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Captain America's shield

ΕΑΡΤΑΙΝ CAPTAIN AMERICA'S ROUNDED SHIELD Made out of Adamantium 2.5 feet in diameter 119 Ad Adamantium 194.1 Blue, Red, and White Concentric circles Tony Stark made Lelectronic and magnetic improvements to be controlable when thrown Rogers removed all of the upgrades (silly hero) L Alias: "She" 12 Designed by DR. Myron MacLain SAUDI ARABIA SUDAN (NTRA Base element found in The sharp edge of the shield also allows Cap to cut his opponents, though he normally prefers to bludgeon them instead. 2 ETHOPIA Wakainda. (Eastern Africa. Any coincidence with present mineral excavation is a complete coincidence) KENYA CORATIC EPUBLC HR CONDO Concave GENOS LANG TANZANIA Shape When Exiled, the U.S. took his shield so he had to use a photonic shield given him by Sharon Carter. (It is a vibranium matrix, and in later comics he passes the original on to Bucky-keeping this one. away, Bucky will later become The Winter Soldier when Pure Adamantium is also brainwashed by Russia. what Wolverine's skeleton is made out of. (When fighting against each other the shield's element combination wins) A NEW SHIELD! IT'S...M AGNIFICENT! IT'S MUCH LIGHTER THAN MY OLD SHLELD, AND WITH ITS DISCUS- LIKE SHAPE, L'LL BE ABLE TO HURL IT TWICE AS FAR! EVEN MORE SO! IN FACT, I'M TOLO THAT THE METAL IN THE SHIELD HAS SOME INCREDIBLE PROPERTIBS. A Picked up a pure shield when his regular shield went missing in the Atlantic, but he was unable to get used to the balance. adamantium IT SHOULD BE AS EFFECTIVE AN OFFENSIVE WEAPON AS A DEFENSIVE ONE! I ASSUME IT'S AS BULLETPROOF AS MY OLD SHIELD? IF ONLY THE METALUR- GICAL ACCIDENT WHICH PRODUCED IT COULD BE DUPLICATED...

Captain America's shield

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Captain America is ready to make a new chapter in our Entertainment circles with the new Avengers movie. For more infographics of this kind, as well as other news please check




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