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Crunching the Numbers on Superfandom

$6 million 4 $%*#! $75,000 How much it cost to rebuild the body of Lee Majors' character Steve Austin (a.k.a. The Six Million Dollar Man). Price William Shatner sold his DAYS kidney stone for in 2006 (he donated the funds to Habitat for Humanity). Length of Fan Expo. 6 million 64 Number of languages C-3PO (voiced by Anthony Daniels) is fluent in. Number of celebrity photo ops during the fest. 12% Portion of Shatner's Comic book rarity designations feature film credits that are 1,000 Star Trek-related. Average number of autographs signed by each celebrity guest during Fan Expo Canada. WILLIAM SHATNEA THE TAANSFORMED MAN 45 CapTDENCRK OSTjR TREK Very Rare: 6-10 copies Rare: Scarce: 11-20 copies 21-50 copies Position Shatner's debut 64 album The Transformed Man occupied on Q Magazine's 50 Worst Albums Ever list in 2006. Number of Addams Number of Family episodes that John Astin Batman episodes in which John Astin 7.5 starred in as ed in Rating (out of 10) bestowed upon Shatner's Ben Folds- produced 2004 album, Has Been, by influential indie- music website Pitchfork. Gomez Addams. as The Riddler. WILLIRM SHATNER HAS BEEN Hayden Panettiere's Fan Expo-worthy pursuits 34 Videogame star (Kingdom Неarts) Superhero (Heroes) Match the actor with the monster 83 million Countries in which Kevin Sorbo's Number of people estimated to have watched Larry Hagman's "Who Shot J.R.?" episode of Dallas. Freddy Krueger Pinhead Machete Zombie Hercules: The (Hellraiser) (Land of the Dead) Legendary Journeys was broadcast. B 8. Nights Sorbo will be appearing at Toronto's Comedy Bar as part Number of episodes his follow-up series, Orleans, lasted before Cult horror of Kevin Sorbo victim (Scream 4) Garbage Weekend. Tom Savini Robert Englund Doug Bradley being cancelled.

Crunching the Numbers on Superfandom

shared by rmmojado on Jan 24
Fan Expos are no longer just for Trekkies and comic-book collectors—the subculture convention has evolved into a massive catch-all of super-fandom for everything from ’80s TV shows like Dallas to ...


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