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The Breaking Bad Guide to Storytelling

The Breaking Bad Guide to Storytelling "CHEMISTRY IS THE STUDY OF MATTER, BUT I PREFER TO SEE IT AS THE STUDY OF CHANGE." -Walter White Vince Gilligan's acclaimed drama cooked up addictive storytelling by mixing traditional plot elements, unconventional characters, and a distinctive visual flair. With the series concluded, let's take a look at the creative chemistry Breaking Bad used to bond with a large audience- and explain how marketers can apply these lessons. THE NARRATIVE LAB Reward Your Audience Remain Flexible The creative team worked around a series of obstacles, including the 2007-08 WGA strike and the departure of actor Raymond Cruz (Tuco). These setbacks led to creative Fan and critics alike praised the finale for tying up loose ends and delivering a satisfying (if bloody) conclusion. The Lesson solutions that strengthened the story. HOLA Please your audience by giving them what they want. You can shape their expectations during the marketing process, but the end result should deliver on The Lesson Be ready to adapt and change as necessary, whether in response to buyers' shifting preferences or unexpected externalities. your promises. Know Your Story Show and Tell Innovative cinematography, stunning set pieces, and recurring visual motifs-like the transition from beige Walt to red and black Breaking Bad's concrete narrative arc allowed the writers to focus on telling the story rather than creating new scenarios. Heisenberg-were as essential a storytelling tool as the scripts and acting. The Lesson Identify where the customers' journey should conclude, and use creativemarketing to funnel The Lesson them in that direction. Package content to elicit a desired emotional response. IN THEIR OWN WORDS Show and Tell "ITHE PHOTOGRA PHY SHOULD BE A CHA RACTER." -Michael Slovis, Director of Photography Know Your Story Remaln Flexlble "YOU TAKE MR. CHIPS "MY INTENTION WAS THAT AT THE END OF SEASON AND TURN HIM INTO ONE, JESSE WOULD DIE HORRIBLY. [B]UT IT BECAME SCARFACE." CLEAR TO ME THAT AARON PAUL WAS AN ABSOLUTE -Vince Gilligan's pitch to AMC ASSET TO THE SHOW." -Vince Gilligan BUILDING BONDS WITH THE AUDIENCE Distribution Vince Gilligan has acknowledged that the show received an "amazing nitrous-oxide boost of energy" through Netflix binge viewing. Place your messaging where it can D2 reach the largest possible audience. Cliffhangers Breaking Bad's most addictive element wasn't its blue meth-it The delivery mechanism is just as important as the content itself. was the cliffhanger endings that kept viewers coming back. Open Source Writers and directors made themselves available to the press after new episodes aired. Influencers Breaking Bad hype was a product of the show's popularity with influential tastemakers, including widely read critics and Twitter- savvy celebs. C2 Deliver value and keep buyers hooked with clear Be open about your creative process and elicit and encourage input and even criticism. Optimize your messaging to reach the thought leaders who influence buyers' purchasing decisions. calls to action and the promise of more. SPREAD THE WORD! #EE13 Catch Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan at Eloqua Experience and stop by the Kapost Booth 211 to hear how content marketing software can help your brand tell its story. BROUGHT TO YOU BY: COOKED UP BY: Okapost Beutler Ink

The Breaking Bad Guide to Storytelling

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The Breaking Bad Guide to Storytelling delves into the techniques and twists employed by the writers, producers and staff of this award-winning show to keep the audience tuning in every week…or bing...




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