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Beauty Tips from History

BEAUTY TIPS from History ANCIENT EGYPT ANCIENT BABYLON ANCIENT EGYPT Superhold hair gel - made of animal fats is proven to have your style looking fresh for over 3000 years Look fresh, smell.. gross. Get rid of unwanted hairs by rubbing yourself with a rough pumice stone. Rock and Roll! One perfume was made from honey, wine and flowers. Sounds nice? Well, they also drank it to cure lung, intestinal and liver problems ANCIENT GREECE ANCIENT GREECE The cure for baldness was animal fat! Mix it into a paste, with faeces, urine and menstrual blood, rub it on your head and watch the hair grow! ANCIENT ROME & ROME Gargle with potent Portuguese urine to ensure fresh breath. Bathe in crocodile excrement and warmed mud and soak for hours to keep looking youthful. TANG DYNASTY Foot binding became popular throughout China. In girls between • 4 and 7 all toes are broken except • length, so if you want to be beautiful the big toes then the foot is bound to stop it from growing. ANCIENT ARABIA HEIAN PERIOD Japanese beauty was judged by hair Ladies used to dip their hair in camel's urine to achieve a shine not to be sniffed at... literally, don't sniff it! grow your locks past your waist. The ideal is 2 feet long - get growing! MEDIEVAL JAPAN Try this environmentally friendly tip straight from the Japanese Geishas - Nightingale Droppings! Sure to remove all make up! MEDIEVAL ENGLAND Fashion would prompt young women to pluck their hairline to give them a fashionably large forehead - hair raising! MEDIEVAL VENICE Venetian ladies used to rub lion's. urine in their hair, followed by a . healthy dose of sunshine to bleach • the locks. Quick, to the zoo! CHINA 553 - 604 AD TUDOR ENGLAND · ELIZABETHAN ENGLAND For porcelain-clear skin follow this recipe: take the yolk out of an egg, put powered vermillion in, reseal and and replace it into a hen's womb until set into a cream. Looking for a pale complexion? • • Take a tip from the Tudors and use • a poisonous mix of White Lead and Vinegar on your face. For the upper. . class treatment, drain your blood. . To get Elizabeth I's look, mix lead, quicklime, sulphur and water for red hair that causes nausea, headaches and nosebleeds! ELIZABETHAN ENGLAND: Elizabeth I used to rub the squashed remains of insects on her lips to get those kissable virgin red lips. 1800s Things not working out at your weekly slimming club? Try a tape worm! Swallow alive to sit in you gut and eat your food! 1800s Women would wear cages around their wigs to stop rats from trying to eat the lard they used to keep it in shape. 19TH CENTURY It was believed that washing hair was bad for it. Ladies would remove 19TH CENTURY Breast implants were available, but ivory, glass balls or ground rubber were 1891 Mix lemon juice, sugar and Borax (now commonly found in floor cleaner) then rub onto the skin to remove freckles. dust from the previous day in a 30 minute brushing session! all used as breast fillers. JAPAN - MEIJI ERA White teeth were for single girls only. Married women would use a lacquer dye on their teeth to stain them a EARLY 1900s By chemically hardening skin and using a spinning blade on scars the results were...more scarring, infection and pain! EARLY 1900's PARIS A popular facial was to have strips of raw meat, specifically beef or veal, placed on your face. brilliant black! 1936 VICTORIAN ENGLAND EDWARDIAN ENGLAND Dimples in the cheeks were in fashion. Women used a If your eyebrows are looking a bit sparse, maybe try the radiant rodent look, use small sections of mouse fur to fill in the gaps. Ladies who would swallow small contraption with spring loaded knobs that would create these dents in the cheeks. amounts of Arsenic for a slender, but near-death look! CHINA TODAY A popular spa treatment for clear skin is a fire treatment - put WW2 1939 - 1945 TODAY We still do crazy things for beauty now. Think putting your feet in a tank of tiny flesh eating fish? Ladies in WW2 used to 'make alcohol and a herb soaked towel end' by using sandpaper to remove unwanted hair. Rough deal! do it; on your back and set it on fire. (Don't Try This At Home!!) www.COSMETICSURGERYCLINIC.CO.UK %23

Beauty Tips from History

shared by joe.shervell on Dec 19
This is a list of some of the most weird and wonderful beauty tips from history. From crushed bugs to human urine, they're all here. How many have you tried?


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