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Business Cards Go To Hollywood

Business Cards go to Hollywood "Oh my God, it even has a watermark." 212 555 6342 PIERCE & PIERCE MERGERS AND AQUISITIONS When it comes to committing gruesome bloody murders, American Psycho (2000) protagonist Patrick PATRICKBATEMAN VICEPRESIDENT• Bateman never loses his cool. But his confidence was clearly shattered with the systematic breakdown of his business card's design. Never mind Patrick - 358 EXCHANGE PLACE NEWYORK NY. 10099 FAens5563 you can always make yourself feel better with another murder! "All right, so listen. Why don't you give me a call when yoU wanna take things a little more seriously. Here's my card." We always say a business card should be an extension of who you are and what you do – and nobody says "Here I am!" with greater panache than Heath Ledger! As the Joker in The Dark Knight (2008), he dropped his namesake playing card into the trail of chaos he left behind every crime. Dastardly! "She's my Rushmore." R There's always one earnest uwould-be entrepreneur at every school with his very own set of business cards and little to sell – and in Wes Anderson's film Rushmore (1998), that wannabe was precocious, MAX FISCHER RUSHMORE ACADEMY EXT. 23 obnoxious and mesmerising Max Fischer, played with uncomfortable brilliance by Jason Schwartzman. "The first rule of Fight Club is you do not talk about Fight Club." Handmade Paper Street Soap Co. All Natural Mayhem-loving saboteur Tyler Durden's company card In Fight Club (1999) tells you everything you need to know about who he really is, if you read between the lines! His company is the Paper Street Soap Company – and 'Paper Street' is a euphemism for a path on a map that simply doesn't exist. What a cunning linguist! TYLER DURDEN (288) 555-0153 537 PAPER STREET • BRADFORD. 19808 "The supers aren't gone, Mr. Incredible. You're still here. You can still do great things." MIRAGE Fun-loving Pixar often add 'Easter eggs' into their films; hidden fun stuff for movie fans. In The Incredibles (2004), the Easter egg was a MOO favourite – a holographic business card handed over by the mysterious Mirage, with a number that translates on a keypad to SUPRHRO – because (866)-787-7467 even superheroes have contact details! "That's why her hair is so big. It's full of secrets." Why showcase just one talent when you can use your business cards to let people know about the other string to your bow? That's what smart-mouth character Kevin Gnapoor In Mean Girls (2004) KEVIN GNAPOOR MATH ENTHUSIAST / BAD-ASS M.C. 847-555-2148 did - his business cards declared him a "Maths Enthusiast/Bad-Ass M.C! Next time Kevin, try double-sided upload for maximum impact! "I've been waiting for this my whole life! l'm gonna be a scarer!" One little typo can make all the difference in the real DON CARLTON world, and Pixar know it – that's why they sneakily SALES used the address '1200 Dark Avenue' on mature student Don's business cards in Monsters University (2013). Eagle-eyed fans will delight in spotting it's just one letter away from Pixar's Emeryville campus, located at 1200 Park Avenue. We see what you did, Pixar... (510) 555-0127 1200 Dark Ave "Save the cheerleader. Save the world." If you're creating a fake business, you may as well go all the way and create a wworking website as well! In the 2006 TV series Heroes, Mr. Bennet's business cards for Primatech Paper (a company that monitors humans with special powers around the world) show a URL that actually functions. 1-800-PRIMA16 "Мeер meep!" Never shy and retiring, Looney Toons' ambitiouS Wile E. Coyote has one of the more boastful Wile E. Coyote personal straplines we've seen on a business card: GENIUS 'Genius. Have Brain. Will Travel! We like his confident style – and so did creator Chuck Jones, who had Wile E's nemesis, Road Runner, printed on his own WILL TRAVEL HAVE BRAIN business cards. "That's right. I'm a surgeon." In the twenty plus years since they burst onto our screens in a blaze of yellow, The Simpsons have shown us that business in Springfield is never boring. From Homer's 'plus-size butt model' business cards, to long suffering bartender Moe Szyslak's fruitlessly aspirational ones - surgeon, fireman and mustachioed Victorian villain - you're never far away from someone who can do something (though probably badly). "That's Right. I'm a Surgeon." Moe Szyslak (800) 555-0000 "An empty gun can tell a man a lot of things." WILL TRAVEL In the 60s Western TV series, 'Have Gun - Will Travel gentlemanly gunslinger Paladin has a particularly unique business card. Displaying a picture of a chess knight and the phrase 'Have gun, will travel – Wire Paladin, San Francisco, it's short, simple and just a tiny bit intriguing. No wonder so many people ended up calling for help! HAVE GUN WIRE PALADIN SAN FRANCISCO "I'm CEO, Bitch." I'm CEO, Bitch. Talk about an unforgettable opener! The wording on Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg's first business cards were the stuff of legend, revealed in biopic The Social Network (2010), when the green-but-brilliant Zuckerberg received a pack in the post, emblazoned with the aggressively confident, 'I'm CEO, Bitch'. mark zuckerberg "Take my card" trivia When the US version of the TV Mistakes happen to the best of US - even Hollywood legend David Lean! In his classic Hollywood epic Lawerence of Arabia (1962), war Actor Robert de Niro loves to fully series The Office was released immerse in his characters – it's as a special DVD box set, a why he's so darn good! To play an architect in Falling in Love (1984), he had business cards made especially for his character for authenticity. Sadly, they business card was included as part of the package. The address on the card was correspondent Jackson Bentley shows his business card to "Slough Avenue' – a charming and sweet nod to its TV Selim the Reciter, and the initial of his name is accidentally printed with a 'G' instead of a J' (a mistake we'd never make!) weren't featured in the final cut of the film, but we're sure they predecessor, the original British series, which was located in Slough. helped him get into character!

Business Cards Go To Hollywood

shared by MOO on Feb 27
MOO.COM take a walk down memory lane to revisit some of the most iconic business cards on the big (and small!) screen, well-timed for the Oscars this Sunday!




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