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Comic Book to Live Action Superheroes

DC Comics Marvel Comics ** Gabe Jones O Galactus O Aethyr Green Lantern (Alan) AI.M. O Mysterio Penguin Perry White O Persuader O Abomination Agent 13 Agent Zero A Alexan der Pearce Green Lantern (Guy) Mystique Nebula Alfred V Galdiator O Gambit O Gamora O General Ross O Ghost Rider O Gilmore Ho dge Amanda Waller H Harley Quinn SUPERHEROES Nick Fury (black) O Nick Fury (white) O Nighterawler Y Nova Prime Aquaman Harvey Bullock Pete Ross Atom Hawkman Plastique 2014 Alicia Masters Atom (Golden Age) Bane Hector Hammond Platinum Poison Ivy A Barbara Ke an-Gordon O Bas qat A Batgirl Henry Allen O Hour-Man + Huntress Alistar Symthe O Ancient One T Angel D Angel Salv adore O Ant-Man (Hank Pym) O Prof Emil Hamilton Odin From Comic Books to Live-Action Characters who have made the transition from the pages of a comic book to either film or TV. O Peggy Carter O Pepper Potts - Phoenix Prof Martin Ste in Glob Herman O Question. (R Montoya) O Ra's al-Ghul Green Goblin/Harry O Green Goblin/Norman O Groot O Gwen Stacy O Hap py Hogan O Havok I Hawkeye O Heimdall Heinz Kruger O Hogun O Howard Stark O Ice W Icicle Batman e Bizarro O Black Adam O Black Canary O Impulse Apocalypse Arclight Red Tornado Professor X O Rick Flag V Psylocke O Punisher O Pyro 2 Quicksilver-X-Men Iris West O Iron Aunt May Azazel Riddler Blue Beetle Isabel Rochev (Queen) R Robin This chart contains: Booster Gold O Rorschach - Balder • Every instance of every Super Hero, Super Villian, and Affliated Primary & Secondary character I could find in any live-action film or TV series up to SDCC2014. Jayna - Jean Loring O Jimmy Olsen Banshee Quicksilver- Avengers * Red Sonja O Red Skull Y Rhomann Dey (Nova) Brainiac Roulette O Bronze Tiger Sarah Essen-Gordon Batroc a Saturn Girl Beast Captain Cold Carol Ferris Joker This char t DOES NOT contain: Jonah Hex Scarecrow Ben Urich • Characters created for film or TV first (i.e., Phil Coulson, The Mystery Men, or Mutant X.) • Characters who appeared in animated form only (i.e., Starfire of The Teen Titans.) • Appearances in Fan-Films (Superman and Batman in World's Finest.) • Characterizatio ns of superheroes (i.e., Sheldon as the Flash in The Big Bang Theory.) Cat Grant O Jonathan Kent Shado Bereet Howard the Duck Richard Parker Betty Ross O Bishop O Black Panther O Hulk O Rhino O Riptide O Robbie Robertson ba Rocket Racoon O Rogue O Ronan the Accuser I Sabretooth E Sandman O Scarlet Witch-X-Men O Scarlet Witch-Avengers Scott Lang O Catwoman O J'onn J'onzz Sharpnel China White Jor-El Silk Spectre O Human Torch 09 Clayface (Harvey Dent) Clock King Comedian O Comm Doyle O Iceman O Ink O Invisible Girl O Iron Fist Iron Man O Iron Monger 9 Is ab elle Hardley O Jonah James on Katana Silk Spectre || OC Kate Spens er (Mahunter) Silver Banshee Black Widow Why is "so-and-so" not on the chart?: • Characters, like Tarzan, appeared in many films but Tarzan didn't get a comic bo ok/strip till after quite a few films. Ditto for Zorro. Killer Moth O Sinestro D Blade * King Tut Solomon Grundy Blink Blizzard O Lana Lang L Lara O Lead Comm Jim Gordon Spectre O Constantine Cosmic Boy O Count Vertigo O Cyborg O Darkseid 1 David Cain Blob Some par ts of this chart may be subjective: • The term Comic book includes comic strips in the newspapers. • The Green Hornet appearances in comic and film were close enough for inclusion. • Characters that started in animation & migrated to the comics then went to live-action are included (i.e., Harley Quinn from Batman-TAS.) Speedy I Spirit O Stargirl O Star-Spangled Kid O Steel Bolivar Trask Lex Luthor Bolt ** Jac ques Dernier Jarvis Jasper Sitwell Lightning Lad Buck Barnes O Bullseye O Callisto O Cap tain America O Captain Stacy I Carina O Collector Col Glenn Talbot Livewire Sebastian Shaw (4 Lois Lane O Senator Brandt I Senator Miles Brickman - Shadowcat Steve Trevor O Superboy 9 Supergirl S Superman