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Cinematic Experience

THE Cinematic Experience The cinematic experience has changed a great deal since invention of the projector way back in 1894. Can cinemas stay relevant in the digital age As the industry battles to keep audiences entertained, we look at how movie theaters are evolving to stay afloat in the 21" century's ultra-competitive entertainment landscape. * ** The State of Cinema *** Across the globe box office takings steadily continue to rise, but this growth doesn't tell the whole story. In mature marketplaces such as the USA and Canada, numbers are falling. In other nations such as China, Russia and Turkey, attendance is on the increase. Highest grossing market in the world at Annual box office Overall global revenue increased revenue increased €1.05bn $36.4bn $9.49bn UK $35.9bn USA €742m Compared with the previous year, gross receipts fell - 3.9% 2013 2014 2014 China Turkey Russia Spain Box office revenue in 2014 +37.5% +29.5% +5.4% +3% China: Largest domestic market increase inema ticket sales at $4.8bn Canada Mexico Australia Italy - 13.5% 9.4% - 8.7% 7.1% BETWEEN 2009 AND 2013 Chinese cinema admissions grew by 236% SPOTLIGHT ..........2009 on 2013 China FROM 2009 TO 2014 IN 2014 2009 2014 TICKET Revenue- Ticket prices increased by 268% PRICE sharing foreign films grossed $1.8bn IN 2012 FROM 2004 TO 2014 电影院 爆发 了 ! China overtook Number of Chinese Japan to become the world's second biggest film market cinema screens inreased by 886% 30% went to Paramount, who had the EVERY YEAR year's no.1 film: Transformers: Only 34 foreign films can use the lucrative revenue-sharing model 34 .... 14 Age of Extinction of those must be 3D or IMAX films SUPER TIME TR ADULTE SAPPRFT have officially banned and cracked down on showing films with such themes REMARKABLE GROWTH OVER THE LAST 10 YEARS SPOTLIGHT After deep crisis the industry is now Europe's second largest theatrical growth market Box office growth has been largely driven by a new market for local blockbuster movies and the huge expansion in shopping malls across the country on Turkey 2013 . IN 2013 Turkish admissions more than doubled from 24.6 million in 2003 to 50.4 million ..... 2003..... IN 2013 IN EUROPE IN 2013 Digital cinema technology gained momentum and the number of digital Turkish films US films The Turkish film Turkish market is the only film admission 58% 38% market where domestic pictures regularly outperform US films screens more than quadrupled from 11% to 48% market 4% took **.*** European films IN 2014 FROM JUNE 2014 TO JUNE 2015 SPOTLIGHT +5 6% increase in theater admissions according to the Centre National de la Cinématographie Outside France, French films on France generated 111m admissions worth 640m IN 2014 US had a tough year. Audiences across the country dropped by an estimated 6% to the lowest figure in nearly two decades at IN 2013 POTLIGHT According to the MPAA, the number of frequent moviegoers aged 18-24 fell by a record on 1.26bn USA 17% IN 2013 SPOTLIGHT Cinema admissions up from 2.6m in 2012 to nearly Who doesn't know about Bollywood? After all, we churn out movies in such great quantities every year! on India 2.7m ARJUN RAMPAL, Indian Entertainment Renaissance Man, Times of India interview 292.7bn $1.5bn 2104.4bn $1.6bn Value 2007 2008 Indian rupee SUS Dollar of the film 2009 industry 2010 in India 201m 239.3bn $1.4bn 283.3bn $1.3bn forecasted value 92.9bn $1.5bn 112.4bn $1.8bn 125.3bn $2bn 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2138bn $2.2bn 158.3bn $2.5bn 2181.3bn $2.9bn 3200bn $3.1bn 2219.8bn $3.5bn Vouchercloud I Not cinema goers conducted 71.6% Go 1-3 times a month Age 45-54 a survey on 1000 people from the US 37.7% 71.6% Age 55-64 Don't go to cinema 81.6% 59.3% Age 65+ The survey revealed a sharp decline in cinema attendance after the Go 3+ times a month 3% age of 44 So, what would make 71% 18.8% 16.1% 10.3% Cheaper tickets Smaller audiences Guest you go to the cinema Luxury e.g. serving food in the auditorium appearances from movie more often? stars 9.4% 6.2% 2.7% 1.9% Exclusive More A movie worth stated other interactivity watching content e.g. deleted scenes ** Technology, Experience & Viewing ** The most recent change to the industry - the transition to digital cinema technology – was one of the most fundamental shifts in the history of the sector, and has allowed the traditional cinema offer to expand to give audiences even greater choice in what they see." - UK CINEMA ASSOCIATION Film Reel to Digital Technology 章 主 Launch of the very first motion picture in a cinema, The Arrival of a Train at La Ciotat by The Lumiere Brothers. Audiences were scared of the train coming towards the screen on Sound synchronization introduced to Technicolour the big screen in Warner Brothers The Jazz Singer introduced to cinema and The Wizard of Oz famously changes from black and Green screens are used for the first time, allowing composite scenes to be projected on top of one another camera that many ran out of the cinema white to colour when Dorothy wakes in Oz .4.............. 