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Breaking Down the Bubbles

BREAKING down the BUBBLES A CHAMPAGNE IS ONLY A CHAMPAGNE WHEN IT'S A SPARKLING WINE MADE IN THE CHAMPAGNE REGION OF FRANCE WHEN IT MEETS STRICT QUALITY CONTROL STANDARDS WHEN IT ADHERES TO THE FOLLOWING PROCES.. STEP 1 Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meinier grapes are pressed, fermented, then blended with wines from previous years to ensure consistency. STEP 2 Liqueur de Tirage (mix of yeast and sugar) is injected, leading to a second fermentation inside the bottle. STEP 3 Bottles are aged. Yeast enzymes destroy themselves. STEP 4 Sediment in the bottleneck and a small amount of the wine are frozen and removed. Dosage is added. DEGREES OF SWEETNESS Śweetness comes from how much sugar, grams per liter, is added to the dosage. EXTRA BRUT Very dry, 0-6 gL SEC 17-32 g/L BRUT 6-12 g/L DEMI-SEC 32-50 g/L EXTRA DRY 12-17 g/L DOUX Very sweet, 50 + g/L VINTAGE NON-VINTAGE Pricier and more robust in flavor. More common and less expensive. Made only from the grapes from a single year's harvest, and have strict aging requirements. Made with a blend of grapes from harvests from different years. To ensure consistency, the base of non-vintage Champagne usually comes from a vintage from the same maker. "COME QUICKLY, I AM 99 DRINKING THE STARS! -Dom Perignon the first time he tried Champagne. PAIRINGS EXTRA BRUT & BRUT Pair with a variety of full meals, as well as cheeses and mildly sweet desserts. EXTRA DRY & SEC Perfect as an aperitif or occasion when food is not served. DEMI-SEC & DOUX Pair with sweeter fare such as desserts, fruit and white chocolates. PRICE POINTS True Champagne is rarely found for under $40 Average Bottle of Vintage: $70+ Average bottle of Non-vintage: $40-$80 HIEDSIECK 1907 DIAMANT BLEU CUVEE GOUT DE DIAMANTS KRUG 1928 $$$$ S$$$ S$$$ $1.8 Mil Sweetness: 3 $21k $4k Sweetness: 3 Sweetness: 5 The bottle features an 18 carat solid gold logo with a 19 carat white diamond. Creamy with a light floral finish. The ideal weather of 1928 2,000 bottles were found is said to have produced the best wines. Complex creaminess with apricots and honey. inside a sunken ship from WWI. Smoky and full bodied with a nutty finish. DOM PERIGNON KRUG CLOS D'AMBONNAY 1996 LOUIS ROEDERER CRISTAL ROSE 2006 CHARLES & DIAN A 1961 $$$$ $$$$ $$$ $3k $2k Sweetness: 3 $500 Sweetness: 5 Sweetness: 4 This rare single grape and Louis Roederer produces 2/3 of the grapes needed for production. Silky notes of fresh fruit with roasted almo Chosen as the official single vineyard get its Charles and Princess Diana's flavor from temperature wedding. Balanced nuttiness fluxuation in 1996. Toasty with notes of citrus. Champagne of Prince with fruit and honey. ARMAND DE BRINGNAC BRUT GOLD PERRIER JOUET BELLE EPOQUE 2004 DOM PERIGNON VINTAGE 2006 [$$$ $$$ $$$ $300 $250 $150 Sweetness: 1 Sweetness: 2 Sweetness: 2 Featured at Queen Elizabeth Il's Golden Jubilee Celebration. Bold fruity with hints of brioche throughout. Mixed temperatures and a long harvest make this a critic favorite. Mild airiness with hints of candied fruit and licorice. The artwork on this hand-painted bottle was designed in 1902. Soft floral notes with green apple and lime. BOLLINGER GRANDE BOLLINGER BRUT SPECIAL CUVEE MOET & CHANDON NECTAR IMPERIAL ANNEE BRUT 2004 [ $$$ $130 $70 Sweetness: 1 $70 Sweetness: 5 Sweetness: 2 Bollinger Champagne has been featured in 12 of 23 James Bond movies. Toasted bread with spiced fruit and rhubarb This highly revered Champagne featured reserve vines from previous and highly recommended. vintages. Spiced fruit with hints of nuts and mousse. This dessert style Champagne is elegant Lingering Mousse with tropical fruit and toast. BILLECART SALMON BRUT ROSE VEUVE CLICQUOT NV BRUT POL ROGER BRUT $60 $60 $40 Sweetness: 1 Sweetness: 1 Sweetness: 2 Considered to be among The yellow label on this the best Rose Champagne affordable Champagne currently available. Ripe red is one of the most recognizable. Faint lemons with green fruit This affordable blended champagne is consistently named one of the best on the market. Toasted bread with creamy citrus and apple. fruit with spiced fruit cake. and brioche, CHAMPAGNE MAKES AN OCCASION THE OCCASION. REFERENCES hemp// Peagewanted-al -the-sweetness-behindhoml hep/l/gidediorkeom/champagne-cause-for-celebration brought to you by hmp// heml Aria hmpl/www.charmpagneguidenet/efomation/glosary hetp:l/ o804/ hetp:// hep://www.mytimen. com/2012/12/22/dining/22ht-wine22heml hmp// hetp:// hetp:// Dry-h-Dry RESORT & CASINO hetp:l/www.kcbo comfcontent/cbo/enhtml hetp:// THE CHAMPAGNE

Breaking Down the Bubbles

shared by StaceySD on Mar 16
How many times have you tried to buy the fancy champagne for a special occasion but ended up feeling way over your head? You know that it is a big deal to have champagne, but you don’t know what mak...


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