O Swamp Thing David Singh Jessica Jones O Jigs aw Lucius Fax Future FIlms and TV Series Deadshot 4 Lucy Lane •The most reliable rumours for film and TV were used for the future. Only time will tell what actually materialized-and what didn't (i.e., Captain America & Falcon leave together at the end of Cap2 on a search Falcon is probably coming back in Cap3.) Deathstroke Mad Hatter Jim Morita O Desaad O Detective Fred Chyre O Dinah Lance O Dodger O Doomsday p Dr. Fate O Maggie Sawyer O Martha Kent C1 Martha Way ne O Maseo Yamas hiro John Garrett John Wraith O Jubilee Silver Surfer Siyrn Thomas Wayne 4 Tin Colossus Skin The Icons • The Icons were designed to best represent the characters. Colors were patterned after a costumes in the comic book rather than film/TV costumes (i.e., Using The X-Men movie costumes would have made black on black icons.) O Spider-Man O Spider-Man (Jap an) X Starlord I Storm X Sunspot * Tina McGee Contessa Valentina Juggernaut Justin Hammer O Karen Page O Kayla Silverfox O Kid Omega O Kingpin O Kirigi Y Kor ath the Pursuer Kraven the Hunter O Kree Ambassador I Lady Deathstrike * Lance Hunter V. Cosmo X Crossbones = Cyclops Maxima Titan O Maxwell Lord O Mercury O Merlyn (Dark Archer) O Metallo Toyman Two-Face O Dr. Magnus O Dr. Manhattan Dakota North The Spoke & Wheel Design • Icons are grouped by year, then by company (DC, Marvel, Image, etc.) Characters published by multiple companies (Public Domain Pulps or those acquired by another company) are grouped by the first company to publish them (i.e.,The Shadow & Red Sonja.) Ursa Daniel Whitehall Surtur Eghead O Ellan Doyle O Faora-UI O Felicity Smoak O Fire O Firestorm O Flash (Barry Allen) 4 Flash (J ay Garrick) Vand al Savage (C Knox) V Vibe Mirror Master Daredevil Thanos O Moloch V Morgan Edge (• Darwin O Deadpool * Death Vicki Vale Thing O Walter Ste ele m Weather Wizard O Wildcat * Wonder Girl * Thor €O Toad Mr. Freeze O Tyr O Ultron Mr. Mxyzptlk Deathlok Doc Ock O Doc Samson O Dr Abraham Erskine O Dr Armin Zola O Dr.Ashley Kafka O Dr Doom Nam-Ek O Nite Owl O Non O Nora Allen O Nyssa Raatko O Ozymandias O Parasite * Wonder Woman 7 Zan O Zatanna Z Zod O Zoom Leader Uncle Ben O Lizard/Dr Curt Conners O Loki O Lorelei AA Luke Cage General Sam Lane E Unionjack (Lord Fakworth O Gold Valentina de Santis Granny Goodness Green Arrow Venom Victoria Hand Green Lantern (Hal) Zor-El Dr Franklin Storm Vindicator Y Magneto O Malekith O Man-Thing A Maria Hill O Mary Jane Wats on O Mary Parker O Mastermind H Meredith Quill O Mockingb ird Moira MacTaggert I Dr Stillwell A Dr Strange O Drax the Destroyer O Dum Dum Dugan Vision A Spawn O Terry Fitzgerald O Wanda Blake Charlton Icon Volstagg A Big Daddy Hit-Girl Cad Lackey Vulture Dr. Simon Bars in ister O War Machine O Warpath O Wasp + Whiplash O William Stryker O Wolfgang von Strucker Sa Wolverine Yellowjacket 9 Yondu H Kick-Ass o Red Mist Jack Unger O Witchblade O Eddie Brock A Electro + Elektra Riff Raff New England Sweet Polly Pure bred IDW Arthur u Underdog April O'Neil Tick Emma Frost Dark Horse Donatello Mandrake O Eric Koenig V Falcon O Fandral Flash Thomps on Foggy Nelson Barb Wire Leonardo Michaelanglo Raphael Mandrake the Magician A Lothar Hellboy Mole Man MASK Phanto m Mondo Shredder O Phantom O Mr Fantastic O Multiple Man Fawcett Captain Marvel Splinter Diana Palmer Frigga Isis Im age Shadow Conan John Carter of Mars Harvey Clown O Shadow e Conan Dejah Thoris Tardos Mors Green Hornet O Cogliostro Margo Lane Red Sonja O John Carter Tars Tarkas Kato Crow Moe Shrevnitz Spirit Cyan Corin Kantos Kan Pulps Empire T Judge Anders on O Matai Shang Sab Than O Sarkoja O Doc Sav age lan Nottingham O Jake Mc Cartey O Jas on Wynn A Kenneth Irons Malibu Queen Taramis Nightman Thoth-Amon Solomon Kane Judge Dredd Judge Hershey Valeria Not Sure Vampire lla Xaltotu Sola Malebolgia O Tal Hajus Rocketeer Zula 2007 000 2006 a 2005 0000000SC01300000 1941 1942 2 000- 1943 2004 0000 1944 1945 2002 