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The Business of Horror

mint presents: THE BUSINESS OF HORROR Second only to Christmas, Halloween is one of America's biggest revenue-generating holidays. In this infographic, we explore the economics of the spooky tradition. Some of the stats may give you chills! HORROR FILMS Since 1995, horror films have grossed over $8 billion. Budget Top Grossing Horror Movies: Box Office Gross Revenue $12 Million #1 JAWS $842 Million #2, THE EXORCIST $12 Million $727 Million Paranornal Activity' is one of the #3, THE 6TH SENSE $40 Million You will be affected as it's scariest movies of all time. $379 Million the imprint it leaves on your payche. a hard Mightnares are guaranteed." ed to ignore #4, HOUSE OF WAX $40 Million $333 Million $60 Million #5, PSYCHO $260 Million WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU SLEEP? 2009's top horror film, Paranormal Activity, was made on an estimated budget of $2.75 million and grossed $194 million worldwide. This makes it one of the most profitable movies ever made, based on PARANORMAL ACTIVITY DONT SEE IT ALONE PARANKAL ACTTVET return on investment. BEEME COSTUMES Every year, $2 billion in costumes are sold in the U.S. Avatar Lady Gaga $49.95* Top Costumes of 2010 (predicted) •$56.99* Snooki (Jersey Shore) Even with the economic recession, costume sales increased 5.1% in 2008 and another 2.4% in 2009. $29.99* *Prices retrieved from HAUNTED HOUSES Haunted attractions pull in about $500 million each year. There are an estimated 2,000 haunted attractions open during Halloween season in the U.S. Additionally, there are about 300 amusement parks that convert a portion of their attractions into haunted houses. 80% are affiliated with charities. Average Price: Average Price: = 100 attractions $65.00 $15.00 FAMOUS VAMPIRES Actors over the years have been paid $100s of millions to play Halloween's most popular villain. Sarah Michelle Gellar** Wesley Snipes $75-350k/episode $13 Million Tom Cruise Robert Pattinson for Buffy the Vampire Slayer $15 Million for Blade $41 Million for Interview With A Vampire estimated for Twilight Saga I'm ready to lan Somerhalder make my millions! $40k/episode for Vampire Diaries by @shanesnow for mint Sources: Haunted Houses Association, Ibisworld, Forbes, IMDB, New York Magazine **SMG was mostly just a human, but she did become a vampire temporarily in Season 1, Episode 10 in an alternate reality. ONE

The Business of Horror

shared by maggie on Mar 22
Christmas is American’s biggest-revenue generating holiday but right behind the joyous holiday is Halloween – a holiday based on something else entirely: fear. This infographic shows that horror d...




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