL POWER AMPLIFICATION SYSTEM ENGINEERING SECTOR POWER DIVERSION CRYSTAL EQUATORIAL SECTOR 503 KM POWER GENERATOR LIMING SECTOR EQUATORIAL TRENCH DEEP ARMORY DEEP STORAGE COMMAND SECTOR (SOUTH) 160 KM IN DIAMETER It takes more than a million people to operate the Death Star, and there is room for over a billion people on board. There are always at least 1,161,293 Imperials stationed on the Death Star at any given time, including: STATION CREW GUNNERS ASSAULT SHUTTLES TROOPS STARFIGHTERS 265,675 52,276 607,360 3,600 7,200 SHIP SUPPORT STAFF 42,782 STORMTROOPERS 25,984 AT-AT AT-ST 1,400 1,400 PILOTS AND SUPPORT CREW STRIKE CRUISERS 4 ASSAULT DROIDS DROP SHIPS 167,216 1,860 Variable The Death Star's superlaser could destroy a planet at full power. Pulling energy from its massive hypermatter core, the first Death Star took 24 hours to recharge. SPEED: 2,000,000 KM IN 6 LIGHT-SECONDS A petition to build the Death Star got more than POWER: 2.4 X 1032W The Death Star would cost 2,500 $852,000,000,000,000,000 SIGNATURES (852 QUADRILLION DOLLARS) and would take NEWS 833,000 YEARS TO BUILD due to the rate of steel construction. (U.S. Govt.) SOURCES

The Death Star By The Numbers

shared by nickdesantis on Oct 27
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A cross-sectional diagram and statistical breakdown of various details pertaining to the Death Star from the Star Wars films. Published by MTV News on October 22, 2014. Data by Craig Flaster.


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