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The Cars of James Bond

THE CARS OF JAMES BOND Bond (James Bond) has had many cars in his career. From missile-launching Aston Martins with ejector seats, to the fully submersible Lotus Esprit and change-into-a-plane AMC Matador, Bond's vehicles always come equipped with a range of gadgets and high-tech toys. When it comes to driving, Bond has a license to thrill, so fasten your seatbelts and prepare yourself for some of Bond's best cars... SUNBEAM ALPINE DR NO, 1962 Appearing in Dr No, the Sunbeam Alpine was the first Bond car, one of the few that Q didn't modify with any weapons or gadgets; Bond had to rely on his own driving skills... ... although a lot of this driving was actually done in the studio. Some of the driving took place on the island of Jamaica, though. In fact, the car was borrowed from one of the local residents (it was one of only a few sports cars on the island). THE ASTON MARTIN DB5 GOLDFINGER, 1964 The Aston Martin DB5 is considered the most iconic of all Bond's cars. In the book, Bond drove a DB Mark III, but the DB5 was the latest model when Goldfinger was being filmed. Q modified the car extensively, giving the DB5 machine guns, a bulletproof rear screen, smoke screen and oil slick capabilities, extending tyre slashers, and an ejector seat! AMC HORNET X THE MAN WITH THE GOLDEN GUN, 1974 The AMC Hornet was used for one of the most famous car stunts in a James Bond film. A partially-collapsed bridge isn't enough to stop Bond, who completes an impressive corkscrew jump in order to continue his chase. The car was modified for the stunt - not by Q, but by stunt driver Jay Milligan - and the sequence was filmed in just one take! (And again, the right way up.) LOTUS ESPRIT S1 THE SPY WHO LOVED ME, 1977 The Lotus Esprit is probably one of the most memorable of all Bond's cars, mainly due to its ability to turn into a submersible! Wheel arches turned into fins, and there was even a periscope in the roof. This amphibious car also came equipped with torpedoes, mines, surface-to-air missiles, and the ability to spray black dye. Recently discovered in a shipping container bought for less than £100, this Bond car was auctioned in 2013 for more than £500,000! PPL 906R LOTUS TURBO ESPRIT FOR YOUR EYES ONLY, 1981 After the success of the Lotus Esprit in The Spy Who Loved Me, two more were used in For Your Eyes Only. The first Lotus Esprit Turbo is destroyed when a slightly over-the-top security measure is triggered and the car self-destructs! OPW 678W Later, Bond drives a bronze Lotus Esprit Turbo, (the original white did not film well against a snowy background), but between Turbos 007 is forced to use a somewhat less-typical Bond car... LOTUS turbe LOTUS CITROEN 2CV FOR YOUR EYES ONLY, 1981 Bond's cars aren't always glamourous or filled with gadgets – take the Citroen 2CV for example. Nevertheless, Bond manages to use the vehicle to escape from pursuing enemies in For Your Eyes Only, mainly by driving directly down a Spanish hillside. When the film was released, Citroen released limited edition versions of the 2CV bearing the 007 logo, and it even came with stick-on bullet holes! ASTON MARTIN V8 VANTAGE VOLANTE THE LIVING DAYLIGHTS, 1987 The Aston Martin returns in The Living Daylights, this time the V8 Vantage Volante. The convertible is later "winterised" into a hardtop saloon by Q, who also provided the expected bonus gadgetry such as bullet proof windows, a jet engine rocket booster, retractable skis, missiles, and laser beams, amongst other details. BMW Z8 THE WORLD IS NOT ENOUGH, 1999 Bond's BMW in The World is Not Enough comes with surface-to-air missiles, a tracking system, and a highly sensitive listening device, and it can be controlled remotely by Bond's key fob. The vehicle is destroyed when a helicopter using tree-cutter equipment cuts the car in half! The V354 FMP number plate used in the film was not actually registered to the car, though it has since been registered to another BMW Z8. ASTON MARTIN DB5 SKYFALL, 2012 The Aston Martin DB5 returns, making a sixth appearance with Bond. This DB5 is a deliberate reference back to the one from Goldfinger - it even has an outline painted on the roof to suggest the ejector seat. BMT 21FA The car used for the film is the only Aston Martin DB5 to have (purely by coincidence!) a 007 in its chassis number. BNT 26A SHAKEN So there you have it, some of 007's most memorable cars. NOT STRRED Do you have a favourite? (Don't drink and drive.) Designed & Compiled by: 01792 477316 PLATES4LESS WWW.PLATES4LESS.CO.UK

The Cars of James Bond

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Bond (James Bond) has had many cars in his career. From missile-launching Aston Martins with ejector seats, to the fully submersible Lotus Esprit. Lets have a look the cars of James Bond.




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