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Dangerously Fun - Famous Toys That Were (Or Should Have Been) Recalled

DANGEROUSLY FUN FAMOUS TOYS THAT WERE (OR SHOULD HAVE BEEN) RECALLED Today, toys are put through rigorous screening processes to make sure they're safe for the appropriate ages. That wasn't always the case though, as many toys of yesteryear ended up being downright dangerous. Here is a look at some notorious toys that have been recalled. CABBAGE PATCH SNACKTIME KIDS DOLLS A 1996 edition Cabbage Patch Kid that ate plastic snacks with its motorized mouth. OFF The Problem: In addition to plastic food, the doll The Recall: After making snacktime out of kids' hair and fingers, these dolls were pulled off shelves in 1997. loved the taste of children's hair. The doll had no off switch, so there was no stopping the feast once it began. JARTS (LAWN DARTS) A backyard game where giant, sharp metal darts were tossed at a target on the ground. BANNED The Problem: Kids throwing metal missiles around unsupervised? Not a good idea. Led to 3 deaths and sent over The Recall: Not technically recalled, the Consumer Product Safety Commission banned the sale of 6,000 people to the hospital. Jarts in 1988. CLACKERS (KER-BANGERS) Two hard plastic balls connected by a string that swung around and made a "clacking" was the 70's. STORE The Problem: They had a bad habit of shattering and sending plastic shrapnel flying across the room. The Recall: They were recalled in 1985–a little past the toy's prime, but still a good idea. SKY RANGERS PARK FLYER A remote control airplane that was launched by hand. The Problem: The Recall: Not even Harrison Ford could Recalled in 2007 after 45 emergency land these planes. They had a tendency to burst into flames and explode in the air. Mayday! complaints of exploding planes and resulting injuries. GUN FIGHTER TOY CORK GUN A popular cork gun that sold for $1.27 in the late 70s. The Recall: In 1979, owners were offered a full refund-all $1.27!-to return the cork gun to stores. The Problem: Cue A Christmas Story joke here. The muzzle on the gun barrel was easily removable, exposing two metal rods that could put an eye out. GILBERT U-238 ATOMIC ENERGY LAB A Cold War era science kit that included a Geiger counter, Uranium ore, and cloud chamber. %24 HC The Problem: The Recall: Radioactive ore samples? Too real. N Since the CPSC didn't exist at the To quote Marty McFly, "Are you telling me that this sucker is NUCLEAR?" time, the kit was actually never recalled. Luckily, due to poor sales (it was very $$), it was pulled off shelves within a year. CSI: FINGERPRINT EXAMINATION KIT Based on the TV show, this kit allowed kids to play detective by dusting for fingerprints. Cheesy David Caruso one-liners not included. CRIME CENE CST: CSI: CSI: CSI: The Problem: The Recall: The fingerprint dust contained asbestos. To borrow a page from CSI, "I guess you could say that putting asbestos in children's toys, isn't the *put on sunglasses* best-os idea." The kit was recalled once the asbestos was discovered in lab tests, causing the manufacturer to go bankrupt. ToyZoo Ocom Sources: V

Dangerously Fun - Famous Toys That Were (Or Should Have Been) Recalled

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Today's toys are tested rigorously to ensure safety and that they are appropriate for their intended age group, but this wasn't always the case. This infographic takes a look at some of the most dange...


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