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The Cost of Being Iron Man 3

MoneySupermarket com Boys and grown men alike dream of filling Tony Stark's rocket-propelled shoes, but living that dream doesn't come cheap. A state of the art Malibu mansion and a fleet of luxury super-cars are just the beginning. By the end of Iron Man 3, Tony Stark will have constructed at least 42 sets of Iron Man armour. We take a look at a small selection from Stark's armoury and bring you our updated version of.. The Cost of Being IRON MAN 3 projected Shoulder-mounted holographic HUD $54,100,000 anti-personnel guns (x2) $400,000 Back & shoulder-mounted ailerons $2,000,000 Arc reactor Wrist-mounted anti-tank missile launchers (x2) $1,500,000 nuclear power source $36,000,000 Chip implant to summon armour using his own thoughts $ unknown Gold-titanium exoskeleton suit $10,000,000 Hand-mounted stabilisation & manoeuvring jets (x2) $2,000,000 Hip-mounted battery packs (x2) $2,000 Thigh-mounted flare deployment system $500,000 Boot-mounted repulsor jet packs (x2) $3,800,000 Technology Arc Reactor A clean nuclear power source that protects Tony Stark's heart from the shrapnel embedded in his chest, and provides the power to the Iron Man suits. $36,000,000 Gold-titanium Exoskeleton Suit Stark's latest Iron Man exoskeleton suit utilises more of the gold-titanium alloy to protect him against bullets, missiles, impact and the effects of G-force. $15,000,000 Mind-controlled Armour The latest Iron Man suit uses nano-technology and can be assembled using a remote synaptic link - in other words, Stark can summon the pieces of the armour to his body using his thoughts. This is rumoured to be the Extremis technology from the comics. $ unknown Repulsor Jet Packs Jets built into Iron Man's boots provide propulsion for flight, while those on the palms of his hands are used for stabilisation and manoeuvring. The hand jets can also fire a repulsor ray. $13,800,000 Computer System and Helmet The Iron Man suit is loaded with advanced 'wearable' computers, controlled via Jarvis and the holographic HUD (heads up display) in the helmet. The US Air Force is developing similar systems. $54,100,000 (HUD) + $1,020,000 (computer system) Guns and Missiles Fire power comes courtesy of shoulder-mounted guns and forearm mounted anti-tank missile launchers. Controlled via the helmet HUD, the missiles will seek and destroy mutiple targets. $1,500,000 (Wrist-mounted missile launcher) + $400,000 (shoulder-mounted guns) Computer Stark's artificial intelligence computer is used to control his home, workshop and aspects of the Iron Man suits. The computer's name is a reference to Stark's butler, Edward Jarvis, from the comics. US defence providers have attempted to build similar computers. $10,000,000 House Tony Stark's Malibu Cliffside mansion is a stunning work of CGI effects digitally constructed on Point Dume National Park, Los Angeles - a highly desirable spot on which building is forbidden. During the making of the movie, scouts could only find multi-millionaires' homes so had to resort to CGI to construct a billionaire's mansion in Hollywood's most decadent area. Many features of Stark's home couldn't feasibly be built using bricks and mortar. $25,000,000 Suits Mark 1 $0 Mark 2 $80,000,000 Mark 3 $119.000,00o Mark 4 $120,000,000 Mark 5 $400,000,00O War machIne $115.000,000 Mark 6 $130,000,000 Mark 7 $500,000,00O Total $1,464,000,000 Suits of Iron Man 3 Mark 33 Enhanced energy "Silver Centurion" Mark 17 Mark 38 Artillery "Heartbreaker Mark 35 Disaster rescue "Red Snapper" Heavy lifting "Igor" Mark 39 Mark 40 Hyper velocity "Shotgun" War machlne mark 2 Mark 42 Sub orbital "Gemini" Latest version of 'standard' armour "Iron Patriot" Estimated total $7,000,000,000 Cars 1932 Ford Flathead Roadster $40,000 1967 Shelby Cobra $45,000 Saleen S7 $550,000 Audi R8 $130,000 Tesla Roadster $110,000 1978 Wolf WRI Ford Race Car Replica $ Unknown 3 Rolls Royce Phantom $388,000 Audi R8 Spyder $152,000 Audi R8 e-Tron Electronic Car $250,000 Grand Total S0,066,465,000 MoneySupermarket com Refs

The Cost of Being Iron Man 3

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A look at how much it would set you back to be one of the coolest superheroes on screen.


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