O00080O8 CO008000000 1946 2001 1947 2000 1948 1999 ComicBook to 1949 OISO000 1998 1950 Live-Action 1997, O®000ODO 1951 Timeline: 1996 1952 1930 to 2018 1995 1953 1954 1994 008000 Pre-"Dawn of Justice" Movie or TV appearances. Superman Batman 1955 1993 Wonder Woman 1956 1992 OD00000 1957 1991 1958 1990 1959 1989 1960 1988 1961 1987 1962 1986 Significant TImeline Events 1930 For the first decade, the Shadow was the only comic book hero to star in film s. 1939 Mandrake the Magician was the first super-powered comic book/strip character to appear in film. 1943 First appearance of Batman in a film serial 1944 First appearance of Captain America in a film serial as a Timely character. There wouldn't be another 1989 The second truely successful superhero film was Tim Burton's Batman reboot Critics said Michael Keaton was a terrible choice-Burton & Keaton proved them wrong. 1990 Look! It's Captain America and his see-through plastic shield! No wonder we can't have nice things. 2008 Heath Ledger wins po sthumous Osar for his portrayal of the Joker. 2009 Disney buys Marvel Studios for $4 billion. 2011 Seven films and two television shows makes for a lot of characters. 1993 Adventures of Superboy (syndicated) was cancelled so Warner Brothers could i Lois Clark on 2011 Joss Whedon, the man who directed one major film, was hired to write and direct The Avengers. He also had the duty of steering the MCU on its course for the next three years. 2011 Anattem pt to do aWonder Woman TV series. Fails to charm the NBC orWarner Brothers execs. 2012 The Avengers becomes the 3rd highest grossing film in history. 2012 Radioactive spiders don't give you spider-powers. Mysterious parents, now they give you spider-powers. That's what The Amazing Spider-Man movie says. 2012 Mark Miller joins FOX as creative consultant in attempt to replicate Marvel's success in building a Fox ABC.Warner Brothers didn't want two versions of Superman on TV at the same time. 1994 To keep the rights to the Fantastic Four, Roger Corman was hired to produce the film for $2 million never intending to release it. Done solely to retain the rights (Waiting for Doomed to released.) 1995 Batman Forever = Bat-Nipples.. 1997 The number of characters bump was artifically inflated by the abysmal Justice League TV film and the more aby smal Batman & Robin movie.This slowed the genre down for the next two years. 1998 The only appearance of the white Nick Fury in the David Hasselho ff SHIELD film. 1997 Anyone remember the Nightman comicbo ok? The only Malibu comics character in a live-action show. 1997 Batman & Robin = (1966 Batman camp) 100. 1999 Marvel licenses Spider-Man to Sony, X-Men, Fantastic Four, and Daredevil to FOX, and Hulk to Universal. Thus begins a regretful situation. 2000 X-Men began first major push for this franchise. 2001 Start of the ten year run of Superman as a perpetual teenager who only got to wear the cape once. 2002 Sam Rami's Spider-Man was the start of taking superhero movies seriously in the 21 st century. 2003 Three films and two TV series makes for a lot of characters this year. 2003 The Ang Lee Hulk film co ntained some of the most terrible CGI ever. 2003 Some blame Ben Affleck for Daredevil's failure. Might have had help with some extremely bad writing. 2005 Nolan reboots Batman with the Dark Knight trilogy. Batman never looked darker. 2005 First Fantastic Four reboot. If at first you don't succeed, try, try again (and again, and again.) 2006 Superman Returns-Another Blip in the Superman saga. Have to wait seven years for the next film. 2007 Galactus portrayed as cloud instead of giant with a tuning-fork head.That's your big effect, a giant cloud. 2007 Who said there was no such thing as an Underdog comicbook. 2007 DC and Jo ss Whedon part company. That means No Joss Whe don WonderWoman film. 2007 Marvel regains the rights to Hulk. 2008 Marvel Cinematic Universe begins with Iron Man and Hulk. Marvel character until 1977. 