Breaking Bad

SEASON I SEASON II SEASON III SEASON IV SEASON V On May 7, 200, AMC announced On Apr 2. 2009, AMCounced On June 14, 2010, AMC announced On Apt 14, 2011. AMC announ ced that Breakng Bad was enewed The fiest season was ongnaly inten ded to be ne episodes but d he bing Bad was enewed or a t Braking Bad was eewed for a 2007-2008 wens Gud of America scond, 13episode season Produc thid, 13episode seonpremiered u, 13 epsode seson Production or a and fal sason oconsisting stre only seven episod wee on began in Jy 2008. and the on March 21. 2010. and concluded began in Janary 2011, the son of 16 epiodes Season fve s spit med. The fest season premiered on son premieed on March & 2009 on June 13, 2010. The complete thid premiered on July 17. 2011. ad con n two parts each consisting of 8 January 20. 2008, and concluded on and concluded on May 31, 2009. The sason was released on Regon 1 OvD duded on October 9 2011 Orginaty pide The fint ha premiered on March 9, 200s The complete fist complete second season was ed and Regon A Bluy on June: son was reed on Regon 1 DVD on egon 1 DvD and Regon A u on Febnary 24, 2009 and Ron A Bay on March 16, 2010 Bking Bad ws newed for in epsodes ofur minutes ingh y 15. 2012, whe the second ha were to be poduced beloe e pre prmieed on Augut 11. 2013 iee of the outh seson, but tese did not come to ton 2011 ay on March 16. 2010 The fist season was originally inten Water continues to ind himsef tacing Water wishes to reunte his tamily but Jee llows Woters instructions and Wate Jee, and Me begin woking dd to be nine episodes, but due tothe isumountable medical bils from hs Skyler as spicous of Wae des Gale Gn decides to discipl er ote anew meth podu operation stke only seven episodes were seveal bad eperiences while produ mend te tension bebeen them by he lab He abo tries to break Water folowing Gus Frings outh Me han dies al business opeations while 2007-2008 wters Guild of America cancer tatmene Despite having had second e Water believes he can e the two by enforcing stricer polices ton and distibuton med The fnt seon prenered on cing meh with ee Woter apees to condessing to her that he hs been pro nd Jesss ndip by a aer and Je wok with a tam of begin pro ducing meth Skyleris appled by the hen to separate work detais Whe January 20, 2008, and concluded on oin his partner The March 9. 2008. The complete fint ducing meth but un int multiple pro confession and demands a fomal Water works in the meth l Jse house fumigators to produce meth in sason was eleased on Region 1 DVD blens Jesses fend Badger (Ma on February 24, 2009 and Region A Jones) is arested while seling meth in Water USS3M for three months of his Gus's enforcen, teve payments ness mode, Hak and the DEA ae divorce. Meanwhile, Gus offers to pay cons Mike Uonathan Bank one of eted houses Despite the new bus 162010 woer hesservice He een oers povde an provde tackp wonerand e identity nine priontes nd

Breaking Bad

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Personal project inspired by the TV show Breaking Bad. This details the evolution of the main characters of this TV show, to illustrate each of the five seasons.




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