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The Batsuit Evolution

THE BATSUIT EVOLUTION BATMAN BAГИЙ No matter what the man looks like without the mask, the citizens of Gotham know him as is a crime fighting, high-tech Masked Manhunter, which is why the evolution of the Batsuit is what's really important. Let's take a look through the decades. 1939 1943 1966 Batman Original Comic Book Batman Movie Tv Series In Detective Comics #27, he entered the scene immediately kicking ass and taking names, but he was much more of a detective in those days. In fact, the first thing he says in this Batsuit is, "This rat was behind the murders!" As they put it on the movie poster, the first film adaption is "a hundred times more thrilling on the screen." Not really true to today's standards, but check that belt. My grandpa was rocking something similar in his old workshop (same size and same height on the stomach). Let's put it this way, when Adam West took this suit to the boob tube, Batman was at his softest, tellin' kids about buckling their seatbelt and looking both ways when cros- sing the street and whatnot. That being said, the movie (1966) is amazing. See it now. 1968 1989-92 1992 The Batman/Superman The Animated Series Batman and Hour Batman Returns It wasn't until 1968 that Batman was ani- mated on screen for the first time, which is so much more fitting for a TV show prior to 2014. It really brought the "BANG" and "POW" back into the forefront. When you have Michael Keaton as Bruce Wayne, Jack Nicholson and Danny DeVito as the villains, and Tim Burton directing it, you know it's going to be dark, awesome, and that the suit is going to look sick. You would be right. Even though it's on the newer side, espe- cially when considering it's 53 years after the first appearance, this is the most classic Batsuit look to me, probably because this was the Batman from when I was a kid. 1995 1997 1997 The New Batman Adventures Batman Batman Forever and Robin A total throwback to the original 1939 ver- This might as well been a robotic Batsuit, as the only thing notable about Batman Forever is Jim Carrey as the Riddler and Tommy Lee Jones as Two-Face. We love the all navy suit, logo, belt, and all, com- plemented by the black cape. Widely considered the worst of the Batman movies, complete with nipples on Robin's batsuit and Schwarzenegger and Clooney doing some of the most gut-wren- ching one-liners in cinema history, we dig sion, and somehow an even more retro looking, 1943 style belt. One of our favorite parts about this series is the fact that Mark Hamill, better known as Luke Skywalker, voiced The Joker. the color scheme of the Batsuit. 1999 2005 2008-12 Batman Batman The Dark Beyond Begins Knight (Rises) I don't think it's that much of a stretch to This was probably the biggest leap in the evolution. Sure, they can add Superman or whatever, but setting it in 2019 Gotham, wherein an old Bruce Wayne trains the young new Batman who's rocking this sweet Batsuit is as unique as it gets. Starting what is now considered pretty widely to be the best Superhero movies ever crafted, Christopher Nolan sets up a pretty damn realistic version of how Batman got his start, complete with buying his first Batsuit, which we again get a pretty decently realistic explanation about. say that The Dark Knight is one of the best and most impactful movies of the past decade. The Dark Knight Rises wasn't as good, but if I was wearing this perfected Batsuit, I probably wouldn't be afraid of anything either.

The Batsuit Evolution

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Here is the Style Evolution of Batman During His 76 Years of Existence.


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