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Cyber Santa Claus: Amazon Drones, Supercomputers and Other Cutting-edge Technologies Santa Can Use To Deliver Your Christmas Gifts

Cyber Santa Claus 10 Cutting-edge Technologies To Deliver Christmas Gifts Yes, Santa Claus has magic and this has served him well for thousands of years. But there are just too many children these days, and most of them are more nice than naughty. He might need the help of existing state-of-the- art technology. We've gathered 10 of the best to help Santa complete his mission. All are real, and at Santa's disposal any time he wishes. SantaNet Because the number of children has quadrupled in the last hundred years, Santa Claus needs all the IT power he can get his hands on to make sure every deserving child gets a gift on Christmas. Santa Net NAUGHTINESS DETECTOR & DATABASE Tech: Transcranial Pulsed Ultrasound / Útah Data Center Embedded in all forms of wearable tech, this will transmit high-frequency sound waves to specific regions of the brain to control naughty behavior, and will transmit information to an Exabyte-capable data storage facility. Global Gift Network Tech: NIVIDIA/Stanford Artificia] Neural Network The system can mathematically model the way Santa's brain works, allowing the machine to learn to think in the same way Santa does when making his list and checking it twice. Christmas Cruncher Tech: Tianhe-2 Supercomputer All the data coming in through the Global Gift Network needs to be crunched by the world's most powerful supercomputer, capable of 33.86 petaflop/s (quadrillions of calculations per second). Polar ToyHub Santa needs all the help he can Polar Toy Hub get to manufacture billions of toys for billions of children. Elf Power Booster Tech: Raytheon Exoskeleton Yes Santa's elves are a hardworking lot, but these exoskeletons have the capacity to multiply elf power many times over. Polar Roads Tech: Self heating Streets Icy roads in Santa's Polar Hub will be a thing of the past. These roads have sheets of carbon nanofiber that are warmed by an electrical element. Yule Logistics Thank you, Rudolph, for guiding the sleigh with your nose so bright, but you reindeer will need all the help you can get to bring cheer and goodwill to all deserving children. Yule Logistic Sleigh Planes Tech: A-5ºU AWACS These reindeerless flying sleighs have airborne warning and control systems, so they can deliver goodies from the Polar Hub to depots in strategic global locations. YuleTube Tech: Hyperfoop These elevated tubes will shoot gift-bearing pods at hyperspeed from the depots to every town and city where nice children live. Gift O-Copters 8, Tech: Amazon Drones From the Yuletube's delivery stops, these auto-pilot Gift-O-Copters will distribute the right gift to the right child. Bouncing Child Detector Tech: Bounce Imaging Explorer These ball-shaped child detectors that analyze temperature and air quality can be usedby Santa or drones to make sure no one crept down the stairs to have a peep. Santa's See Through Sheath 10 Tech: Optical Camouflage "Technology This clever LED and camera combination will make Santa virtually invisible, just in case the child isn't in the bedroom fast asleep. This will cloak Mommy as well, if she decides to kiss Santa underneath the mistletoe. Santa's Spree With his infinitely powerful magic Santa Claus can make all of the tech he needs apparate from thin air. But what if he bought them with cash? How much would these fantastic Santa-enabling technologies cost to serve all 1,864,072,480 children under the age of 14? Let's make a list for Santa. Of course, we need to check it twice. Naughtiness Detector $18,640,724,800 Naughtiness Database $12,000,000,000 V Global Gint Network $18,640,724,800 V Christmas Cruncher $1,584, 000,00O Elf Power Booster $14,800,000,000 v Polar Roads $1,500,000,00O Sleigh Planes $25,000,000,000 v Yule Tube $60,000,000,000 v Gift-O-Copters $37,281,449,600 Bouncing Child Detector $9,320,362,400 Santa's See-Through Sheath $27,961, 087,500 Grand Total: $$226,728,349,100 Santa needs to spend close to $227 billion to enhance magic with technology for the singular purpose of bringing a smile to every child's face on Christmas. That's more than twice Apple's brand value, and more than the combined net worth of the world's 3 richest men. Sources • cle/pii/S0896627310003764 • fords-artificial-neural-network-biggest-ever • na-still-has-the-worlds-fastest-supercomputer/ • coS-xos-2-military-exoskeleton-just-does-the-heavy/ • tions-made-possible-by-nanotechnology/ • fense-perspec- tive/2013-09-06/russian-air-force-shows-upgraded-awacs -and-plans-new-one • cles/2013-09-18/elon-musks-hyperloop-will-work-says-so me-very-smart-software • tive/2013/11/tech/cnn10-inventions/ • Invisi- ble-Mercedes-Scientists-use-LEDS-camera-create-invisible -car.html • Designed for: by: E Ruby Media CORPORATION

Cyber Santa Claus: Amazon Drones, Supercomputers and Other Cutting-edge Technologies Santa Can Use To Deliver Your Christmas Gifts

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