1948 First appearance of Superman starring Kirk Alyn and Noel Neill. 1951 DC dominated the fifties with George Reeves as Superman. 1958 Superman series ends with the suicide of George Reeves. 1959 Between 1959-1965 there was a mere one film and one TV pilot. An oasis in an otherwise dead sea, a single Superboy pilot. 1966 This decade was owned by the campy Batman TV series. 1966 Bruce Lee stars as Kato on The Green Hornet TV show. 1967 The underwhelming & campy Who's afraid of Diana Prince.The TV pilot from people who truly didn't understand Wonder Woman. 1961 Cinematic Universe. 2012 Marvel regains rights to Punisher, Blade and Ghost Rider.Wants rights to use Galactus and Silver Surfer from Fox but all they get is Daredevil. 2013 Five films and two television shows. 2013 NetFlix annouces four/five series: Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, & the Defenders. 2014 Marvel: OMG! It's a talking racoon with a machi ne gun! And his friend is a tree. DC: We're not sure if a WonderWoman film is a viable option at this time. 2014 Fox stuck on X-Men's future. Figures they'll reboot the franchise with Days of Future Past. Ends up being the best idea since hiring Brian Šinger in the first place. 2014 It's announced Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch will appear in both Avengers 2 (Marvel) and Days of Future Past (Fox.) 1977 First live-action appearance of the Hulk-Unfortunately, there was no, Hulk Smash. 1977 Two versions of a live-action of Spider-Man. I) A dreary American version with no supervillains; and 2) The bizarre Amazing Supaidâman from Japan-Which was way better. 1978 Richard Donner's Superman was the first successfd superhero film being both a (generally) faithful representation of the comic and a commercial success. (Except for that spinning the Earth thing) 1978 Zoran Perisic, creator of the Zoptic front-projection system, gives us flying people like never before. 1979 Legends of the Superheroes, was The Justice League film we'd all like to forget Especially as there was no Superman or Wonder Woman (the characters were contracted out elsewhere.) 1983 Then we have the underwhelming Superman II. 1984 Supergirl, the biggest money loser of any superhero film.This is why film execs don't take her seriously. 1986 Howard the Duck was voted one of the worst films of all time (15% on Rotten Tomatoes) and led to the ruination of most of the actors who appeared in it (not really, but it sounds goo d.) 1986 Marvel sells the rights to Fantastic Four to the German producer Bernd Eichinger. 1988 The more underwhelming Superman IV-The Quest for Peace, killed the Superman franchise for now. 1988 Superboy season I & 2 = terrible. Superboy seasons 3 & 4 = fantastic. 2014 DC announces plans to make a Justice League film. 2014 The phenomenal number of characters this year comes from five films and six television shows. Not all films/shows have announced their complete castings yet 2014 Ben Affleck announced as the new Batman. Once again, everyone is sure they made the wrong choice, just the same as they were when Keaton was announced. Guess we'll have to wait and see. 2015 Second Fantastic Four rebo ot ten years later, Storm family now interracial. 2017 Will there be, or won't there be, a Black Panther film.. 2017 Even before Guardians of the Galaxy was officially released, Guardians of the Galaxy 2 was announced. About These Charts Marvel Cinematic Universe as of July, 2014 % of Projects per Year* IDC I Marvel 1 Other 2018 A.I.M. Employee Happy Hogan Obadiah Stone/lron Monger The main spoke-and-wheel diagram above shows how the individual superheroes appeared as time progressed. From 1930, through the first five decades, there were few film/TV shows.The 1 980s sawan surge of cheesy properties which followed on through the 1990s. The 21st c. was when it came into its own helped mainly from advancements in computer graphics. The technology finally arrived to portray super powers properly. Jacques