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Batman v Superman

FTER A DEADLY ENCOUNTER THAT AALMOST LEVELLED THE CITY OF METROPOLIS, BATMAN SEES SUPERMAN AS A THREAT TO THE WORLD, WITH HIS SUPERMAN HAS REITERATED THAT HE'S NOT THE ENEMY AND HE'S HERE TO PROTECT. BUT THAT DOESN'T CONVINCE THE DARK KNIGHT. WHEN PUSH COMES TO SHOVE, IT DOESN'T TAKE MUCH FOR THE MAN OF STEEL TO BREAK THE BAT. GOD-LIKE POWERS LEFT UNCHECKED. HE FEELS HE MUST BE STOPPED BEFORE HE DOES ANY MORE DAMAGE. NIGHTVS DAY HERE ARE FIVE WAYS BATMAN BEATS HERE ARE FIVE WAYS SUPERMAN SUPERMAN: BEATS BATMAN: 5 Court of public opinion 5 utlive Batman The greatest gladiator match in history is upon us. Man versus alien. Black versus blue. But let's face it, it is not a level playing field. The Dark Knight needs more than his 'A' game on his best day to even have the slightest chance of fending off an offensive from the Last Son of Krypton. With Superman defying laws of physics, the gravity of the encounter will fall squarely on the Bat's broad shoulders. But the Man of Steel isn't invulnerable. His arch enemy, a mortal, Lex Luthor, has proven on numerous occasions that even a 'god' like Superman can bleed. Anti-Superman signs World-renowned astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson suggests no physical confrontation is necessary. Bruce Wayne must use his influence and guile to turn the world against Superman - cue the devastation in Man Of Steel (2013). This perception of him being the villain all along will not only deal mental and emotional blows to Superman, it might even break his will. LET'S SEE YOU FOLLOW ME IN SPACE... Neil deGrasse Tyson Astrophysicist, author and cosmologist No fight needs to happen. Superman simply flies away from Batman to outer space and waits there for years and lets father time take its toll on the Dark Knight who'll expire of old age or from some kind of disease. Well, that was easy. With Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice smashing through UAE cinemas today, we preview this colossal confrontation with exciting info as to how these two – inarguably the most recognisable superheroes – will battle it out. 4 Collateral damage 4s Manipulate Superman into submission using his emotions against him. Lois Lane, Martha Kent and all the people Clark Kent holds dear must be threatened and held hostage. Batman is dark but he has morals, and this might be too cruel even for his standards. But he might cross that line in a desperate effort to supplant Supes. Super-speed He's faster than a fired bullet and flies at supersonic speeds. He has run alongside the fastest superhero alive, The Flash, at speeds reaching 3.200km/s. A god-like being charging at even half this speed will break creatures in half. Bats included. The Man of Steel will be forced to concede in a fight if victory meant sacrificing those exceptionally close to his heart. Timer linked to set off exploding cuffs when Batman ceases to have a heartbeat Code-protected cuffs will self-destruct if they are tampered with and if Martha and Lois get separated or go beyond a 10-metre radius 3 Heat vision 3 witha little help from his friends.. and enalnies Penciller Ador Bustamante Superman çan roast an unawarę Batman from a distance using his heat vision. Bats might find a way to alert himself but there's a limit to his agility and stamina. Supes can wait for the Dark Knight to get tired and then burn him. Inker/colourist Nino Jose Heredia Batman, being the master tactician that he is, orchestrates the coordinated assault 3D modeller/background artist Hugo Sanchez Writer/layout artist Dwynn Ronald V. Trazo Batman surrounds himself with capable allies who assist him in his vigilante ways – Alfred. Jim Gordon, Robin and Batgirl to name a few. Intern Anzuma Akther 2 Freze pteath more of Earth's thin air in his lungs, compress But against Superman? He will have to patch up with some foes and empty his pocket to upgrade. The Flash and Green Arrow can provide distraction. Shazam and Green Lantern can go toe-to-toe with Superman using one of his weaknesses, magic. Enchantress and Poison Ivy can control his mind. And finally. enlist an armoured, Superman-hating Lex Luthor. erman çan it and then expel it with extreme force. This process drops the air's temperature,making it possible for him to blow freezing air. Though Batman has found ways of defeating his nemesis Dr Freeze, who also relies on a subzero offense, he'll most likely chill forever if he gets the cold treatment from the Man of Steel. 