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In a battle for God-like status, would Batman or Superman be victorious?

BATMAN SUPERMAN Having the ability to adapt and develop in order to remain culturally significant, is crucial to any superhero character. Superheroes have to remain up-to-date, in order to appeal to new and younger audiences. We take a look at two iconic heroes to see how they have adapted over the years, and who'd come out on top in a superhero battle. O FIRST INTRODUCED 4 GADGET . ABILITY BATMAN SUPERMAN O Bruce Wayne 6' 2" A 95 kg (210 Ibs) O Gotham City Ở Clark Kent 6' 3" A 107 kg (235 Ibs) O Metropolis The vigilante billionaire business man of Gotham City is most famous for using his intellect, fighting skills and a wealth of technology to give him the upper hand. The last son of Krypton is a demi-god powerhouse. Harnessing the power of the sun, Kent has unworldly strength, the ability to fly as well as near invulnerability. SUPER FLARE 4 BAT SIGNAL Superman #38 (2015) O O Detective Comics #60 (1942) The Bat-Signal is a distress call used by Gotham City Police to summon Batman, appearing as a bat emblem light, which is projected on to buildings or in the sky. This enables Superman to expel all the solar energy in his cells in one explosive blast, however – this renders him powerless for the next 24 hours until his cells have recharged. X-RAY VISION (1950) O 4 THE BATARANG O Detective Comics #31 (1939) Special throwing stars in the shape of a bat. They've come in several variations, as well as different weights and sizes, for knocking out enemies, and slicing through objects. Possessing the ability to see through solid objects or perceiving them as a partially transparent X-ray. SUPER-HYPNOSIS 4 GRAPPLE GUN © Batman Begins (2005) Action Comics #38, (1941) O A mind-based power, where Superman Designed by Lucius Fox, the magnetic, gas-powered Grapple Gun is designed to hold more than 350 pounds and iş holstered on the can mesmerise his victims into a trance-like state; incapable of having any control over themselves or their actions. back of the utility belt on his Nomex survival suit. SELF-DUPLICATION Adventures Of Superman (1958) O 4 THE BATSUIT © Detective Comics #27 (1939) Worn to conceal his identity and to frighten his enemies, Batman's iconic outfit often incorpo- rates body armour, night-vision and other aids, as well as his iconic bat-symbol. The ability to clone himself and create two or more exact copies to gain the upper hand in conflict. When split, each version's own physical power decreases accordingly. HEAT VISION 4 THE UTILITY BELT Action Comics #158 (1951) O O Detective Comics #27 (1939) Superman is able to release massive amounts of solar energy, Although the exact contents always vary, it is an invaluable tool for storing tactical gadgets and tools. It often features in-built defence stored within his body through his eyes, in concentrated beams of heat. mechanisms to protect it from tampering. ABILITIES COMPARATIVE OVERVIEW ABILITIES STRENGTH STRENGTH Batman may have the brains and the gadgets, but Superman has the Krypton powers that, in our opinion, will give him the edge in any battle with the Caped INTELLECT INTELLECT RESOURCES Crusader. Who do you think will win? RESOURCES Sources - / / / / Brought to you by UK2 UK2

In a battle for God-like status, would Batman or Superman be victorious?

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Taking two of the biggest Superheroes of all time, the infographic is designed to pit one against the other. Each Hero is given a brief description and profile including build and stature, as well as ...






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