Dernier Gabe Jones All Hail the King Betty Ross Gilmore Hodge Justin Hammer Iron Man I Iron Man 3 20 10 Senator Brandt Hulk (2008) Whiplash Pepper Potts UnionJack Heinz Kruger Dr. Strange IronMan 2 2000 Gen Thunderbolt Ross All charts use the same tri-color system.The tri-color system makes reading charts simplier.With up to a dozen colors in some charts, the information would have gotten lo st. Jarvis Dr. Strange Dr.Abraham Erskine Howard Stark Abomination/Emil Blomsky Tron Man Starting from the MCU chart to the right and going clo ckwise: Captain America Black Panther 1990 Agent Carter War Machine The Marvel Cinematic Unive rse (MCU)-The MCU is finely intertwined, but to what extent? This network of the universe (up to SDCC2014) gives an idea of . Red Skull Guardiars of the Galaxy 2 Black Panther Jim Morita Dum Dum Dugan Nick Fury Rocket Racoon 1980 % of Project per Year-The width of the graph is 1 00% of all TV & film projects.The colors display what percentage DC, Marvel and Other companies pro duced in a given year. Bucky Barnes Peggy Capter Hulk Dr. Armin Zola Black Widow Ultron Peter Quill/Starlord Ronan the Accuser Agent Carter-tShot Cross bones Groot Consultant Gamora Ten Most Profitable/Least Profitable Films-When a film Nova Prime Scarlet Witch Avengers 2 1970 breaks box office records or when a film tanks, it's instant news Captain AmerciLa Avengers I Captain America 2 Quicksilver- Drax Bereet now. This chart shows the top ten, the bottom ten, films since the genre began. Vision Thanos Yondu Batroc Wolfgang von Strucker Guardians of the Galaxy Number of Caracters per Company-Over the course of 84 years (plus projections for future projects) gives account of total number of characters transitioned from comic book to Nebula Agent 13 Captain America 3. Maria Hitt 1960 Denarian Saa T Jasper SitwelI Kree Ambass ad or Eric Koenig Alexander Pierce Thor Hawkeye Rhomann Dey (Nova) Film/TV. Lorelei Falcon Col. Glenn Talbot Item 47 Death Cos mo Top 10 Character Appearances-Appearance is defined as being in a film or on TV in a given year. 1950 Daniel Whitehal Loki Collector Meredith Quil| Lance Hunter Korath the Pursuer Volstagg Carina Kingpin Mockingbird Agents of SHIED Yellow acket Heimd all Hank Pym 1940 Dakota North John Garrett Thor I Daredevil Odin Thor 2 Ant-Man Foggy Nelson Sif Deathlok Daredevil Defenders Frigga Wasp Ben Urich Luke Cage Ant-Man (Scott) 1930 Deathlok Isabelle Hardley Tyr Fandral *Currently Named Projects only. "Hold dates" are not us ed. Gladiator Malekith Jessica Jones Top 10 Character Appeara Victoria Hand The early films of properties other than DC or Marvel were from Pulps or newspaper strips. DC made a push to capture the TV market in the 50s, 60s, & 70s (Superman, Batman, & Wonder Woman).The emergence of Marvel saw some less than stellar outings in the 70s, 80s & 90s.The 90s also saw many independent comic book characters make it to film, not with much success. Fox and Sony helped kick-start Marvel with their licensed products and in the noughties, Marvel seemed to find their footing. Let's hope the DC universe gains some traction in the next few years. nces Iron Fist Hogan Karen Page Luke Cage Blizzard Superman/Superboy Jessica Jones Iron Fist Lois Lane Lex Luthor Jimmy Olsen The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) started in 2008 with the Eric Bana Hulk film under the guidance of Kevin Feige. The network above shows how it's expanded since then. Green cirdles are the film or TV shows and Purple circles are characters.A line between a purple and green circle indicates that character (green circle) appeared in that show (purple circle).The network does not show characters specifically created for any Film/TV show (i.e., Phil Coulson.) perimeter with multiple connections within their own films and also to the centrally lo cated Avengers film. Characters with multiple connectio ns often end up in the middle (i.e., Jasper Sitwell.) Superman Over