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Coffee on the Death Star

HOW MUCH COFFEE DO THEY DRINK ON THE DEATH STAR? Being a loyal member of the Empire can't be easy, what with all the nasty darkside stuff and the constant blowing-up of planets. To get through the day, the average Stormtrooper would need a heck of a lot of coffee – so how many cups does it take to keep the crew of the Death Star running? Let's find out... CUPS PER DAY BY CREW TYPE TOTAL CREW: 1.161.293 STORM- TROOPERS STATION CREW ROYAL GUARD GUNNERS SUPPORT STAFF PILOTS KEY: 20.000 CUPS OF COFFEE PÞÞPP TOTAL CUPS OF COFFEE 2.438.715 EVERY DAY (based on average daily US consumption) IN THE CANTINA Even Stormtroopers need a break, and where better to grab a quick cuppa than at the Death Star cantina? Based on the average number of coffee shops per population density of the US, the Death Star cantina would roughly have: JAWA DD VOE'S 41 24 96 DUNKIN DONUTS STARBUCKS INDEPENDENT COFFEE SHOPS THAT'S ABOUT THE SAME AS... SAN DIEGO! TAKE IT ON THE DARKSIDE? The majority of coffees enjoyed on the Death Star are taken on the dark side, but how many other different styles of coffee are enjoyed? Blue milk latte anyone? OTHER STYLES REGULAR FILTER 512.130 CUPS 585.291 CUPS ICED COFFEE 121.934 CUPS LATTE 414.579 CUPS FLAVOURED LATTE 121.934 CUPS AMÉRICANO 195.096 CUPS CAPPUCCINO 292.645 CUPS ESPRÈSSO 195.096 CUPS That's No Spoon! (Using USA poll data / Death Star crew numbers) HOW MUCH IS A COFFEE? (ONBOARD THE DEATH STAR) Using the perceived values of items throughout the Star Wars galaxy compared to our own, it is estimated the exchange rate is about 2S 7 0.50 = 1.00 USA DOLLARS GALACTIC CREDITS 76.00 ($3.00) CAN YOU DRINK COFFEE IN SPACE? It's easy enough for the average Stormtrooper to grab a coffee whilst on patrol, but what about those poor pilots whizzing around in Tie Fighters? Well, it turns out NASA has solved the problem of drinking coffee in zero gravity. It involves the use of a specially-designed cup. IN SHORT... "The liquid piles up right at the lip of the cup and keeps flowing as you sip. It pours out by the combined effects of your mouth, the wetting conditions of the fluid, surface tension, and the particular shape of the cup." (Mark Weislogel, Fluid Physicist) BEST COFFEE IN THE EMPIRE? SOME LIKE IT НОTH Single Origin Imperial Coffee Well, strangely enough, coffee DOES appear in the Star Wars extehded universe. In fact, Emperor Palpatine owned farms on various planets which providėd the beans to produce high quality coffee, or:“vine coffee" even served in Jabba's palace! it was It's a Frapp! Sources: Star Wars: Behind the Magic, CD-ROM, 1998 Brought to you by: COFFEE Tasting club

Coffee on the Death Star

shared by RFox91 on Jan 18
If you were floating around space, blowing up planets and living in constant fear that your evil overlords might choke you using the Force, you might need a coffee or two to make sure you're on the ba...


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