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Cars of the Silver Screen

ARE OF TH SIENER SCREEN George Clooney, Ryan Gosling and their ilk are rightly lauded as movie icons. But for many of us, the cars they drive in their films are the real stars. Sometimes, like James Bond's Aston Martin, they're facilitating the hero's dramatic escape from mortal peril. At others, like Herbie the VW Beetle, they're providing thrills, spills and laughs-aplenty. Either way, the silver screen wouldn't be the same without our four-wheeled action-mobiles. Here, we've revved through the timeline of movie star supercars... 1950 Ford DEBEZ Ford MERCURY Mercury WITHOUT A CAUSE (1955) This is without doubt a beautiful car. Tragically, the star James Dean died in a car accident before the film's release, at the wheel of a Porsche Spyder. Movie Trivia: The 1949 Mercury Coupe which featured in the film can now be found at the National Automobile Museum in Nevada. 1960 "GOLDFINGER" (1964) Aston Martin DB5 Driven by the ever-cool Sean Connery in Goldfinger. Perhaps Bond's most iconic car - and brought back into service in Skyfall, the latest release in the franchise JBO07 Movie Trivia: Corgi Toys made a toy Aston Martin DB5 as part of the film's promotion, which became the biggest selling toy of 1964. BULLIT (1968) Ford Mustang GT 390 MUST A N G This film is a Steve McQueen classic, featuring one of the most memorable car chases on film which secured the Mustang GT's place in movie history. Movie Trivia: In the car chase scene, if you look closely, the interior mirror moves up and down. It's down when McQueen is driving and up when the stunt driver is behind the wheel. 1970 53 HERBIE RİDES AGAIN VW Beetle Herbie' (1974) Distinguishable by his blue and red racing strips and number 53, Herbie was a car that could think for itself and, boy, could he race! 53 Movie Trivia: Both 1963 and 1965 style Beetles were used in the film, leading to a number of continuity errors. The 1965 style Beetle has much larger windows. 1980 GH STBUSTERS Cadillac Ecto-1 (1984) Miller- Meteor Not one of the faster vehicles on this list, but equally iconic as any of them. This car can actually be hired for weddings. Who you gonna call? Movie Trivia: Early versions of the script written by Dan Aykroyd included the Ectomobile having the capability of inter-dimensional travel. BACK FUTURI (1985) DeLorean DMC-12 TO ĐE Lorean "The way I see it, if you're gonna build a time machine into a car, why not do it with some style?" – Doc Brown. Need we say any more? Movie Trivia: The DeLorean DMC-12 was chosen due to its distinctive alien spaceship-like design. Originally the time travel machine was going to be a laser attached to a refrigerator! 1990 RONIN Audi s8 Audi S8 Ronin features some of the best car chase sequences ever filmed. You may not have seen an Audi S8 being driven like this before... S55, Movie Trivia: The car chase scene is loved by movie fans and, as a result the car was rated in the top 10 of the 40 Coolest Movie Cars by Car magazine. 2000 BAT MAN BEGINS Tumbler' (2005) This version of the Batmobile has been described as half Lamborghini and half tank. It certainly wouldn't get broken into! Movie Trivia: The Tumbler can do 0-60mph in 5.6 seconds. During the design period it took a crew of 30 people, 2 months to build a full scale replica out of polystyrene. TAIEFORMERS CAM IARD Chevrolet Camaro 'Bumblebee' In the 2007 multi-million dollar Transformers movie, a 2006 Camaro Concept was used for Bumblebee. Movie Trivia: Bumblebee starts the film as a 1977 Camaro but upon his design being criticised scans and then turns into a 2006 Camaro Concept. 2010 THE REEN (2011) Black HORNEI Beauty Imperial CHRYS LER In the original comics there were 2 versions of the car. One based on a Pontiac Banshee and the other was based on the 91-96 Oldsmobile 98 Touring Sedan. The new film features a modified Imperial Crown sedan. Movie Trivia: 29 of these cars were modified to be used in the filming of the most recent Green Hornet film. Only 3 survived! Audi DROM{MUN (2013) Audi R8 e-tron A fantastic-looking car. This version of the supercar is much more environmentally friendly than a standard R8, although the 4 electric motors can still propel the car to 124mph! Movie Trivia: Tony Stark clearly has a passion for Audi R8s. In the first movie he was seen driving an Audi R8, and an R8 Spyder in the second instalment. TM MoneySupermarket com

Cars of the Silver Screen

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Hollywood stars like George Clooney and Ryan Gosling can really bring a film to life. Their portrayal of a character will see them earn millions and a multitude of awards. However, some of the things ...


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