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The Cost of a Supervillain Lair

HOW TO BE A SUPER VILLAIN THE COST OF YOUR SUPERVILLAIN LAIR STAGE ONE: The Private Island Before you build your supervillain lair, you need a secluded place to put it. The best option is a private island, but these don't come cheap. It needs to have enough room to build your lair, as well as house your private army, vehicles and your doomsday device. To put a cost on the private island you would need, we can look at the real life example of Balliceaux Island, currently for sale for $30,000,000. Located in the Caribbean, it boasts 320 acres, rugged terrain, cliffs and a high point suitable for observation (ironically named Gun Hill) APPROX COST: £21 MILLION STAGE TWO: Building Your Headquarters You've got your island, so now you need to build your supervillain HQ. The building needs to be big enough to house your living quarters, meeting rooms, technology and your henchman, and needs to be incredibly secure to stop the authorities getting to you easily. To put a cost on the headquarters we can look at the Secret Service MI6 building in London. It is around the right size, and features all the technology, security and anti-surveillance equipment you would want. The MI6 building cost a reported £152.6 million to build APPROX COST: £150 MILLION STAGE THREE: Airstrip and Submarine Dock As your base is on an island, you'll need to install a means of travelling to and from headquarters. You'll want at least two options, giving you both a means of escape and allowing you to come and go in any weather. We'd suggest an airstrip and a submarine dock, so air and water are covered. Building a submarine base won't be cheap - the Olasvern Naval Base in Norway cost £320 million. You'll also want at least ten submarines, we recommend the Hyper-Sub at £2.2 million a piece. A fairly small but able airstrip will set you back around £250,000 APPROX COST: £344 MILLION STAGE FOUR: The Private Army So you've got your base of operations, but you need your own personal army to populate the island and headquarters, and also to operate all the machinery and technology. You also won't have much luck getting the world to give into your demands without at least 200 grunts behind you. To put a cost on a private army we need to look at a real-life military of a similar size. The Seychelles military includes an air force and has 200 people, so that's a good point of reference. It costs $14.85m per year to run the Seychelles military APPROX COST: £9.5 MILLION P.A STAGE FIVE: Your Personal Henchmen Every good supervillain needs a personal henchman, and we'd recommend you have at least two highly skilled personal bodyguards. They need to be capable of defending you from secret service agents, and able to whip your personal army into shape. You'll need two extremely well trained and highly skilled henchmen, so you'll be looking at ex special forces members. They can earn up to £100,000 per year in the private sector, and working for you will be very dangerous, so you'll need to budget £300K annually for your henchmen APPROX COST: £300,000 P.A STAGE SIX: The Doomsday Device You can't offer a credible threat to humanity without a real doomsday device, and it's likely to be the most expensive outlay. It has to be capable of destroying Earth, and we think nuclear weaponry is the best option. Just a note to future supervillains, the below estimate doesn't include storage and operating costs! The largest nuclear bomb ever detonated was the Tsar Bomba, which was 50 megatons, and you would need 16,000 of these to destroy Earth. A 20 megaton bomb would cost around $1.5 million, so you'd need around £38 billion to construct your doomsday device APPROX COST: £38 BILLION STAGE SEVEN: The Piranhas Every supervillain needs piranhas, sharks or some other form of horrible flesh eating creature - it's just the done thing. To stop secret agents swimming up to your island, we recommend filling the waters surrounding it with piranhas, and using an underwater gate to keep them in place. Twenty piranhas will set you back around £200, and we estimate you would need about ten thousand to surround the island. So to really make sure Bond doesn't swim in, and to give yourself somewhere to throw people who displease you, you'll need about £2,000,000 APPROX COST: £2 MILLION STAGE SEVEN: The Supervillain Chair The white cat is completely up to you, but you really can't call yourself a supervillain unless you have the classic supervillain chair. It should be made of leather, with steel and/or chrome, and it absolutely should swivel all the way round, allowing you to reveal yourself to secret agents. You can order yourself a villain chair from Firebox luckily enough, and it looks pretty perfect to us. The leather, steel, chrome and aluminium swivel chair will set you back around £4,500, not including delivery to your supervillain island APPROX COST: £4,500 FINAL STAGE: Funding Your Supervillain Lair START UP COST £38,515,254,500 START UP COST WITHOUT THE DOOMSDAY DEVICE £515,254,500 ANNUAL RUNNING COSTS £9,800,000 SOURCES: http://www.piran,9171,828877,00.html BUDY" g3en&id%3Dpa loans submarine-base-market-11m-need-sub.html

The Cost of a Supervillain Lair

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No superhero comic or film would be complete without a supervillain. But leading a life as one comes with a hefty price tag. This infographic takes a look at the costs involved in creating an exclusiv...


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