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Corridor Digital Infographic 2

CORRIDORDysist [email protected] You can buy a good Obviously, don't wear green clothing but also avoid yellow if you can. -Outside is a great Stand away from the Be aware of shadows, greenscreen online or make one yourself sewing green fabric (as long is it bright and green, will do the job) place to set up your if they fall on the greenscreen they going to make things harder. greenscreen to avoid greenscreen. You have bright lighting and can drape it over a fence or a wall. green spill. The use of animatics - To save time and simplify physics will give a better idea of how the scene will look, simulations, don't put a lot of details on the side of the 3D will help to explain the camera positioning and to fix timing issues. object that won't appear. To make the 3D .... ..... .... object integrate well with the live footage, render with 3 layers: 3D object > Shoot with a high shutter speed to avoid motion blur. Do not use copyrighted music. If possible, compose your own Besides internet, the Make videos it's not about program's manual it's a great resource to solve any doubt. know how to use a program, soundtrack or look for free to knowledge is essential. use sounds. // Muzzle flash . .> Smoke puff makes all the difference, making it look real. Shadows > The intensity and local of .. the glow vary according to the position of the . . Muzzle flash should be pretty big. A good reference is the size of the gun. It should be shooter and the ambient the same size of the pistol and a rifle flash is just a touch smaller than the rifle. lighting. Ambient occlusion > designed by: Antonio Barizon. []

Corridor Digital Infographic 2

shared by barizon on Dec 08
Infographic with the top tips of the Youtube´s video serie 'Shoot You Friends' from Corridor Digital.


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