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Celebrities Caught Cheating Via Sexting (Infographic)

Celebrities Caught Cheating via Sexting

Jesse James

Cheated on: Sandra Bullock

Secret lover(s): : Michelle McGee

Sandra, while taking away the Oscar award, thanked her hubby Jesse James, probably ignorant of the fact how unfaithful he was during her tour away. Incidentally, it was during the shooting of the film "The Blind Side" when Jesse initiated an affair with Michelle Mcgee. However, Jessie's affair with the model lasted no secret when Touch magazine in 2010 revealed the hot text exchanges between them which resulted in Sandra filing for a divorce.

Alex Rodriguez

Cheated on : Cynthia Rodriguez and Madonna

Secret lover(s): Madonna & Melissa Britos

Alex Rodriguez, the superstar of the New York Yankees baseball team was caught in a secret private investigation carried out by a team employed by his wife Cynthia. She filed a divorce which was settled in the September of 2008. A friend of the popular model, Melissa Britos, also confirmed that he was too obsessed with the glam girl. Interestingly, Madonna too got divorced with Ritchie during the same year when the rumors of intimate relationships between Alex and Madonna were hitting the cover pages.

Anthony Weiner

Cheated on : Huma Abedin

Secret lover(s): Lisa Weiss, Ginger Lee, and several others

Anthony Weiner, former member of the New York congress, was left embarrassed when his sexting scandal was exposed by a blog. Lisa Weiss brought to light the sex chat they used to have by putting forth some 200 text exchanges. Ginger Lee, a popular porn star of the yesteryears claimed with proof how ugly he was during the chats. But, much to the shock of many Americans, his wife Huma stayed with him in spite of his resignation to the congress and a public apology.

TĚŠa Leoni

Cheated on : David Duchovny

Secret lover(s): Billy Bob Thornton

Californication fame David Duchovny after the patch up with his wife TĚŠa Leoni might have been awe stricken going through the inbox of his wife. A return from a rehab program to get rid of his excessive zeal for sex disappointed him from the other end of the relation. All the days he spent in the rehab resulted in his wife's relationship with Billy Bob Thornton which was established from the text exchange they had. As a result, the couple started living away and later got divorced in November 2011.

Tony Parker

Cheated on : Eva Longoria

Secret lover(s): Erin Barry

it may surprise many how a woman like Eva Longoria was dumped after marriage by the professional basketball player - Tony parker. To the deep disgust of the actress, her husband was involved in an affair with his former teammate Brent Barry's wife. Undisclosed sources revealed that it was the chat on the mobile between Erin Barry and Tony that resulted in the divorce finalized on January 2011. The Barry couple was also known to be on their path to separate legally.

Ryan Phillippe

Cheated on : Reese Witherspoon

Secret lover(s): Abbie Cornish

The actor couple, who initiated their relationship at the 21st birthday party of Reese Witherspoon, went on to give a serious thought on the sets of the film Cruel Intentions. Abbie and Ryan started dating right from the sets of the film The Stop Loss. Just like any other ordinary suspicious wife, Reese peeped into the mobile of her partner only to realize how ugly and unfaithful he was. Later, she called the marriage quits and they got legally separated in July 2008.

Eliot Spitzer

Cheated on : Silda Wall Spitzer

Secret lover(s): Ashley Dupre and various other hookers

Former governor of the New York city, Eliot Spitzer, was held in an FBI wiretap, for he was a great patron of the Emperors Club VIP prostitution ring, where he met Ashley Dupre. Although, he resigned from office of the governor of New York in 2008, fearing impeachment, his wife stayed with him and even accompanied him to the press conference. They were reported to be on a couples therapy after that.

David Boreanaz

Cheated on : Jamie Bergman

Secret lover(s): Rachel Uchitel

David Boreanaz, the American TV star, confessed his affair with Rachel Uchitel, while his wife Jamie was carrying their second child in the year 2010. He was very optimistic and the marriage with Jamie survived the storm. He justified that the demon in a person sometimes forces to drive off the path, endangering important relations. After the counseling sessions, David claimed that they are much a strong pair now.

