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The Biggest Losers in Gambling

LOSERS IN GAMBLING BIGGEST Amajority of gamblers lose money.The odds are stacked against the player, and over the long term, the casino will be the big winner. But not all games are created equal. In which games do you find the biggest losers? Which cCountries have most losing players? What is the percentage of losing players in poker? Ifyou like gambling anyway, what are the most favorable games to choose? Expected Loss after $1000 Wagered $60 6%, 5.26% Slots in this example have a 94% payout rate $52.60 $27 2.70% $14.10 144% $10.60 L06% $5 0.5% $4.60 0.46% BACCARAT BLACKJACK SLOTS DOUBLE-ZERO In slots, the house CRAPS advantage differs from machine This varies from casino to casino and can be up to 98% to machine. The figure for the house edge is based on optimal play by the gambler. In reality, based on how people actually play in a casino, the house edge is much higher. Expected Loss after 10 Hours of Play GAMES/HOUR AVERAGE LOSS/10 HOURS JACKPOT 800 $600 SLOTS ONE OFF 400 $23 VIDEO POKER 72 $38 BACCARAT 70 $18 BLACK JACK 48 $34 CRAPS 38 $100 DOUBLE ZERO ROULETTE 34 $46 -PAI GOW THEN 8100 VIDEO POKER In the Video Poker example, the chance of hitting the jackpot is taken into consideration. Take that away and the edge goes up by l- 2% and the expected loss for 10 hours of play lands somewhere around $100. Losses for video poker and slots are based on $1.25 bets. For the rest of the games it's $5 bets. 81.25 85 The average loss per hour depends on how fast the games are. Slower is obviously better in all games with a negative expectation. How Many Poker Players Are Winning Players? In poker it's possible to beat the game and become a profitable player in the long run. Most players don't do that. They have to beat both the players and the rake BIG WINNERS 0.5% WINNERS 9.5% BREAK EVEN 5% LOSERS 75% (the commission the game organizer takes from every pot). CK JACKAYS 3 RANCE PA Where Do the Biggest Gambling Losers Live? LOSS PER RESIDENT ADULT", 2010, USD AUSTRALIA SINGAPORE IRELAND CANADA FINLAND ITALY HONG KONG NORWAY GREECE SPAIN SWEDEN DENMARK USA BRITAIN JAPAN 0. 300 600 900 1200 1500 SOURCE: H2 GAMBLING CAPITAL "AGED 17 OR OVER Who's the Smartest Gambler? The slots player who hit that seven-figure jackpot. He was an idiot The low-stakes blackjack player who gulps down when he sat down (just look at the stats!) as many complementary drinks as he possibly can (but still is able to follow the basic strategy). but a genius when he got up. WIN? The poker shark who's able to outplay the ones he's up against (and beat the rake). References: CASINO CASINO HOUSE EDGE ROULETTE PAI GOW VIDEO POKER EXPECTED LOSS TOP %24

The Biggest Losers in Gambling

shared by kcatoto on Mar 24
This Infographic highlights the biggest losers in gambling. When you put down a wager on the blackjack table or insert a coin in a slot machine you’re always up against the house advantage. Whatever...


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