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Christmas Cards from Fictional Characters

CHRISTMAS CARDS FROM Fictional Characters Star Wars, Dear Father (It's OK to call you that, right?) Merry Christmas! I got your letter asking what I'd like this year. All I'm really after is for you to stop trying to kill all of my friends and wipe out everything I believe in; that would really make my Christmas. If this is asking a bit too much, you can never go wrong with a gift voucher. Luke The Hunger Games To Peeta, All I want for Christmas is you! Well no it's Gale! No, it's you! No, it's Gale! OK, I'm still undecided. Anyway, Merry Christmas! Katniss Harry Potter Dear Ron, Merry Christmas! Hope you and Hermione are having a wonderful day together, and a Happy New Year. Lots of love, Harry P.S. No hard feelings about the whole Hermione thing; I've actually been sleeping with your sister anyway. Game of Thrones Dear Jaime, Merry Christmas! Here's hoping things won't get too awkward at the family dinner this year, you know, with my husband who I'm cheating on with you, and your nephew who is actually your son. Bring a nice bottle of wine and I'm sure it will be fine. All my love, Cersei James Bond To James, Hope you have a lovely Christmas. No doubt you'll be spending it with another one of your beautiful 'Bond Girls'.not that I'm bitter or anything. Love, Moneypenny (Otherwise known as the only woman in London who you haven't yet tried to seduce.) Friends Dear Rachel, As you know, Christmas is a time to be honest with those closest to you. So with that in mind. Please admit that we were on a break. Thanks, Ross Titanic To Rose, Well Happy f"cking Christmas indeed. Would have been nice if you could have made some room for me on that float so that maybe I could have lived too. But what's done is done. I hope you have a spectacular Christmas without me. Jack Big Bang Theory Leonard Although Christmas is a made up holiday, created to celebrate the birth of someone we can scientifically prove didn't actually exist, I've been told it's a social convention I have to adhere to. So, Merry Christmas, just don't expect a present. Sheldon. Breaking Bad Merry Christmeth B*tch. *

Christmas Cards from Fictional Characters

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We’re all guilty of writing those mundane Christmas cards, filled with the standard messages wishing our loved ones well and for a Happy New Year, but what happens in those situations where a messag...


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