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The Costs of Being Clark Kent

THE COSTS OF BEING CLARK KENT IS THE MAN OF STEEL THE SAVVIEST SUPERHERO? With the Last Son of Krypton getting a glitzy big screen makeover, we take a look at what it would cost to be Superman's mild mannered alter ego, Clark Kent. So far, the internet has tallied up the 'work' expenses of Batman and Iron Man but what about the Man of Steel? Unlike his tech-reliant hero buddies, when Super-from-birth Kal-El suits up it's to inhabit the persona of a bumbling journalist. Could Clark Kent be the thriftiest Superhero to ever grace the screen? Let's do the math on his yearly costs and find out... £1000 SUITS $1510 Surely Clark's work suits are constantly getting nicked. All that phonebox speed-changing probably means Metropolis has some dapper looking hobos. To fix this, Clark could stock up on cheap suits and hide them strategically around town. He may look a little crazy but it's better than being caught with your pants down. £80 -TIES $120 Ties are crucial to Clark's look. What else would he fumble with during those rushed elevator escapes? A basic £10 necktie for each work day should do it. Maybe throw in one of those annoying musical ones for The Daily Planet's Christmas do, as well. £50 $75 SHIRTS 2013's Clark Kent could probably get away with wearing a food stained Star Wars tee to work but if he did opt for the formal look, he'd be wise to stock up on buttons. Superman rips more shirts annually than both Hulks combined, Hogan and Incredible. £40 GLASSES Contact lenses? Laser eye surgery? Clark must have a really good reason to stick with specs. Little do his clueless work mates know, these mock-frames are the only thing preventing them from discovering his true identity. If you don't count a severe lack of common sense and basic face $60 SOCKS recognition skills. £12 Clark Kent is a mask to help the otherworldly Kal-El blend into human society. If he didn't wear socks, the jig would be up. Naturally. $18 £5 $7 BOXERS BELT He may be faster than a speeding bullet but The Man Of Tomorrow still Superman has a lot of powers. Sadly, keeping his pants held up without any additional help isn't one of them. A simple black leather belt should top his work look off nicely and help avoid any super slip-ups. £21 puts his boxers on one leg at a time. Whether or not Clark wears them $31 while he's wearing his costume AN DIS underpants on the outside remains one of life's big mysteries. £20 $30 £90 HAIR PRODUCTS $135 SHOES Superman's lack of Batman-like headgear make him one of the most stylish heroes going. Without a ready supply of hair product there's no way he'd be able to tame those unbreakable locks and craft that completely unnecessary curl. The super stench from Clark's alien feet would no doubt be mega-corrosive to standard shoe leather not to mention our precious Ozone layer. With this in mind, it's likely he'd go through a fair few pairs of shoes each year. £500 $755 PHONE Tweeting is a big part of any wannabe journalist's life. It's a unique platform where you can post up-to-the-minute news updates as and when they happen and also bitch about movies. LAPTOP £500 Where would today's journalists be without their trusty laptops? If you answered 'at the Jobcentre to that clearly rhetorical question, you'd be spot on. News breaks online first and foremost so Clark would need a computer if he wanted to stay in the game. $755 Clark Kent aKansasClark Personally, I don't trust anyone who wears their underpants on the outside. #Superdork #DontGetlt 15h Expand Clark Kent KansasClark @TheDailyPlanet: Just in: Someone called #GeneralZod calls out #Supeman. 