Shaquille O'Neal

Cheated on : Shaunie O'Neal

Secret lover(s): Vanessa Lopez

It sounds quite interesting when the wife and the other partner of a basketball legend team up to sue him. Model Vanessa, upon persuasion from Shaunie, the wife of Shaq went public to reveal the she was harassed by the big man. She claimed that he did not take responsibility for her pregnancy and also went to the extent of blaming that for her relation with someone else. A private investigation and a divorce from Shaunie was settled, while the case of Vanessa is yet to be decided.

Tiger Woods

Cheated on : Elin Nordegren

Secret lover(s): Jaimee Grubbs, Joslyn James, and many, others

The most acclaimed golf star faced utter embarrassment when his liaisons were publicized. He left the professional golf for quite a long time unable to cope up mentally. He addressed the public that he thought he can get away with whatever he did and even was in a fallacy that he was entitled to all these pleasures and attractions. Chats with Jamie Grubbs in 2009 are on the websites that remain a black mark forever. His wife received a whopping alimony of $100 million while many great brands cancelled the sponsorships with him.

Mel Gibson

Cheated on : Robyn Moore, Oksana Grigorieva

Secret lover(s): Oksana Grigorieva, Violet Kowal

After ending up his 26 years of marriage with his wife Robyn Moore, Mel Gibson paid the highest alimony of more than $400,000,000 in the history of Hollywood. Post to the marriage break up, he was in a relationship with Oksana Grigorieva, who also accompanied him for a red carpet appearance. Grigorieva later went on filing restraining orders against him from the daughter Lucia for alleged domestic violence against her putting forth the recordings of the abuses he made. Violet Kowal claimed that he slept with her when Oksana was carrying his daughter.

Brett Favre

Cheated on : Deanna

Secret lover(s): Jenn Sterger

This Vikings NFL quarterback superhero had a very good personal life with Deanna, dating her right from the teens which later on ended in a marriage in 1996. The sportsman, who was a grandpa in the year 2010 had to face awkward moments when a blog published a video with proper logical justification regarding his sending voicemails and nude pics to Jenn Sterger, the gameday host, at the New York Jets club. There were also claims that he went emotional while apologizing to the team and coaching staff meet at the Vikings for the incident.

Bobby Petrino

Cheated on : Becky

Secret lover(s): Jessica Dorrell

The former Arkansas University football coach Bobby Petrino had no other chance other than to disclose the facts to the investigating agencies when he met with an accident on a motorbike with Jessica Dorrell, the student athlete development coordinator at the University, riding pillion. Jessica was supposed to have been appointed to the post under his influence. During their short term affair that lasted not more than a few months, the father of four children gifted her with things worth USD 20,000. There were some 4000 plus text exchanges and a few hundred phone calls between them.

Ashley Cole

Cheated on : Cheryl Cole

Secret lover(s): Aimee Walton

Moved by the autobiography of Cheryl, which explains the pain she took to cope with the truth that is hard to digest, Aimee wrote an open apology. According to the letter which is available on many sites, the hairdresser gave a brief account of her false pregnancy reports which shocked her due to the forced unprotected sex. Cheryl, post to the divorce settlement with the footballer after the sexting scandal with some unknown woman, followed by her ex husband's relation with Aimee, went on dating Derek ough and is currently dating Tre Holloway to move on with her life. Ashley, the Chelsea star is now settled with Kayla Collins as his official girlfriend.

Emily Maynard & Jeff Holm

Cheated on : Each Other

Secret lover(s): Matt Leinart (Emily's), Unknown (Jeff's)

The Bachelorette fame couple who just dated for a few months were too fast in getting together and maintained the same pace in getting away too. Emily, who mothered a girl after the relation with Ricky Hendrick (died in a plane crash), was caught in a sexting scandal with Matt Leinart - the NFL quarterback. Interestingly, the affair was happening for quite a long before the engagement with Jeff on the reality show. On the other end, Jeff too is alleged to have an off shore girl friend whom he promised to take his place. All these incidents question the reality of the so called "reality shows."

Celebrities Caught Cheating Via Sexting (Infographic)

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" This infographic presents a list of famous personalities including Hollywood stars, professional athletes and political figures who were caught in sexting scandals, that exposed their illicit behavior."


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