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Celebrity Addictions and Recoveries

* CELEBRITY ADDICTIONS * AND RECOVERIES * * * * Over the past few years, the media has popularized the drama surrounding the addictions of Hollywood's most popular celebrities. Here is a look at those celebrities, from the expenses they bear due to their addictions, the form their vices take on, and to the regions most affected by drug and alcohol abuse. WHO WAS AFFECTED? Amy Winehouse Ozzy Osbourne • Johnny Cash • Michael Jackson Charlie Sheen Robert Downey, Jr Eva Mendes Britney Spears Christian Slater Drug Addiction • Keith Urban • Colin Farrell Elizabeth Taylor Stevie Nicks • Gerard Butler Matthew Perry • Steven Tyler Burt Reynolds • Winona Ryder Diana Ross Prescription Drug Addiction Chevy Chase Lindsay Lohan Daniel Radcliffe • Matthew Perry Ozzy Osbourne Billy Joel Andy Dick • Joaquin Phoenix Jonathan Rhys Meyer Tim Allen Alcohol Addiction David Hasselhoff POPULAR CELEBRITY REHAB REGIONS ILLICIT DRUG ABUSE (Annual) I East Coast: 8.4% - 10.01% I Midwest: 6.68% - 8.43% I West Coast: 9.09% - 10.59% Coastal California Suthern California Utah Lindsay Lohan • David Hasselhoff • Mary-Kate Olsen • Charlie Sheen Elizabeth Taylor • Eva Mendes • Britney Spears Kelsey Grammer • Kirsten Dunst 0 Avg Cost: $40,500 a month 0 Avg Cost: $30,000 a month O Avg Cost: $49,000 a month Pennsylvania Florida • Steven Tyler • Burt Reynolds • Liza Minnelli Darryl Strawberry • Miss USA Tara Connor • Don Imus 0 Avg Cost: S$26,000 a month 0 Avg Cost: $27,600 a month CELEBRITY VOCATION BREAKDOWN Lindsay Lohan • Charlie Sheen • Gerard Butler Mary Kate Olsen • David Hasselhoff • Kirsten Dunst • Matthew Perry • Robert Downey Jr. • Daniel Radcliffe • Ben Affleck Actors Johnny Cash Amy Winehouse • Steven Tyler • Etta James Britney Spears • Diana Ross Ozzy Osbourne Billy Joel • Liza Minnelli Elton John Musicians George Carlin Andy Dick Chevy Chase • David Arquette • Alan Whitney Brown • Artie Lange Craig Ferguson • Robin Williams Russell Brand • Richard Lewis Comedians Darryl Strawberry • Dennis Rodman • Dock Ellis Diego Maradong • Eric Show • Doc Gooden Jose Canseco Jennifer Capriati • Al Unser, Jr. Joe Namath Athletes • Alcohol addiction • Drug addiction • Depression • Prescription drug addiction • Drug and alcohol addiction • Eating disorder MOST POPULAR ADDICTIONS DND Substance Abuse Food Addiction Sex / Gambling Marijuana 14.8 million users Prescription Drugs 7 million (non medical users) Cocaine 2.4 million users Hallucinogens 1 million users Methamphetamine 731,000 users KICKING THE HABIT THAT EQUATES TO.. According to a study by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, 23.5 million individuals suffered from an illicit drug abuse or alcohol problem in 2009. Only 2.1 million people obtained help. 11.2% LESS THAN of addicts who undergo rehabilitation 77% hove a succesdul recovery. 33% is the recovery rate for those who undergo only detoxification. of adicts who attempt to recover 10% wihout rehab are succsfu. MOST POPULAR METHODS Bio-Physical Method Getting rid of toxins through the use of saunas, vitamins, exercise, good nutrition and social dasses. SUCCESS RATE 80% 12 Step Method They are well known for use in recovery from addictive behaviors. It began with Alcoholics Anonymous in the 1930s. SUCCESS RATE 5-10% Long Term Religious Method This method is long term because of its isolation from their environment. Many abandon the program before completion. SUCCESS RATE 40% 2.1 5,000 million visits to emergency rooms nationwide were connected in some way with drug misuse or outright abuse. visits to emergency rooms each day are attributed to drug abuse. Sources Clarity Way Find your path to recovery

Celebrity Addictions and Recoveries

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In recent years, Celebrity Addictions have quickly gained the attention of the public, and the media has taken full advantage of this new niche, as they look to exploit and dramatize the situations su...


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