19 The Digital Single Lens Reflex Camera released opening film production to the The release of Star Wars marks the start Although invented in the 1970s, Toy Story becomes the first all-CGI AVATAK of a new age for sound with the introduction masses The release of of Dolby Sound Technologies James Cameron's film and sets a Avatar marks the start benchmark fo animated film of a new age for 3D cinema · Historically one Interactivity in Cinemas- Then & Now Then of the most famous examples of audience participation 1976 The Rocky Horror Picture show In the age of Netflix and big-screen TVs, today's consumer has Audiences were encouraged to dress up, dance and were provided with rice, water pistols, confetti, rubber more entertainment options than ever before. How can cinemas compete in this dense marketplace? How are they shaking-up the theater experience to give patrons a reason to walk gloves, torches, party popper and playing cards to use during the show Now through their doors? Terminator Genisys Interactive Game • Recent release included an interactive game for audience members to connect with the movie Some cinemas before watching are aiming to get audiences actively participating in the show. That isn't new, but the approach is certainly becoming more high-tech. Audiences were split into four teams, participating using their smartphones, each competing to beat Skynet and prevent the machines from taking over • The game premiered in AMC IMAX Cinemas in New York, Boston, Los Angeles and San Francisco between the 1" and 3dof July Successful teams won prizes including limited edition movie posters Cinemas are starting to tailor the experience to patrons As well as pre-show attractions, some shows are even allowing audiences to influence what happens on the screen itself Hershey's Great Chocolate Mystery in 4D 20th Century Fox An interactive movie ride at Hershey's Chocolate World in Pennsylvania. Have acquired the rights to the 1980s book series 'Choose • The ride mixes pre-recorded film and live acting with audience interaction to create a short movie that has over 100 Your Own Adventure and are expected to follow this with a movie of the same theme different possible endings Can cinemas depend on social media and app engagement? Can getting customers excited. with pre-release engagement convince them to HUNGER GAMES You Tube MADAGASCAR3 MOST WANTID • Two years before release, promotion began with cast rumours fuelled by social media • 10 billion •The first the number of views buy a cinema ticket instead of waiting major film to engage audiences with an app on trailers uploaded to YouTube in 2013 for the disc release? 2m iPhone downloads • #hungergames100 campaign tasked fans with finding 100 movie poster fragments around the web STAR WARS for Join the Circus' game released in conjunction with the movie THE FORCE AWAKENS •40+ million users • $155m box domestic box office opening viewed the debut trailer within 72 hours was the third-best non-summer debut of all time Apps can also be used to drive timeplay..…… cinema app companies • One of the world's first interactive engagement once customers are in IN US Moviegoers are interacting in real- time as the apps allow cinema visitors IN CANADA N MEXICO AND EUROPE their seats: • Already established in 725 Canadian • Pilot programs have been running cinemas to engage in short pre-movie games via mobile phones with the chance to win • TimePlay and Oil Company Shell introduced a Motor IN 2015 Racing game to cinema goers where audience members can win up to $500 in Shell gas gift cards Announced that its games have 40% participation rate among frequent moviegoers and 35% redemption rate for advertising offers prizes such as free tickets Recently announced a tie-in with 100 Carmike Cinemas 3D Cinema Viewing 3D cinema viewing has increased over time reaL D Number of 3D cinema screens worldwide The world leaders in 3D visuals for the cinema industry · Public demonstration held by Christie" in 2013 featured a single-head, 72,000 lumen RGB laser projector. 