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Dave Hester: Storage Wars Villain

8 REASONSI EVERVONEUVES TO HATE EVERYONE STORAGE WARS' VILLAIN DAVE HESTER YUUUPI 100 103 YOUDP YUUUP! 1. HE'S GREEDY GQ calls Hester's greed "insatiable." "Storage Wars" co-star Jarrod Schulz says: "The problem I have with Dave and people like Dave is they feel like they're the only people in the world that have a family, that need to provide, that need to make a living, so they have to suck it all in for themselves." 2. HE'S ARROGANT GQ says Hester's greediness "manifests itself in gaudy, embarrassing displays of self-importance, whether outbidding Jarrod and Brandi [Passante] to force them into financial destitution or driving a giganti "Yuuuuup!'-emblazoned truck." ing YOUUP! 3. HE'S ANNOYING His "Yuuup!" catchphrase grates on people's nerves. More to the point, as noted by GQ, Hester comes off as a "small, insecure human being" who is "loathsome." Yuuup, that stings. "Reality TV villains are a common and necessary thing, but they don't get more explicitly detestable than this guy," GQ says. "He's a stout, petty man who dresses in all black and walks with the sort of wounded pride of the winner of a chicken-wing-eating contest." 100 181 4. HE'S ABRASIVE 250 YUUUPI Case in point: Here's Hester's advice for less experienced bidders on the show "Get out of the way – you're bothering me." 5. HE'S UNGRATEFUL "Storage Wars" co-star Dan Dotson says that "Dave wasn't very thankful for the fact that [wife] Laura and I helped get him in front of the eyes of the world and make him a celebrity and make him famous. .. Dave really crapped on us." 6. HE'S LITIGIOUS YUUUP! Hester sued A&E, which airs "Storage Wars," and Original Productions, the company that created "Storage Wars," in December 2012 after he was fired from the show. Hester alleges he was canned for claiming "Storage Wars" was rigged; A&E and Original Productions deny the accusation. Both sides settled the legal tussle in July 2014. On top of that, the "Yuuup!" expression sparked a legal battle between Hester and rapper Trey Songz in 2011. The dispute was resolved in 2012. 7. HE'S MADE ENEMIES PLAINTIFF None of his castmates on "Storage Wars" is Hester's buddy. Radar Online says Hester is "a foil and irritant" for other "Storage Wars" bidders. After he was fired from the show, Hester said: "For me, it was hard to soar with the eagles when I was constantly surrounded by turkeys." 8. HE'S Dave Hester o CONFRONTATIONAL EA dvethemog Would any of the Storage Wars cast comment on the recent ratings DROP? Change the name to Storage Friends scamming the public for a paycheck One example: In 2013, in the midst of his legal fight with "Storage Wars," Hester tweeted "Would any of the Storage Wars cast comment on the recent ratings DROP? Change the name to Storage Friends scamming the public for a paycheck." 2 M-14 May 2013 YUUU YUUUP! DAVE HESTER MAY BE A CONTROVERSIAL CHARACTER, BUT COME ON, WOULD YOU WATCH A SHOW CALLED "STORAGE FRIENDS"? Sources PRESENTED BY NOWSOURCING || | -

Dave Hester: Storage Wars Villain

shared by NowSourcing on Nov 18
We love to hate villains, and Dave Hester from Storage Wars is no exception. Learn more about him from this infographic.




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