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Death Star Logistics

DEATH STAR LOGISTICS A LOOK AT SOME OF THE LOGISTICAL PROBLEMS OF BUILDING & OPERATING THE DEATH STAR HOW MUCH STEEL WOULD BE NEEDED TO START CONSTRUCTION OF THE DEATH STAR? At between 140 and 160km wide, the Death Star would need 1.08x10" tonnes of steel, assuming a simiſar density in steel as a modern warship. A volume of 1,440,000 kilometres' gives the Death Star a mass of 1.08 x 10% tonnes. Calculation done by Diameter taken from the Death Star page on THAT'S 1000000000000000 TONNES In case you were wondering, there is technically enough iron in the Earth to fulfill such an order. In fact, there is enough to make two million Death Stars. The Earth's crust may have a limited amount of iron, but the core is made up mostly of iron (although most of US would prefer it stayed there). So, taking into account that it is actually available, how long would it take to get? And for what price? 24 TIMINGS COSTS With the current rate of steel At current prices, the steel alone would cost approximately production on Earth, it would take 833,315 $852 8 000,000,000 000,000 years to produce all the steel needed to build Death Star I. That doesn't take construction time into which is roughly 13,000 times the world's GDP, and doesn't take into account construction costs or any other elements! account either! So when you take into account transport costs, construction costs (although we're sure the Empire would utilise both droids and at least some form of slave labour), other materials, electrics, fuel, power, weaponry and interior design, you would be looking at at least $1,000,000,000,000,000,000 construction costs That's a quintillion dollars if you're from the US, or a trillion dollars to the Brits - it's also an extremely conservative estimate ONCE IT'S BUILT, STAFFING AND CLEANING THE DEATH STAR WOULD BE NO EASY TASK Finding, interviewing and training all the staff needed for the Death Star would take an incredible amount of time and money. There would be: 265,675 52,276 crew members gunners 607,360 30,984 troops stormtroopers 180,216 42,782 pilots and support crew ship support staff That's 1,179,293 full-time staff members needed to run the Death Star, not including the people needed to clean the ship, feed the employees, etc. If each of these were paid minimum wage (US): $17.0997485 BILLION PER YEAR would be needed just to keep the Death Star combat ready (assuming Empire staff do get salaries) HOW LONG WOULD IT TAKE TO CLEAN THE DEATH STAR? With around 35,000 floors, and an average ceiling height of 4 metres, the economists at Centives calculate the floor space of the Death Star to be 359.2 million square kilometres. If Vader and the Emperor wanted the Death Star cleaning every 12 months, they would need 48 million cleaners working full time. Hiring 48 million workers would be about 33% of the American labour | force Worked out by assuming an employee could mop 3,600 metres per hour, which is 7.488 kilometres per year. Also taking 'full time' to mean 40 working hours per week. Working alone, it would take Vader 11.4 Million years to mop all the floors on the Death Star That means that just to keep the floors clean, the Death Star owners would have to budget $723 BILLION PER YEAR WHAT ABOUT FOOD AND DRINK FOR ALL THE DEATH STAR EMPLOYEES? To feed and water the 1,179,293 full-time workers on the Death Star (not including the cleaning staff), you would be looking at: FOOD WATER To feed everyone on board, you would need to get through To ensure there was enough drinking water, you would need 1,800,000 68,398,994 tonnes of food every year. This would only cover the combat and support staff, not the 48 million cleaners needed to mop the floors! gallons of water every year. This doesn't include water needed for sanitation, bathing or general cleaning of infrastructure and vehicles. The average person drinks 3 cups of tea (or coffee) per day, so you would need to supply 1,291,325,835 CUPS OF TEA PER YEAR With all that food, water and tea being consumed, you'd need some bathrooms. To meet government regulations, you would need 11,793 TOILET BLOCKS ON SITE HOW ABOUT THE AIR? FILTRATION AND CIRCULATION SYSTEMS WOULD BE NEEDED As it's based in space, the Death Star would need air. To keep everyone breathing, you would need 8.23 QUINTILLION CUBIC METRESTROGEN 1.65 QUINTILLION CUBIC METRESOXYGEN Sources:| | BU Y -cost-to-build-the-death-star/ loans

Death Star Logistics

shared by Designbysoap on Aug 05
Who can forget Star Wars’ Death Star? For anyone dreaming of recreating this colossal space vehicle, here’s an eye-opening infographic from the guys at Buddy Loans. Discover the logistical problem...


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