2006|| 258 2007| 2008 2009 1,297 This was a benchmark moment for the industry, as people were finally able to see a 3D movie at the proper brightness level 2,538 8,981 2010 22,385 Proportion of opening weekend tickets for 3D viewings 2011 36,344 The Avengers: Age of Ultron 2012 45,546 2013 53,069 29.8% 48% 2014 64,905 * According to IHS Screen Digest Jurassic World Digital, Laser Projection Systems & IMAX Digital Projection Laser Projection LONG LASTING CST EFFECTIVE BETTER COLOUR Unlike traditional film, digital projections don't degrade over time Hard-drives are more cost effective than traditional film reels 60% EL CAPITAN colours that most people can perceive reproduced, compared with 40% for xenon projectors DISNEY'S HISTORIC EL CAPITAN THEATER -BRIGHT IMAGE • CONVERTING TO DIGITAL 100+ speakers with Delivers brilliantly bright 2D or 3D images, promise better contrast, most advanced 80% of the world's 135,000 cinemas -BUT, LASERS ARE EXPENSIVE Dolby Atmos sound system and two massive Christie 6P ও500,000 for a first-generation laser projector, compared to $60,000 for a xenon-based projector more natural colours, 4K laser projectors 95% ultra-realistic high frame rates and behind the theater's in movie-mad America projection windows resolutions that might finally approach those of film 100+ films have already been made and released using Atmos IMAX • FILM FORMAT 934 IMAX Digital systems established globally 70mm, 15 perforation Largest commercial film format in motion picture history. Three times the size of regular 70mm and ten times the size of conventional 35mm which you would see in a normal movie theater 1 billion people have had an IMAX experience since 1970 • SOUND THE NUMBERS SEEM TO SUPPORT THIS IMAX uses proprietary signal processing. amplification and loudspeaker design Projected on giant Consumers are 2012's John Carter more likely to view the cost of an IMAX ticket as a worthwhile screens which extend beyond your peripheral vision, IMAX screens can be had a troubled start at the box office but still grossed upgrade than they are a 3D ticket. up to 8 stories high $5 million BRAD TUTTLE, e from just 289 writing for Time IMAX screens Changes in Seating & Auditorium Sizes USUALLY 1896 NICKELODEON 200-230 seats Average width of a theater seat was 482.6 mm for large cinemas 150 seats for medium cinemas 1905 - 1915 70-100 seats Nickelodeon cinemas were housed in small store for small auditoriums LATE 19TH CENTURY fronts and usually housed up to 200 patrons In the era of Vaudeville cinema, a large cinema could hold up to 2000 cinema goers UDEVI 6 EARLY 20TH CENTURY STANDARD SEAT Picture Palaces - 550-600mm in width emerge, with venues to sit up to 5000 cinema goers FUTURE OF CINEMA SEATS 4DX In a 4DX experience seats shake, feature water sprays, gusts of air and different scents This is the next step. I think filmgoers are always looking for that little bit extra. Already operating in 150 auditoriums In the UK, tickets are priced at £15.30 each MATT EYRE, Cineworld's Vice President of Operations 30 countries Changes in Drinks & Refreshments IN THE US Despite changes in the availability of alcohol in cinemas attendance numbers continue to fall SECONDARY GOODS SUCH AS DRINKS, POPCORN AND FOOD MAKE UP IN THE UK 20% 40% of cinema profits During the opening weekend for Fifty Shades of Grey, Odeon Manchester sold more alcohol of cinema revenues 10,000 worth of alcohol! POPCORN PRODUCES 90 cents than any other Odeon in the UK on every dollar spent * Cinema Promotions, Offers & Pricing What makes you choose to see a film at the cinema? 24.6% 18% 12.1% 16% 11.8% vouchercloud **** survey revealed that.. Film Surround Free ticket Romantic Socializing Weather / offer promotion reviews sound date Pricing, Advertising & Promotion Luxury theaters, complete with comfy seats and waiter Box office takings in AMC's Luxury theaters has The company plans to upgrade 1,800 theaters to luxury The company expects to reflect this with an Growth in Luxury Theaters increased by 60% status and spend $600m service, have helped AMC to increase attendance by 80% increase in ticket prices of about %21 Average UK Cinema Prices IN THE LAST 20 YEARS Average US Cinema Prices The average price of cinema tickets has increased significantly €4.21 5.18 NATO reported that movie ticket prices have continued to rise overall (2.30 (3.25 1985 1990 1995 2000 2005 2010 2015 AVERAGE PRICE IN 2014 1994 - 1999 IN 2008 IN THE LAST 5 YEARS ৪.17 Prices jumped sharply again during the financial crisis Prices have risen Average price rose at 3x the rate of inflation An all-time yearly high! by 26% AVERAGE PRICE IN 1990s TODAY Tickets in London are understandably among the most expensive, with anyone wanting to watch Guardians of the Galaxy in 3D paying: -$4.0 20.50 (booking fee included) at Curzon Victoria in London 13.30 12.90 (12.10 at in Manchester Odeon IMAX at Odeon at Vue in Brighton in Edinburgh Cinema Advertising S US Dollar Тогесasted value Global cinema advertising expenditure 1.5bn 1.6bn 1.6bn 1.8bn2.0bn 2.1bn 2.2bn2 5bn 2.4bn 2.4bn26bn29bn 3.2bn 3.4bn3.8brn 4.1bn 4.4bn 2000 2002 2004 2006 2008 2010 2012 2014 2016 UK Promotions Vitalitylealfh Death of ORANGE WEDNESDAYS 2 tfor 1 voucher