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The Book is Not Dead

THE Book IS NOT DEAD LONG LIVE BOOKS The hard copy book is not dead and will probably never die ADOPTION OF E-BOOKS E-book sales have been growing, but the rate of growth is now slowing 25% 22.6% 20% 17% 4.8% 33% 15% 10% Amazon introduces 6.7% 154% Kindle 3.2% 5% Apple introduces 109% iPad Amazon starts 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 selling more e-books than (increase in the first 8 months) print books % share net revenue % increase on prior year E-BOOKS ARE NOT LIKE DIGITAL MUSIC • The rate of increase of digital music sales started to decline only when it accounted for over 50% of music sales • The rate of increase of e-book sales has already slowed and they account for only about 20% of sales 100% - Music - E-book Compared to the music industry, only a small proportion of sales are digital in other industries 50% 0% Digital Distribution in the US by Industry 70% 59% 2011 2012 60% 51" 50% 40% 30% 21% 18 16 12" 20% 11% 10% 11% 10% MUSIC MOVIES BOOKS NEWSPAPERS MAGAZINES E-BOOK SALES ARE PAPER BOOKS REACHING A PLATEAU CONTINUE TO SELL A lot of people are buying tablets, but not using them for reading. Only 2/3 of e-book sales "cannibalize" paper book sales 100% E-book sales uwill settle around 25% of 75% overall volume, according to experts 50% 25% 0% 1/3 OF SALES ARE ENTIRELY NEW In some places, e-book sales have actually experienced a decline 17.6% 12.9% With e-books, publishers will sell MORE overall than they did before Nearly 70% Q1 Q4 of consumers say it is unlikely that they will give up on printed books by 2016 In Canada, e-book sales peaked at 17.6% and declined to 12.9% earlier this year "INDEPENDENTS" ARE DOING WELL # of independent bookstores in the U.S.: Independent authors are doing well too: 2009: 1,401 25 of the top 100 bestselling Kindle books on in 2012 were 2012: 1,567 self-published HARDCOVER SALES ARE UP Books are tactile and are also purchased for their physical presence Hardcover book sales rose by $100M in 2012 Hardcover book sales are up 10% in the first 8 months of 2013 versus 4.8% for e-books 10% "CO-EXISTENCE IS MORE LIKELY TH AN CONQUEST" James Surowiecki in The New Yorker Sources: 15.pdf LicenseDirect N NOWSOURCING 2012 20102007

The Book is Not Dead

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The hard copy book isn't going anywhere. This infographic takes a look at why this is the case.


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