2 Science and technology Kryptonite-laced ammo fired from a high-powered grenade launcher will wound and drastically slow Superman With all the tech, all the training, ifit comes down to a slugfest, Batman has a chance at a win The 2015 film The Martian, taught us that no problem is too big to overcome if you have science on your side. Batman too can topple Superman using science and technology. Batman can craft armour made from Kryptonian metal scraps to withstand pounding from the Man of Steel He lures Superman into an area rigged with his toys and he controls his offensive from afar. Batman temporarily confuses the Man of Steel by firing high-frequency sounds and then proceeds to turn on gigantic lights that mimic Krypton's red sun radiation, which weakens Superman. Now it's time to strike hard, Shards or extra doses of kryptonite is stored in one of the pockets in his utility belt .An assortment of weapons, from grenade launchers to EMP guns to automatic machine guns, fired sequentially or at once, can overwhelm a deteriorated Man of Steel. Batman drops the nuke immediately after. In the graphic novel. The Dark Knight Returns, Superman is skin and bones after being subjected to a nuclear explosion. I With a prayer... and Kryptonftel T Blunt force trauma Kryptonite must be used to weaken Superman first. Batman has the technology to manufacture kryptonite-laced projectiles - arrows, bullets and missiles- and can alternatively synthesize kryptonite into gas. With a vulnerable Superman, an armoured Batman is primed to strike. He is a more skilled combatant to begin with, so odds of him winning this brawl isn't farfetched. Simply whacking the heck out of Batman. In the comics, Supes has punched another super-powered being. Lobo, into outer space. This kind of force inflicted to a mere mortal would be so excessive that Batman's head would come off! Gruesome. Kryptonite gas released into the air can weaken Superman Meanwhile... WONDER WOMAN MAKES HER LONG-AWAITED LIVE-ACTION MOVIE APPEARANCE DEBUT. DC'S TRINITY OF SUPERMAN, BATMAN AND WONDER WOMAN SHARE THE BIG SCREEN TOGETHER FOR THE FIRST TIME. THE AMAZON HAS A PIVOTAL ROLE Etagical sword Amazonian-maute and borne in battle. Its magical nature makes it effective towards otherwise invulnerable enemięs Weaponized tiara Used for telepathic communication, and it protects from telepathic attacks HELPING UNITE THE WARRING SUPERHEROES. HER DEMIGOD ABILITIES AND ARSENAL OF WEAPONS WILL PROVE USEFUL IN BATTLING A THREAT THAT'S LITERALLY LARGER THAN ANYTHING THE HEROES HAVE FACED BEFORE. Magical shield Extremely durable and adorned with Amazonian runes. It shelters her from attacks and heat rays Bracelets of submission Indestructible and help in absorbing or deflecting offensive strikes and projectiles Lasso of truth Used to capture and entrap. It forces anyone it wraps to tell the truth ALL STAR THE NEW ORIGINAL • WONDER WOMAN (November 7, 1975) ABC TV series Extraordinary abilities Super strength,invulnerability. combat and tactical skills. superhuman agility. healing factor COMICS #8 BATMAN V SUPERMAN (December 1941) DC Comics Cofonder Ofeman (March 24, 2016) Warner Bros movie WF First appearance and origin story in the comics, later, leading to her first cover in Sensation Comics #1 First live -action big screen appearance. While she is introduced here, her solo movie won't be until 2017 First live action TV series. CBS picks up the show after its first season and changes setting from 1940s to 1970s GIVE IT UP! YOU KNOW I'M RIGHT, TONY! MARTIAN MANHUNTER vs THE FLASH GREEN