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Batman 1966: The Gadget armory

Batman 1966: The gadget armory! THE BAT CUFFS An essential tool for the STEAM ROOM JACK IN A BOX perfect for boiling pesky The joker uses a invaders to riddler's lair! Powerful spring to The riddler uses this to trap the caped crusaders. crime fighter. Styled to fit on with Batman's themed arsenal. spring himself from prison! Bat wake/sleep sprays RIDDLER WAKE/ SLEEP SPRAYS Similar to Batman's special sprays, Riddler to steal the talents of uses these to kidnap Robin! SURFING ABILITY TRANSFEROMETER The joker used this item Batman uses these on visitors to the Batcave others to win the Gotham to preserve it's secrecy. surfing contest He can also use them to knock out baddies! JOKER BUZZER Joker's favorite THE RIDDLER ALARM To be a master criminal one has to learn to stay on their toes! The riddler uses this alarm to warn him of intruders in his lair. THE BAT CRIME COMPUTER Batman uses this super practical joke, a shock ring strong enough to stun, or even kill the unfortunate victim! computer to remain in the loop! It feeds him vital information on villains, and clues TRICK FLOWER A false flower placed upon joker's suit, instead Riddler can use to make of relesing a sweet scent, hyper realisic disguises it fires off sleeping gas. BATARANGS A versatile tool for INSTANT COMPOUND х stunning criminals, cutting ropes, and flipping switches. A spooky compound of his rivals. NOVELTY LIGHTER A trick played by the Riddler on Batman. the fake gun baited the Bat into fighting the Riddler, for wickedness! These who was able to legally sue him for false arrest! used to trap rivals. TRICK STREAMERS An avid party goer, the Joker adapts innocent party tricks into tools THE BATSUIT Batman's suit protects his true identity. It also protects him from explosions, and pools of acid. party streamers can be LAUGHING GAS The joker is not the only Portable and easy to villain who considers himself a comedian. Riddler holds a captive audience, using this gas rivals to be knocked out way to contact Batman! to put them into hysterics GAS GRENADES THE BAT PHONE A stylish red telephone with a direct link to the deploy gas for stunning, police commisioner's and causing the Joker's office. The number one throw! These grenades LIQUID CEMENT An easy way to trap A sprayable sticky glue, honest citizens! Joker DR RIDDLER'S WAX EMULSION THE BATSHIELD A bullet proof compactable shield, can block gunfire protect Batman and and his cronies use capable of sticking a crime fighter to the sprays full of this stuff floor! to rob stores, and make Robin from armed quick escapes. thugs! THE BAT-ROPE Used to climb tall buildings to make a secretive entrace! FIRE BOMB THE UFO A dangerous fire bomb, Joker's ultimate tooll a the riddler attmpts to ingnite the Batmobile using this! unique invention filled with futuristic tech. Joker planned to use this to invade earth! THE JOKER BELT THE UTILITY BELT Batman's holder for all his Joker's attempt to mimic The Batman's distinctive crime fighting techniques. Batman defeated the Joker, even when he had all his own gadgets on hand, using a replica Joker belt to learn his tricks. tools! A crime fighter always comes prepared, and never is this ever more apparent than when he pulls a clever trick from his utility belt. Designed by Samuel Shiebert!

Batman 1966: The Gadget armory

shared by fodmunkio on Nov 16
A cartoony infographic showcasing the amusing gadgets of Batman 1966! A small selection of iconic, or wacky tools from the series.


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