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Coachella: Bands & Brands On Twitter

Coachella 2014 Bands & Brands #coachella 4,385,686,066 IMPRESSIONS Comparative Analysis : Total Social Mentions of Bands 8,000 6,000 4,000 2,000 Beyonce Jay-z Justin Kendall Katy Perry Lana Nas Outkast Selena Solange Zedd Gomez Bieber Del Rey Using a social listener to track mentions throughout Weekend One of Coachella, we were able to develop a query that pulled in over three million mentions of Coachella. Outkast initially pulled away from the pack garnering 45,000 mentions by Saturday morning. Over the course of the weekend other acts had caught up. By Monday morning Selena Gomez had surpassed the reunited duo from Atlanta, and became the most men- tioned musical artist. While this is supposed to be a music festival, it is worth noting that the most mentioned personality of the weekend had nothing to do with music. Fashion icon and former star of Gossip Girl, Vanessa Hudgens garnered more mentions than any musical act, as conversation raged over the weekend surrounding the possibly improper cultural appropriations of her outlandish outfits. Comparative Analysis : Total Social Mentions of Brands While Coachella is an exciting, action packed fiesta for consumers interested in music and Fruttare fashion alike, it is also an opportunity for brands to grow their following, reward loyalty, and attract new customer bases. During the course of Weekend One we monitored the success of H&M Heineken Microsoft official sponsors at the event. Samsung H&M looked poised to run away with the event, leading into the weekend with residual hype from a successful sweepstakes activation. They were quickly toppled by Unilever's popsicle brand Fruttare, whose cleverly deployed DJ request hashtag #FruttareHangout garnered them major mentions. Celebrity tweets from Kylie Jenner helped propel Fruttare onto center stage (on Twitter at least). Sephora Spotify JBL Red Bull Choice Hastags Topics of Conversation IMPRESSIONS Queen Of Coachella #coachella 4,385,686,066 Coachella Music Festival Coachella Valley Music #coachella2014 804,564,784 Coachella Next Year #tinhouse 87,397,956 Day 1 Day 2 #outkast 83,477,738 West Coast Coachella Tonight #coachellalive 74,864,779 Live Stream Stage At Coachella #hk 61,945,898 Coachella Snail Coachella Astronaut #music 37,766,710 All Star Tweet Award @DennysDiner As the drama unfolded on the ground and across social channels concern- ing Vanessa Hudgens's possible cul- tural appropriation, this particular tweet from Denny's proved to be our favorite from the weekend. Witty, self-deprecating, and shamelessly promotional, it seems to resonate on "The best Coachella look is french toast all over yr face while not appropriating any other cultures." all levels. Twitter followers seem to have largely agreed, and it pulled in numbers TOTAL REACH RETWEETS Denny's impressive for both 4,876,266 10,211 retweets and total reach. Conversation Percentage Over Time 100% This graph displays the relative per- centage of mentions of each brand, compared to the aggregate mentions for each day. SPOTIFY 80% SEPHORA SAMSUNG 60% Microsoft was successful at driving conversations with their #onedriveit campaign initially, but fell off sharply when it became clear that people were more interested in music and less interested in cloud storage. MICROSOFT 40% HEINEKEN 20% H&M FRUTTARE H&M was able to generate significant engagement, but ultimately it was Kylie Jenner's DJ request at the #FruttareHangout that won the day. 0% 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 APRIL

Coachella: Bands & Brands On Twitter

shared by Makovksy on Apr 18
Bands and brands are all trying to make a big splash at Coachella. We used social listening to find out who generated the most buzz.




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