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Breaking Down Breaking Bad

Breaking Down 35 Breaking 56 Bad The show Breaking Bad takes place in Albuquerque, New Mexico and is a two-year long story of struggling high-school chemistry teacher, Walter White, who is diagnosed with inoperable lung-cancer. In order to support his family he turns to making and selling methamphetamine, often getting himself into dangerous albeit comical scenarios that involve a good plan and well-timed execution to survive. SEASON 1 88 52 episode 05 : GRa y Mat Te r AT A PARTY To Walt's horror, Elliot comes to his aid and offers to pay for mediçal treatment Skyler, Walter's wife, tells Walter's former lab ! partner Elliot Schwartz about her husband's čancer WITH HIS TRACKS COVERED, .BUT P 1ans WALT DECLINES TO MISLEAD SKYLAR into thinking Schwartz is paying for treatment "WANT TO COOK?" "I'LL DO IT" he decides to go back to COOKING CRYSTAL METH FOR MONEY episode 06 Cr azy H andful of N othing – ...USING INTRODUCTION OF Walt teaches his class about RAPID CHEMICAL REACTIONS, FULMINATED MERCURY WALT MAKES TUCO SALAMANCA 15 $35,000 P lans a Mexican drug dealer for bulk distribution and and one of the show's sends Jesse to partner most terrifying characters with Tuco with MONEY PAID UPFRONT WALT SEEKS REVENGE TUCO CONSENTS TO THE DEAL TUCO and gives "HEISENBERG" full cash upfront for what's owed by blowing the windows up in Tuço's REFUSES office using FULMINATED MERCURY AND PUTS JESSE IN THE HOSPITAL SEASON 39 episode 09 : 4 Da Y s O ut Walt undergoes tests to see if the chemo With only $16,000 left for his family in the and radiation therapies have reduced the size of his tumor case of his death, 21 WALT Sc hedules A "COOKING His doctor WoN'T SHARE THE WEEKEND" RESULTS for another 4 DAYS 15 that should net them... HE AND JESSE HEAD TO THE DESERT WITH P lans TO COOK 42 POUNDS OF METH $672,000 EACH They use up their generator and realize they have Walt finds out his cancer DRAINED THE RV'S BATTERY HAS REDUCED BY 80% After struggling to figure out how to restart the RV, they head back home HE'LL BE MAKING MONEY HAND OVER FIST TO BOOT 67 episode 12 : PHo enix WALT WITHHOLDS JESSE'S $480,000 from a large drug deal, JANE, Jesse's girlfriend and an addict "TONIGHT. OR I WILL BURN YOU TO THE GROUND" to keep it until Jesse can P lanning STOP USING DRUGS P lans to get their share of money back by BLACKMAILING WALT WHEN WALT RETURNS To he watches JANE THROW JESSE'S HOUSE, R.I.P UP FROM HEROIN USE while on her back This is sometimes known as THE MOST DEVASTATING DEATH IN THE SERIES ...and stops himself from turning her to her side SEASON - episode 10 : F ly A BUZZING FLY TRAPPED IN HIS Walter tries to KILL THE FLY with each new attempt LAB DISTRACTS WALT The cooking cannot continue ACCORDING TO 15 P lan ..becoming increasingly DESPERATE AND with the fly in the lab DANGEROUS When Jesse can not relate to his obsession with the fly, WALT LOCKS Walt becomes HIMSELF INSIDE THE LAB TO GET RID OF THE FLY ON HIS OWN OBSESSED WITH THE CONTAMINATION "IF YOU'RE NOT GONNA HELP ME, STAY OUT OF MY WAY!" This episode is a clear indication of just how CRAZY НЕ НAD BECOМE SEASON episode 10 : Cornered WALTER JR. GETS WALT WANTS HIS SON TO LOOK UP TO HIM NEWS that his as he does his uncle father may finally be COMING HOME When his dad tells him he isn't coming home, He buys the cars after HE TELLS SKYLER just how deep he has gone 15 WALT P lans TO BUY THEM BOTH with the meth SPORTS CARS "I'M NOT IN DANGER. I TO WIN BACK AM THE HIS AFFECTION DANGER." SEASON 5 - opisode 04 : Fifty -O ne SKYLER INSISTS WALTER DISAGREES that she and Walt.. and pressures Skyler. $1 TO P lan A PARTY SEND THEIR KIDS AWAY UNTIL HE STOPS DEALING METH FOR HIS 51ST BIRTHDAY AND SINKS TO THE BOTTOM AT THE PARTY DURING WALT'S SPEECH, SKYLER WALKS INTO THE POOL FULLY CLOTHED WALTER DIVES IN AFTER HER TO SAVE HER AS A P lanned CRY FOR HELP 87 - apisode 05 :Dead Fr eight. Lydia tells Jesse and Walt of a WALT, JESSE AND TODD P lan LARGE AMOUNT OF METHYLAMINE A TRIP TO TO STEAL NEW MEXICO on a freight train that is passing through 1,000 NEW MEXICO GALLONS OF METHYLAMINE They have a police officer friend, A YOUNG BOY NAMED DREW SHARP hears the freight train when biking through the desert on a UPON ARRIVING dirt bike, PATRICK block the train with a DUMP TRUCK AND DECIDES TO FOLLOWIT to the train heist taking place AFTER TODD KILLS THE KID, THIS IS OFTEN SPECULATED AS THE STRAW THAT BROKE THE WALT HELPS CAMEL'S BACK OF WALTER'S DESCENT COVER UP THE MURDER INTO MADNESS 13 spisode 08 : G Li ding O ver Al 1. WALT CREATES A P lan THEY DISCUSS HOW IT'S MORE THAN ENOUGH TO LIVE ON, to keep his money YET WALT CAN'T STOP by having SKYLER LAUNDER IT SHE PUTS THE $50 MILLION INTO A STORAGE UNIT లవవ వ వ య వవవ నువ 60 spisode 14 : Ozyma Nd ias Skyler realizes she now needs to shield her AFTER KILLING HIS family from him and... BROTHER-IN-LAW, GRABS A KNIFE IN Walt tries to cover his traçks by og DEFENSE P lanning TO TAKE HIS FAMILY ON THE RUN WALT FEELS BETRAYED and on his WALTER JR. way out GRABS AND KIDNAPS HIS TACKLES HIS CALLS DAUGHTER HOLLY 911 DAD AND THEN HOLLY! Well there you have it! Ten of the most dramatic and notorious schemes, plans and heists of Walter White and the gang of the hit television show, BREAKING BAD. S ources When I Work

Breaking Down Breaking Bad

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“You clearly don’t know who you’re talking to, so let me clue you in. I am not in danger, Skyler. I am the danger. A guy opens his door and gets shot, and you think that of me? No! I am the one ...


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