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A Brief History of Ballet

A Brief History of Ballet Dancing Daisy Ballet has its origins in the courts of the Italian Renaissance, before Catherine de' Medici exported it to France. 15th- 16th The first formal court ballet was staged 1573 DMEDIC IS ROYNE DE FRANCE 17th The first professional ballet company emerged from the court of King Louis XIV He founded the Academie Royale de Musique (The Paris Opera) before retiring from ballet dancing himself in 1673 Nad. Desaryu and Melle. Galeter Ballet gains in popularity and its influence spreads across Europe until it rivals opera as an art form. 18th In dem Pas di Peur in Ballet as Carnaral ren Venedig Ballet becomes more professionalised as it focuses on new techniques such as pointework. The ballerina becomes the most popular dance performer by the early 19th century 19th The rise of the Romantic movement meant that ballet found new ways to explore folklore, and break out of formal constraints. From about 1850 onwards, ballet's influence in France began to diminish, but the art form began to grow in Russia. Atanet Sero Sergei Diaghilev opens the Ballets Russes in Paris, which was made up of Russian exiles living in Paris after the Russian Revolution. 20th Ballet continues to flourish in Russia under Soviet rule, and a new generation of dancers and choreographers soon sprang up after the Revolution. The influence of ballet begins to grow in the United States of America, thanks to choreographers such as George Balanchine in the 1960s. Ballet is adapted to the new media of television and film. 1960s, Balanchine rechoreographed classic ballets such as Swan Lake. There are many modern ballet companies, as part of what is known as neoclassical ballet, which combines old and new forms. Contemporary ballet encompasses aspects of modern dance. NOW SOURCES : history-of-ballet-shoes/

A Brief History of Ballet

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Dancing Daisy bring you our potted history of the beautiful art form that is ballet from its early Renaissance origins to its contemporary practice. Created by


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