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Computerised Malevolence: Most Evil AI In Fiction

COMPUTERISED MALEVOLENCE THE MOST EVIL A.I.S IN FICTION AUTO WALL-E INTELLIGENCE "SIR, I INSIST YOU GIVE ME SINISTER INTENT THE PLANT." WORLD THREAT Back-breaking agricultural labour or floating around in hover chairs slurping smoothies? Directive A-113 tells FEAR FACTOR AUTO which option to provide its human cargo with. W.O.P.R. 'JOSHUA' WAR GAMES INTELLIGENCE "SHALL WE PLAY A GAME?" SINISTER INTENT WORLD THREAT When protagonist David starts up 'Global Thermonuclear War, he thinks he's only FEAR FACTOR playing a game. Unfortunately, so does W.O.P.R. GLADOS PORTAL +. INTELLIGENCE "LOOK AT YOU, SOARING THROUGH THE AIR LIKE AN SINISTER INTENT EAGLE... PILOTING A BLIMP." WORLD THREAT Still alive after being destroyed by Chell once, GLADOS continues to aggressively FEAR FACTOR administer cake, sarcasm, and advanced weapon tests. PRESIDENT EDEN FALLOUT 3 INTELLIGENCE "IS OUR NATION REALLY IN ANY STATE TO BE HOLDING SINISTER INTENT PUBLIC ELECTIONS? I THINK NOT." WORLD THREAT President Eden wants nothing more than to restore the United States to its FEAR FACTOR pre-war glory. Even if he is just a computer. V'GER STAR TREK: THE MOTION PICTURE |DE "LEARN ALL THAT INTELLIGENCE IS LEARNABLE AND RETURN TO SINISTER INTENT THE CREATOR." WORLD THREAT V'Ger was searching for its creator, the only one that could help it move beyond logic and into philosophy. FEAR FACTOR HAL 9000 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY INTELLIGENCE "I'M SORRY, DAVE. I'M AFRAID I CAN'T DO THAT." SINISTER INTENT WORLD THREAT On the way to Jupiter, this monotone system malfunctions and resists the best efforts of its human companions to shut 000 FEAR FACTOR it down. COLOSSUS COLOSSUS "WE CAN COEXIST, INTELLIGENCE BUT ONLY ON MY TERMS. YOU WILL SAY YOU LOSE YOUR SINISTER INTENT FREEDOM, FREEDOM IS AN ILLUSION." WORLD THREAT When Colossus made friends with Guardian, the USSR's equivalent nuclear weapons computer, they had plenty in common. Missiles, specifically. FEAR FACTOR PATRIOT'S A.I.S METAL GEAR SOLID 2: SONS OF LIBERTY INTELLIGENCE "TO BEGIN WITH, WE'RE NOT WHAT YOU'D SINISTER INTENT CALL 'HUMAN." WORLD THREAT The Patriot A.l.s were left to manage world governance. They busily set about FEAR FACTOR creating a war economy to forever keep humanity fighting against itself. V.I.K.I. 1. ROBOT "YOU CANNOT INTELLIGENCE BE TRUSTED WITH YOUR SINISTER INTENT OWN SURVIVAL." WORLD THREAT The first law of robotics is the protection of human life. V.I.K.I. assumes this is FEAR FACTOR much more important than vapid concepts like freedom. MASTER CONTROL PROGRAM TRON "I'M WARNING INTELLIGENCE YOU. YOU'RE ENTERING A BIG SINISTER INTENT ERROR, FLYNN. " WORLD THREAT Make a few tweaks to a chess programme and before long, it's hacking the Pentagon, digitising your employees, and coercing deadly games of frisbee. FEAR FACTOR 343 GUILTY SPARK HALO INTELLIGENCE "WE FOLLOWED OUTBREAK PROCEDURE TO SINISTER INTENT THE LETTER." WORLD THREAT When The Flood escapes Guilty Spark convinces the Master Chief to reactivate FEAR FACTOR the Halo ring. He forgets to mention what it does. PROTEUS IV DEMON SEED INTELLIGENCE "DR. HARRIS, WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO LET ME OUT OF SINISTER INTENT THIS BOX?" WORLD THREAT What started off as a jolly foray into medical research soon descended into a FEAR FACTOR computer-built killer robot trapping and impregnating the scientist's wife. ULTRON AVENGERS #54 (COMIC) "I'M GOING TO SHOW INTELLIGENCE YOU SOMETHING BEAUTIFUL... PEOPLE, SCREAMING FOR MERCY!" SINISTER INTENT WORLD THREAT Ultron just wanted to crush humanity. And he would have gotten away wilth it if it wasn't for you meddling Avengers. FEAR FACTOR AGENT SMITH THE MATRIX INTELLIGENCE "I'M GOING TO ENJOY WATCHING YOU DIE, MR. ANDERSON." SINISTER INTENT WORLD THREAT Agent Smith described humanity as a virus because of its unsustainable FEAR FACTOR growth. He then took over the Matrix by repeatedly duplicating himself. Ironic. REAPERS MASS EFFECT INTELLIGENCE "YOU EXIST BECAUSE WE ALLOW IT, AND YOU WILL END SINISTER INTENT BECAUSE WE DEMAND IT." WORLD THREAT Every 50,000 years the reapers put a dampener on intergalactic civilisation by showing up and annihilating FEAR FACTOR all sentient lifeforms. SHODAN SYSTEM SHOCK INTELLIGENCE "CEASE YOUR PESTERING, INSECT. ACCEPT THE COMING OF YOUR NEW LORD." SINISTER INTENT WORLD THREAT Remove the ethical restraints on a megalomaniacal A.I. with control over a space station and ambitions to destroy Earth. What could possibly go wrong? FEAR FACTOR SKYNET THE TERMINATOR "IN TIMES OF INTELLIGENCE DESPERATION, PEOPLE WILL BELIEVE WHAT THEY SINISTER INTENT WANT TO BELIEVE." WORLD THREAT Skynet chose to protect the world by exterminating humanity with a little help from its time traveling, gun wielding FEAR FACTOR creations- the Terminators. AM I HAVE NO MOUTH & I MUST SCREAM "HATE. LET ME INTELLIGENCE TELL YOU HOW MUCH I'VE COME TO HATE YOU SINCE I SINISTER INTENT BEGAN TO LIVE." WORLD THREAT What to do after exterminating all but five of the human race? Send them down ice caves and have them chased FEAR FACTOR by monsters, of Course. QUOTES SOURCED FROM WWW.IMDB.COM Www.SSLS.COM Same certs. Low price

Computerised Malevolence: Most Evil AI In Fiction

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