Specialises in private medical insurance and rewards you for being healthy! STARTED ENDED ran for 12 years With 9 Vitality points you can generate a code that earns you a free Vue or Cineworld ticket, just download the free Moves app, link an eligible fitness device to track your exercise or join Virgin Active to earn points when you work out 2003 2006 2009 2012 2015 Up to 1,500 cinema codes are generated each day BY 2009 14 million 3+ million 300,000 ODEON customers had redeemed the offer, saving them over £30m more visits to UK cinemas as customers each week were using the vouchers at Special price discount £5 tickets available at a result the height of its popularity selected cinemas on a Monday Replaced Orange Wednesdays & now includes Tuesdays 5m Compare the Market customers will gain access to 2 for 1 tickets at selected cinemas MEERKAT MOVIES by Compare the Market *** Alternative Cinema Experiences *** Take a look at some of the different cinema experiences the future has to offer Hot Tub Cinema wwW.HOTTUBCINEMA.COM If you want to laze around in an inflatable hot tub with 5 other people while enjoying drinks, this is one TICKETS WITHIN A DAY OF SALES 100+ attendees snapped up tickets for Bristol's 35/ 210 per person / per tub (6 people) Hot Tub Cinema place you have to visit Attendance is restricted to adults only Rooftop Cinema Melbourne, Australia wwW.ROOFTOPCINEMA.COM.AU If you are tired of indoor cinema halls and are looking for a breather, this roof-top bar and cinema might just be TICKETS (ADULTS) $35 AUD $18 AUD for concessions per person the answer! Cinespia www.CINESPIA.ORG TICKETS (RETAIL) Outdoor movie screenings - features pre-show DJs, themed photo booths, picnics at gorgeous Hollywood landmarks and occasional IN 2014 Cinespia sold out every one of its events and hosted 100,000+ audience members $15 - 20 per person visits from stars and filmmakers Orange Cinemas Club / Beijing, China www.SITE.DOUBAN.COM/139064/ Pink Offering a grand cinema experience in the most stylish THREE AUDITORIA Orange Garden Black Cinema Sky membership costs between Room AVAILABLE theater ever seen, all (26-seater) (26-seater) (31-seater) 1,000RMB and thanks to designer Robert Majkut 5,000RMB With comfortable sofas, pillows and blankets if needed, and in-seat waiter service а year Underground Film Club / London, UK wwW.TFLGOV.UK/CAMPAIGN/UNDERGROUND-FILM-CLUB Celebrating London's rich cinematic history, the London underground cinema is coming soon to Charing Cross Station These screenings will engage London's many film- lovers in the possibilities that the night Tube will bring and highlight the role that the Underground plays in supporting the city's cinema industry. UNDERGROUND FILM CLUB - GARETH POWELL from London Underground Home Cinemas Private screening rooms have become BY 2018 It's predicted that electronic home video revenue will surpass that of cinema in the US 14.6% annual growth rate for home video services is predicted to come in at compared with just 3.9% for cinema a requirement in top-end properties In private homes, screening rooms aren't just nice-to-haves but must-haves in properties worth over about £3m. - MARK HUTTON, Estate agents of Douglas & Gordon in Battersea Event Cinemas of the Future Event cinema lets IN 2013 BY SEPT 2014 you enjoy more than just a film and uses the latest state-of-the-art sound and digital projection technology $29.1m (18m) The sector accounted grossed by Event cinemas in the UK, more than double its for gross receipts of more than $37.2m (23m) 2012 total LATE SEPT 2014 Offers a range of entertainment from ballet to sport, comedy to live music, opera to theater, museums to art gallery exhibitions Universal's Billy Elliot the Musical - Much of it broadcasts live by satellite, giving audiences the thrill of a live event from the comfort of their local cinema Live became the first UK box-office number one for Event cinema, taking VENT $3.1m (*1.9m) It is increasingly a go-to for those unable to attend the live event location The growth of Event cinema looks set to continue as the UK is at the forefront of the sector's global boom, fuelled by voracious and loyal audiences due to sell-outs, cost Conclusion These are just some of the ways in which cinemas are fighting for customers' attention in the world of modern entertainment. The question is: will it be enough to pry customers away from their home entertainment systems? Ovouchercloud CHECK OUT THIS PAGE FOR A LIST OF SOURCES: JPERNA

Cinematic Experience

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An overview of the cinematic experience, reviewing the industry and market. Looking at how cinemas are staying relevant in the digital age and the various alternative cinema types.




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