Brand Conquest: Mainstreaming Your Niche Like Star Wars

BRAND CONQUEST MAINSTREAMING YOUR NICHE LIKE STAR WARS Star Wars is one of the biggest pioneers of the space opera genre. It's referenced everywhere, from pop culture to world politics. How did the franchise spread its influence? Find out by learning from Star Wars' brand conquest. AWAKENING THE FORCE Unlike other Hollywood blockbusters, Star Wars intentionally used the elements of film. DEVELOP YOUR BRAND POSITIONING WITH THESE TIPS: Set a specific goal. Know your strong points. Capitalize on your strengths. MAXIMIZE YOUR POTENTIAL BY KNOWING THE PLAYING FIELD. STRIKING THE EMPIRE The original trilogy resonated with viewers because it dealt with socially significant topics. POSITIVELY DRAW PEOPLE'S ATTENTION BY CONSIDERING THE FOLLOWING: Follow popular trends. Conduct surveys. Study market demand. CONNECT WITH PROSPECTS BY TAPPING INTO THEIR INTERESTS. | ATTACKING THE CLONES Star Wars movies offered something refreshing when apocalyptic futures dominated sci-fi films. RE-INVENT THE PLAYING FIELD WITH YOUR BRAND IN THREE STEPS: Identify your niche. Watch out for weaknesses. Take a different approach. LET YOUR ORIGINALITY STAND OUT BY BEING CREATIVE. DO OR DO NOT, THERE IS NO TRY Star Wars introduced space opera into pop culture by sparking people's specific interests. Support your strengths, know the customer, and be original. LAUNCH YOUR BRAND AND NICHE LIKE A STAR WARS JEDI! REFERENCES Denison, Jim. "Why Is 'Star Wars' So Uniquely Popular?" Denison Forum. October 22, 2015. Accessed November 23, 2015. Mendelson, Scott. ""Star Wars' Is Hollywood's Biggest, Most Enduring Original Franchise." Forbes. April 17, 2015. Accessed November 23, 2015. "Space Opera." TV Tropes. Accessed November 23, 2015. visit for more SLIDEgenius

Brand Conquest: Mainstreaming Your Niche Like Star Wars

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The Star Wars hype is back this 2015. But how did the movie franchise become such a well-known brand name? Learn from Star Wars and mainstream your niche



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