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Celebrity DUI Confessions

CELEBRITY DUI CONFESSIONS Lindsay Lohan ELLE July 2007 Her second DUI sent her MAGAZINE to Jail and then rehab. May 2007 GO TO Lindsay Lohan told Elle Magazine, that she quit partying so the paparazzi couldn't catch a glimpse of her drunk driving. 36 hours later she was arrested after a car-crash and hit and run. JAIL Reifer Sutherland Nov 2004 Sep 2007 22 @ He was pulled over a second time after making an illegal U-turn. The DUI violated his parole and he spent 48 days in jail. NO U TURN Kiefer's blood alcohol level for his first DUI conviction. Gary Collins June 2009 Actor Emmy Award Winner Then, just one short year later, he was busted for a second DUI outside of Montecito, CA. 2006 Gary Collins' first DUI accident killed the other driver but it was determined the other driver was at fault for RIP running a red light. Michelle Rodriguez from "Lost" and "The Fast and Furious" Dec 2005 Nov 2003 Then she was pulled over in Hawaii for her second DUI while filming Lost. Michelle Rodriguez got her first DUI on Hollywood Boulevard after running through an intersection. Chris Klein from "American Pie" June 2002 2005 .20 .20 Chris Klein's blood alcohol Chris Klein's blood alcohol level for his first DUI. level for his second DUI. He came under scrutiny from animal rights groups for having his dog in the car. Rip Torn Jan 2004 Dec 2006 from "Men In Black" His second DUl earned him a blue ribbon for best mug shot ever! I DUI NY Rip Torn crashed into a New York Taxi just before his first DUI arrest. Vince Neil (of Motley Crue) 1984 This story is quite gruesome, Neil lost control of his car, crashed into an June 2010 Niel got his second DUI arrest in Las Vegas 26 years later. oncoming vehicle, and killed his passenger. RIP Gary Dourdan 2008 2011 Former star on CSI Then he was found walking away from the scene of a car wreck involving his car and arrested on suspicion of DUI and drug possession. Gary Dourdan was booked for drug possession after police found him asleep in his car. Nicole Richie Sep 2006 Richie drove the wrong way on a freeway to earn her second DUI. 15 MPH WRONG WAY 2002 Nicole earned her first DUI by running a stop light and driving 50mph in a 15mph zone. Sources:,20058518,00.html O

Celebrity DUI Confessions

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Driving under the influence is a serious offense and celebrities are not immune to traffic laws. Some of the most famous celebrities charged with a DUI have played invincible stars online but in real ...


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