time all the circles will be connected. The four NetFlix series will join to gether in a Defenders series which will, eventually, connect to the rest of the MCU. Each new piece is another part of the puzzle combining to create a larger picture.This is world building on a scale not seen before in film. Martha Kent Jonathan Kent Perry White The network is also not a timeline but rather shows similar connections. Central positions denote connectivity, but not necessarily importance. Each of the Avengers holds a section of the outer It includes some future films both known and highly speculated (i.e., Black Panther.) Batman Lana Lang Alfred Number of Characters per Company 10 Most Profitable/Least Profita ble Films 10 15 20 25 30 35 40 45 With the flurry of activity that is the MCU, you forget how dominate DC was during the first 70 years. Marvel doesn't have a character with anywhere near the exposure of these ten/eleven. Warren || Pacific | Pulp 1978 $1,400 1983 1988 1993 1998 2003 2008 43 The Avengers SdRerman $800 $1,200 New England 2 Superman was fourth of the list while Superboy has his own listing. Taken to gether, the Superman/Superboy character to ps the list with 42 appearances. Marvel 497 $1,000 IDW The Dank Knight 20, Dark Knight Rises |27 Icon 17 Image Batman Spider-Man |21 Gold Key17 Fawcett 12 $600 Spider-Man 3 $400 DC 697 $200 Dark Horse 17 Charlton| 6 spirit ($23) Punisher War Zone ($27) $0 Steel ($21) Son of Mask ($32) Capwoman ($22) Sypergirl ($48) WANK 100 200 300 400 500 600 700 -$200 CAPTAIN AMERICA! I COMMAND YOU TO. * Adjusted to 2014 dollars This chart shows the domination of DC & Marvel in the superhero landscape. Some companies have a single property that turned into TV/film. Twenty films: The ten most profitable and the ten biggest financial flo ps. There are some interesting items here. In 1978, Superman showed you could make a go od superhero film and it could be profitable. But future budgets shrunk while the audience expected more.The 1984 Supergirl film is the big reason no one want to touch that property again. Considering the script and the casting, they have no one to blame except them selves. Knight films made the chart but the first Nolan film, Batman Begins failed to place. The Mask, in 1984, was a surprise hit twenty years later the sequel, Son of Mask also made the chart-as one of the biggest losers. Design by dave columbus ©2014 [email protected] There's also a slew of bottom feeders that ended up there as the producers/directors failed to take the properties seriously (i.e., Steel, Catwo man, Punisher, & The Spirit.) Maybe reading the a ctual source material could have saved a lot of people some heartache. The only films to make the chart in the 90s were two big losers. Sources: The three Sam Rami Spider-Man films made the cut to the top ten but neither of The Amazing Spider-Man films did. The two Dark pages and Cast pages of all live-action films and TV shows) of character's existance in a comic book of movie data and Box Office gross 4000-000000CO0000D00030 0O0OH0+0300009000X0 OO00000O1000000O00+OD•0 93000 > 1938 1937 1939 1936 DO0ESO/009800300SOOK0000982093080100493008S0088003090OS00B0200 1940 1935 1934 1932 1 E61 1933 2013 0O9000000108OS70ONISS0000$O00VA00009000O80080908609086O9020 2018 1930 2011 OS00OOGO® Q009960030300OO000000/000200/0OO804C000COGOOS00/0800002000®0A 2OO000 2017 2012 0000O8098209sto008000L0000008868000000&000000060. 2010 o200:00999808IV00000080000900180000000490006O0G0 0000070 2009 90e0•0000 c800009( OV8OCOO0000O0909000000J000 2008 003009OVE 0000001/YD0890- DE0D0000DE900890/ DEOD001O800 1963 1964 1965 | 000000001000@EN@0e080 1966 00::00000 1967 1969 1970 1971 1972 1973 1974 LL61 1975 8L61 6L61 086| 1976 1983 1982 +861 1861 1985 Iron Man 3 Conan ($43) Jopah Hex ($39) Spider-Man 2 The Phanto m ($42) The Mask 4 Red Sonja ($24) Profit/Loss in Millions*

Comic Book to Live Action Superheroes

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