ARROW vs GREEN LANTERN THE SUBMARINER IRON MAN vs CAPTAIN AMERICA vs AQUAMAN WOLVERINE vs HULK Bad blood IT IS NOT UNUSUAL FOR HEROES TO BE HOSTILE TO EACH OTHER. A PLETHORA OF FACTORS ARE AT PLAY. WHETHER IT'S A DIFFERENCE IN PRINCIPLES, POWER-PLAYING, OR PLAINLY ABOUT BRAGGING RIGHTS, HEROES ALSO COLLIDE. WHATEVER THE REASON IS, THE WORLDS OF DC AND MARVEL COMICS ARE LITTERED WITH ENCOUNTERS AND FACE-OFFS BETWEEN HEROES, BOTH BRIEF OR LASTING. This is one moment in the comics we'd like to see turn into a full-blown battle. When Flash hauled Manhunter, the Martian couldn't turn invisible as the Flash's speed They were quite the controversial pair –total opposites in their views. With each challenging the other and bringing out different aspects of their characters. we'd pay to have their partnership pushed to the edge resulting in a physical brawl. Set in Marvel's Ultimate Universe, Nick Fury contacts Wolverine to terminate the Hulk after the Hulk was found to be responsible for several incidents of mass destruction. Hulk doesn't take this sitting down, so naturally, a brutal fight ensues between the two. The 'Kings of The Seas. Submariner and Aquaman collide as part of an out-of-canon limited Marvel vs DC series, where different heroes are chosen from either universes and they fight to decide which universe. Marvel or DC. would solely exist in the end. One of the most popular feuds in the Marvel Universe, Iron Man and Captain America battle it out as a result of difference in opinion when the government decides to interfere with the activities of the Avengers and hold them accountable for their damaging actions during states of fights and conflicts. This results in even bigger hostility among other superheroes. who take sides, therefore starting the Civil War. vibrated Manhunter's atoms back into solid form. The Martian then used his mental assault on Flash. The battles continue.. Comic-book movie adaptations are running rampant in Hollywood. DC Comics' characters come to life in a shared universe through Warner Bros. The kick-started with 2013's blockbuster Man of Steel. There is an overarching storyline which will play throughout the entire slate of films all the way to 2020's Green Lantern Corps. → 2017 (November) → 2019 (April) 2013 (June) MAN OF STEEL → 2016 (March) BATMAN V SUPERMAN: DAWN OFJUSTICE → 2016 (August) SUICIDE SQUAD → 2017 (June) WONDER WOMAN → 2018 (March) THE FLASH 2018 (July) AQUAMAN → 2019 (June) JUSTICE → 2020 (April) CYBORG 2020 (June) GREEN EU or DC Extended Universe JUSTICE LEAGUE SHAZAM PARTI LEAGUE PART 2 LANTERN Clark Kent realises he has extraordinary powers and is not from Earth. After walking the path of self-discovery.he finds his true purpose - to be the beacon of hope for all mankind. A government organisation builds a team of supervillains and sends them on dangerous top-secret missions where they most likely end up dying. Things g0 south and all hell breaks loose. crashed in Paradise Island. The mythological Amazonian princess makes her presence felt in the human world by being an ambassador of peace while helping Steve Trevor, a pilot who A lightning bolt hits Barry Allen in his laboratory. He makes it out alive with a new ability - super-speed. King of Atlantis and protector of the seven seas. He has a score to settle with the land dwellers. A word is all it takes to transform Billy Batson from a kid to a superhero as strong as the Man of Steel. Victor Stone is Cyborg. He is half machine and half human but all hero. true modern-age crime-fighter. CORPS Batman fights Superman but both end up facing a larger menace created by Lex Luthor. Wonder Woman helps them to save the world from destruction. A destructive force looms and it could mean the end of life as we know it. Earth's greatest heroes team up to the rescue and form the Justice League. Evil and injustice do not rest and so the Justice League makes a return. This intergalactic police force serves peace and justice in the cosmos.

Batman v Superman

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