'On an unrelated note, I have to leave town unexpectedly #BRB 21h £120 £90 $181 WEBSITE/BLOG $135 DIGITAL DICTAPHONE If Clark wants to write, a blog would be a good place to start. This means he'll have to fork out for a web designer's skills, hosting and a memorable domain name. Clark Kent may be able to jump tall buildings in a single bound but we bet he's rubbish at HTML. These days, any worthwhile journalist wouldn't dream of leaving the house without their trusty digital dictaphone. Without it Clark might misquote whatever reality-star-of-the-minute he happens to be interviewing and 'accidentally' make them sound really stupid... GYM MEMBERSHIP It's no secret that Clark gets his strength from our sun but a gym membership might be a good way to explain his buff bod to inquisitive colleagues. At the very least, he could simply do what we all do - sit in the sauna for an hour and £90 NOTEPAD & PENS tell everyone he had a 'crazy gym sesh'. $135 Recording devices are certainly valuable but nothing beats a good old fashioned notepad and pen when you're trying to get those factual details down before they're lost to the ether. Also, he'd probably need to keep a note of where he hid all those suits. £360 $545 £2400 $3620 £300 MONEY HOME TO MA KENT ENERGY BARS $450 At his core, Clark's a family man dedicated to truth, justice and the American way so he'd undoubtedly send a portion of his paycheque back home to his widowed adoptive mother, Martha Kent. Don't call him a Mummy's Boy though, wouldn't want to get in Superman's bad books. A healthy supply of energy bars should fill up Clark's belly without piling on the pounds. Spandex is stretchy but no one wants to be saved by a portly man in blue tights... this is the Man of Steel we're talking about. SUPER SAVINGS TRAVEL FORTRESS OF SOLITUDE Bus passes? Return tickets? 'Sir, please move your car or it WILL be towed? PAH - Superman doesn't even know the meaning of these words! .because he can fly, remember? That's what we were getting at there. Superman's arctic hideaway would cost an arm and a leg to build. Lucky for Clark, past movie iterations have seen the Fortress Of Solitude spawn effortlessly from Kryptonian crystals passed down by his paternal father, Jor-El. Unlike his troubled buddy Bruce Wayne, deep pockets weren't necessary for this Man Cave. £0 ZERO $0 £O ZERO $0 HEATING REFRIDGERATION COSTS Who needs central heating when you can shoot red hot lasers from your eyes whenever you feel like it? You've £O ZERO $0 Sure, Clark could invest in a fridge-freezer..or he could simply store all his food in his Arctic Fortress. There it'll stay nice and chilled until he gets a little peckish. See, the Boy Scout In Blue is friendly to the environment as well. never seen a brew made so fast.. £0 ZERO $0 PRESCRIPTION LENSES GROOMING As mentioned earlier, Clark's headgear is a distraction from the Kryptonian bloke hiding beneath the frames. His eyesight is so good it can penetrate anything but lead, so perscription lenses are definitely not on Clark's shopping list. No man-made razor or pair of scissors would be tough enough to cut through Clark's super do or indestructa-stubble. Instead of shelling out for grooming products he'd instead use his laser eyes and a hand mirror to zap away any stray hairs he doesn't like the look of. Go on lad, Live £0 ZERO $0 life for less! TOTAL COST OF BEING CLARK KENT £5678 $8555 HOW DO THE FIGURES STACK UP..? THE COST OF BEING BATMAN £452,944,325/ $682,451,350 THE COST OF BEING IRONMAN £1,070,363,498 / $1,612,717,000 So there you have it! Clocking in at just a fraction of the cost of his peers, Superman is undoubtedly the thriftiest superhero ever. Unlike his armor-powered pals, the alien Kal-El aims to be normal instead of suiting up to be super, making him a money saving Man of Steel. We reckon we'd get on with him quite well. In fact, if Clark had visited he could have cut even more costs on his yearly spends. So what are you waiting for? Stop being a cash mad little Zod and start being a Net Voucher Code Clark. References net Disclalmer and this Information is in no way affillated with DC Entertalnment, DC Comics, Legendary Pictures, Syncopy Films, Warner Bros. Pictures or Zack Snyder's Man of Steel. Nor Is It affiliated with Marvel Studios or any of Its characters. We do not accept any responsibility whatsoever for the accuracy of this Information.

The Costs of Being Clark Kent

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With the Last Son of Krypton getting a glitzy big screen makeover, we take a look at what it would cost to be Superman’s mild mannered alter ego, Clark Kent. So far, the internet has tallied up the ...


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