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Celebrity Relationships

Celebrity Relationahips The GOOD Bad GLY The & THE TAKE A LOOK AT THE GOOD, THE BAD AND THE UGLY OF STAR PAIRINGS, INCLUDING THE WEALTHIEST COUPLES, THE SHORTEST MARRIAGES AND THE ROCKIEST RELATIONSHIPS. WELL EVEN LET YOU HAVE A GUESS AT WHO SERIAL-DUMPER TAYLOR SWIFT WILL DATE NEXT.. GOOD LONGEST CELEBRITY MARRIAGES Michey Rooney Jan Chamberlain 34 years Michael Caine & Shahira 40 years Denzel & Pauletta Washington Sharon 30 years Ozy Osbourne 30 yeака Most INSPIRATIONAL CELEBRITY COUPLES Sharon & Ozay Osbourne Jay Z O Beyoncé "Sharon & Ozay Oabourne have been through an incredible amount of hardship; but are. atill standing and appear happy and united." %3D laura Pearson- Smith, Tuinkle Style & TravelMagazine Most WEALTHY CELEBRITY COUPLES Mariak Carey & Nick Cannon Tom Brady & Gisele Biündchen Angelina Jolie & Net Ukorth $515 million Brad Pitt Jay Z David Net Worth $350 million & Victoria Bechham Beyoncé Knomles Net Wlorth Net-lorth $270 million net Wonth $255 Million $775 million Most ELIGIBLE BACHELORS ELIGIBLE BACHELORETTES Harry Styles) Katy Perry Ванел Franco Johnny Cameron Diaz Taylor Simift Depp Bradley Cooper Colin Farnell Kirsten Stemart Selena Gomez 'Starof what is undoubtably going to be the film of the year, Dianey's 'Oz The Great & Pomerful : James Franco is climbing the Hollymood ranhs and even has his omn production company on the go." laura Pearson- Smith, Twinkle Style& Trauel Magazine "Folloming her split from John Mayer, Katy Perry is quite he catch. Not only is ahe stunning, mith a figure to die for, but she's also hugely talented and auccesaful" Ellie Woodmard, Showbiz Reporter at OMG! Yahoo Bal Relatimships Rocks The RelationshipS Lindsay Lohain Samantha Roson Taylor Swift & Jordan Wirzigreuter Blake Lively Halle Natalie Portman Berry & Bew jämin Millepied Ryan Reynolds Maartivez Olivier taylor Swifts K breakup history according to google January Greak up month) is peak search times 100 60 20 2005 2007 2009 2014 2013 The mumber 100 represents peak search volume Who Taylor Swift may date next Ed Sheeran Prince Harry Adam Levine Fustin Bieber Anyone from The wanted "Euerything in their [celebrities'] lives is fast paced, and relationships different. This, combined mith the fact that they have the financial means to make spontaneous decisions, makes mhirlnind relationships, engagements, marriages and divorces far more are no likely in celebuille." Ellie Woodmard, Shombiz Reporter at OMG! Yahoo SHORTEST IGLY CHLEBRITY &THE Marriages DENNIS RODMAN BRITNEY JASON SPEARS ALEXANDER 55 hours CARMEN ELECTRA Juat over 1 meek SINEAD O'CONNOR ALI LANDRY BARRY HERRIDGE 18 days MARIO LOPEZ ERNEST BORGNINE & ETHEL MERMAN 1 month 2 meeks EXPENSIVE Settlements MOST BERNIE SLAVICA EECLESTONE ADNAN SORAYA KHASHOGGI Setemant $1-1.2 billion Settlamant $874 million ANNA MURDOCH RUPERT CRAIG MEL Seltlement Amouunt: WENDY MCCAW $1.7 Billion ROBYN GIBSON Settlement $460 Settemant $425 million Million

Celebrity Relationships

shared by zackua on May 30
Take a look at the Good, Bad and the Ugly of star pairings including the wealthiest couples, the shortest marriages and the rockiest relationships. We’ll even let you have a guess at who serial-dump...


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